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Midnight PvP hunt

Ahoy mates! As some of you may have seen, I posted in a thread, designed to bring a certain thing, down a level or two. Apparently, the original poster got exactly what was set before. So, posting here in an entirely different thread, to appease the crowds of people who say I am spamming the forums, and spamming the FB ypp page.

I didn't realize one could spam here. Thought that was what the forums were for.

At any rate, it's PVP time! Player versus Player, in a hunt for riches and fame!
Trmntr (Me) has generously donated a sloop to chase, for the purpose of honing the skills of pirates on the ocean, and to make riches!
Somewhere on the Midnight ocean (when I am driving) there will be a Cutter, hold filled with commodities, maybe some gold, cloth, and yes, fruits, as well as a minimum of 100,000 pieces of eight. That's right, 100K! Plus Cannonballs, plus rum, plus grog and swill! Yes, it's all there and ripe for the taking!

All you need to do, is /w Trmntr to find me, and find which route I'm on, and set you and your crew to sail! I will be with only my bots, since this is purely for fun, and I don't intend to put up a fight. You need to chase me, for I will run, and running I can do well. :P I have won several sloop races, both with crewbies aboard and solo, on multiple oceans, so I am able to evade really well.

The winner of this PVP battle, because I will try to run while on the battle board, will also receive FIVE Rogue Points! Yes! You read it correctly, five Rogue Points to do with as you please. Rename a ship, rename your mutt, whatever you choose to do with them. What? Basic rename takes six RP's? Hmmm. Ah well, yer gonna have to earn that one later on. I'll think on how you can do that. >:D

So! This week I will be jobbing around the Midnight Ocean like crazy, gathering the pieces of eight, commods, other stuffs, and cleaning out the litter box. Next week, maybe, I will post on the tournament board, a nice little card. "I just spotted Trmntr in the PVP!"

Once that goes up, know that I will be setting sail, from an unknown arch, and unknown island. Upon the finish of the tournament (10K worth), I will set sail. So once "Insert Name has won Trmntr's Tournament!" is on the screen, I click the sail button. It is up to you to figure the route I am taking, and where I am going.

I know, some will ask about me porting. Answer is yes. If I can make it to port, we will do it again the following day, all over again. I will not, however, simply make it a whole 2 lp course from one island to another. It will be a minimum of ten LP's, but more like 15-20. However many islands are in those LP's, doesn't matter. It will be ample opportunity to get your ships into place, and intercept the target. This is like a scavenger hunt, and game of hide and seek. Unlike BK's, however, you don't need a compass to find me. Just use the basic pirate skills and come and PVP me.

As stated earlier, the CB's aboard will be used for booty only, and will not be used in a defensive or offensive manner. The cannons will be empty and I will run. If I disengage from the battle successfully, don't expect me to stick around. I'm gonna flee the area quick as can be done, and I won't even look back. :D It's not cowardice if I'm the one submitting my own rules beforehand. lol!

Since I have the entire Midnight ocean memorized in my charts, there is no arch or route that is off limits to me. If you cannot chart your ship to where I am, I suggest spamming your hearties and asking them to come along. Giving you all a wide selection of ships to choose from to attack me with. I certainly hope to draw a crowd of dozens of ships chasing me. :D

Oh, and one more thing, I recall. If I happen to enter a non-sinking Flotilla, whichever arch may have one when the time comes, by all means, the one who autoports me, wins all the commods aboard, and all the cash, not simply a percentage. Plus, you can all stay on that board and through teamwork, sink the flot easily. :D

See you on the ocean!

Captain of the tiny crew Ex-Terminators
King of the Ridiculously small flag Midnight Tormentors
Midnight Ocean
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