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Trade your trinkets to Clothes and win a SLOOP

Have you heard the big news already?
Zilverstarz is doing insain business by trading your
trinkets for amazing clothes!
You could even win a SLOOP!
If you own any trinket, you should better hurry up to Zilverstarz' Tailory Stall on Wensleydale because this is offer is limited!

An event of trading Trinkets into Clothes. Including a Lottery for the big-spenders.

- Because of the great success, I have to limit 2 Entry's / pirate (so max 60 trinkets)


Fill up the squares with the trinkets you want to sell.
If you fill up a row1 you will recieve the gift card3 and ticket5 listed next to it.

When you looked up how many PoE you may spend on clothes, select the clothes you desire from the rack. Those will be added to the deal when trading the Trinkets. The ticket (number) will be send in a tell afterwards.

Once the trade is over, the deal is done. You are in the lottery and your giftcard is gone.

Ofcaurse we know some trinkets have more value than others. But we want to give everyone a chance to join. Here is a list of Trinkets we do accept and are equal to each other (1 square)
- Medals and pins
- Brigand King Rewards
- Atlantis Rewards
- Cursed Isles Rewards
- Imperial Outpost Rewards
- Viking Raid Rewards
- Black Market Rewards
- Purchasable Gifts (excl. Cards)
- Beachcomber Trinkets
Check out if yours are in: http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Trinket

Some trinkets have more (personal) value and are worth more (2 squares)
- Cockade
- Epaulet
- Officer?s Handkerchief
- Black Hankerchief
- Nautilus Shell

- ?A row? is a complete row from left to right (eg. 7 until 10)
- You may not start a new row until the row above is filled
- GIFT CARD: The amount of PoE displayed next to the rows, is usable for buying clothes on the rack. !
- GIFT CARD: This is not the amount of PoE you will recieve!
- If you don?t want to spend it on clothes, I will pay you 50% of the GIFTCARD in PoE.
- Ticket: A number given by Zilverstarz, which gives you a chance to win a SLOOP.
- The lottery will take place 21st of November 2011, you can enter until 20st of November 10.00 PM (GMT)
- In no case there will be a refund of the TRINKET(S) or GIFTCARD(S) or CLOTHING or SLOOP or TICKET(S)
- You may only buy 4 or less pieces of clothing with every GIFTCARD
- I may refuse in any case, but I try not to (eg. When I already have alot of those kind of trinkets you offer)

That?s all!
Good luck with winning the SLOOP and fair winds!
Emerald Ocean: Zilverstarz

Avatar by Bisca ! :)
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