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Joined: Jul 31, 2007
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Crimson ( Lonely Ocean)

- Please disregard any bad spelling and such-- Thank You!--

~ I've returned! =) Glad to be back on the Crimson Ocean! but, as i came back to see how good the ocean has changed, or the amount of stalls opened, i come back to a ghost town and fewer stalls than before =( What happen? I mean of course, people couldn't afford rent anymore, but i mean... wow it's like everyone loss there accounts(pirates) but me lol... I'm really sad to see it like this.... since crimson isn't a small ocean, it has alot of room to expand and become much bigger than it is....

- The reason i posted here tonight, was because... i feel as tho contacting the OM's and such hasn't done anything.. i feel like the idea of restructing the ocean would be a Plus(+) but after all it well NEED alot of work and who wants to spend time for a small ocean?.... Everything well have to be wiped down to complete ZERO to even fix the ocean.. I don't want anything to happen top our PoE's, Stalls, and Dubs..etc. but.. there's nothing happening for the ocean.. it's a place to go and be quiet and pillage all day, theres no change i can't talk to people, run stalls, nothing because theres no profit in the end, even tho i would take a loss, but i wouldn't want too.

- There's soo much here, that we could all use! Bidding is the best part, everything is soo cheap, wood for 1-4 PoE? That's Amazing! Right now stall's are cheap also! cheaper than before which was a year ago when the ocean opened, and people were here, stalls were 44k to open, now some island's there below and thats good! but people know the ocean doesn't have the population to bring in a profitable income... which i think isn't fair, because we have to have people toss there PoE's(Hard Earned) Poes for us to be able to order.... Stalls like: Lilystars Furnishing Stall and Allusiveanne's Tailoring Stalls, and Winklecat's Apothecary Stall are many i buy from well bought from and well start to agian because they can't make the right amount to keep up with rent, and repurchase of the items. (Sorry for any name mispells).

- I see the population is really small, but perhaps, the kid's who play on this ocean have time limits and school work and school too attend too, which is understandable. But there has to be something done to support the backbone of this ocean?? I mean there's something out there that can fix this issue, but maybe were not seeing it??

- Monthly Items, such as Ships, Furniture, Clothing.. etc is really hard to purchase, well Clothing and Furniture is mostly covered by the stalls in this post, but Ships are REALLY hard to come by =(

- We need to as a whole ocean come to together, and try and support each other, because it seems like it could be month's even years til the game devs and threerings change this ocean!

- This entire month, i'm purchasing up to 5-6,000 in each stall on Crimson, to help other stalls with rent and other needs, as my contrubition to all of the stall owners! THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!

Thank You! &
Sincerely, JackFrost on Crimson! ;D

Edits: Fixed Grammar.
~Økamix~ Sage Ocean

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Re: Crimson ( Lonely Ocean)

Ye posted this a long time ago. But, i wouldn't like to leave this without a reply.

Crimson Ocean Retired on March 31st 2011
Captainnkid on all oceans.
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