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Some Ideas for the Game on my Mind Reply to this Post
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Hello Puzzle Pirates Community

After losing badly in poker, I really questioned if I can be bothered playing this game anymore (more like rage quit hehe) as this game does not really have many major updates too often (this is coming from an impatient 2 year old) and if it does, usually not too different from something else. E.g new clothes colours, HS update too much like Atlantis. So I decided to try to think up some new ideas towards the game. I am not sure how original they are but I'll try xD.

Race to the Golden Island?
On a narrow bnav grid with obstacles, with boats starting at one end (all boats have their advantages so any will do) they have to get to the other side as fast as possible. Even though smaller boats have more moves, bigger boats can cause more damage meaning the smaller boats bilge can possibly get higher meaning less moves, while smaller boats are more maneuverable around obstacles. Maybe at the other side they have to forage for gold and try to get it back to the starting place as fast as possible? Also doing this in teams can make it very interesting with tactics...reminds me of capture the flag now that I think about it.

Pirate Standoff
The 2 pirate vs pirate puzzles in this game are swordfighting and rumbling which normally to a person who doesnt play this game would think that would be quite gory. So a handgun shoot out couldn't be as bad. A battle of 2+ pirates with guns seems relevant as pirates used guns back in the day. Maybe this puzzle involves a Battleship type of board? (the board game) And instead of trying to figure out where ones ship is, find their body to be able to shoot them. Also reloading can also bring a new thing to this puzzle.

At the momment this is all I've got but hopefully I can bring more concepts to this game. Thank you for reading! :)
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Re: Some Ideas for the Game on my Mind Reply to this Post
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Welcome to the Crafting Puzzle Project (sub)forum. The Game Design forum is more suited for non-crafting puzzle suggestions.

Having said that, guns are Anti-listed. The race to the golden island could possibly fit into the Adventure islands mold.
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