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Best Urmom Joke!

It's that time of year when people are in the mood to be extra generous and nice to those around them.
So it's in that spirit (and that fact that we will soon be merging) that Vova of Dies Irae invites all of Cobalt to come up with the best insults! :D

Im posting this on his behalf since all the forum button's confuse his Russian brain :(


1st. 200k, War Frig, 5 black boxes.
2nd. 75k War brig 3 black boxes
3rd 25k sloop 1 black box.


1) Please, forum rules apply. Dont Get banned
2) If you want to actually Direct the insult at somebody please use me.(or Harrjm)
3)More than 1 joke is permitted.
4) Use your heads
5) We have the right to screw you if we dont like you.
6) We have the right to add/change rules as we see fit
7) If the same joke is submitted, the first Pirate gets credit. therefore do not edit your post if you have more jokes. The last timestamp is the one that counts.
8)Other jokes than urmomjokes will be considered.

Please note that all entries must be made HERE!

I assume that in the event a Cobalt pirate wins the prize will be give after the merge.
RedShadow - Cerulean

Spot Collector! Always Willing to Buy/Trade - My List of Boats (Google Doc.)

Cerulean Boat Collectors List (Google Doc.)
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