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Say No More! [Box Auction]

SnM is running a box auction to raise flag funds for blockading!

So what can you win?

-LE Furniture
-Rogue Marks


When: Sunday, October 16th at 3pm Game time
Where: Sdafda's Manor on Admiral

For invitation, /tell Iiris.

Other details:

-There will be 3 tiers:

----Starting: 5k with increments of 1,000 poe (Purple Boxes)
----Starting: 15k with increments of 2,000 poe (Red Boxes)
----Starting: 40k with increments of 3,000 raises (Gold Boxes)

-Please no shouting, yelling, or being obnoxious.
-If you place a fake bid, not only will we kick you out of the house but, you?ll be made fun of via tells


Everything was priced by hand, and nothing (by our prices) is worth less than it's starting value... this being said we are only human so it's is possible that something is worth less than it's starting value, but on the other hand it's also possible that it's worth way more than it's starting value. We did our best at pricing things as fairly as we could but we can't guarantee perfection. If you have problem of any kind please wait until after the auction and send a tell to Sdafda or Iiris.

Hope to see everyone there and of course, bring your whips and chains since we're doing this SnM style.

P.S. Any questions, send Iiris a tell.
P.P.S I am not very creative.

Sdafda on Sage

Jerich flag royalty chats, "This is why we have no friends.
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