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Joined: Jun 26, 2011
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A Passage from Tay’s Journal

Confessions have been coming thick and fast, revelations quickly following. Close friends, old allies and crew members have aligned to fight under the one noble banner, to battle a monster…

The internet is a funny place you think you know someone, think that if you met them in real life you’d be the closest of friends. Then things change, different forms of internet interaction bring out different sides to people; they become egocentric, spiteful and critical. The person you once knew and loved may very well still be there, but you see how they communicate with others and question your attraction to them.

It is armed with this knowledge that I myself must make a confession, a confession and an apology, because I have been that monster. I don’t know what it is about internet forums, but it changes me, makes me different to both real life and in game, and for this I apologise. Essentially, I have been a massive tart and grossly misrepresented who I am and what I stand for. As a result I apologise to all I have critiqued, to all those who I have insulted, please know that is not how I usually am nor what I would expect of a decent Malachitian. Thus, I will avoid posting in the Mala forums unless I have something positive and constructive to add to the conversation (and please quote me on this).

Happy puzzling mates
Native of Malachite
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Re: A Passage from Tay?s Journal

Wow. This really shows what you are made of Tay <3
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