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Joined: Oct 24, 2008
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Crimson Going Nowhere

Alright, i know alot of people are going to be mad with his post but, Crimson isn't going anywhere, i've put loads of PoE down and nothing has worked out, stalls,trips, bids, stock purchasing off markets, it's all added up to less than i put in even selling 1 PoE Under what i bought to help other people... Three Ring's and Puzzlepirates staff has had long enough to fix this crashed ocean, and they should be ashamed of there self's for allowing this ocean to run like this, i dont even know why theres a OM on at all? Theres maybe 2 people a day on??? and im the one whos helping them!

I don't even know why im subscribed to the dubloon club for? 4.95 isn't bad each month and the 20 dubs is a plus, but.. how can i spend the dubs on a nice outfit, if theres no stalls even selling anything higher than Bandana's? or even Furniture? I mean yes i could open a stall even other people could but who would? To just stock up and then toss all your PoE for rent each week? You gotta be kidding me!! There's no support, backing you up if you dont make any profits.. I had a weavery on sakejima island and made every color except: Gold & Black, and i had only 1 sale for 2 month's straight...

Secondly, There's just not enough too do on this ocean, playing with my kid's is very sad because they get bored as well, all they say they can do is pillage and pillage and pillage! I'd like to have them both, run a stall and see how running a business would be in real life, but i'm not coughing up 400k to stock and have rent (for an entire year without sales) plus opening cost.

Thirdly,I don't know if the game dev's look at our posts and then put them in hats and draw randomly, and think no good and toss the idea out. But i haven't seen any progress helping this ocean at all. Yes as the OM's and Dev's tell me it's a Family Ocean and theres Filters, and now im telling you game devs, I don't care about the filters i can live with them its the support on things that are worthless to everyone, There's no Herbs, Minerals, nothing being moved around and people need them for there stalls and when some due have the minerals they set the price sky high because they know its going to be a while before more show up.

Fourthly, New Players run and delete there accounts once they see there one this ocean, because they know it's a ghost town, theres nothing too do here, thats why i see so many on main oceans playing because theres more life there.

I hope i don't get banned for posting, what i posted but it's time someone said something.... because we need support game devs!!

~Seek on Crimson.
~Only ocean played =)
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Joined: Jan 30, 2008
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Re: Crimson Going Nowhere

I agree completly on everything and ye can't be banned for that obviously!

OOO need to do something on crimson or might just close it if they don't want to do anything!
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Joined: Mar 19, 2008
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Re: Crimson Going Nowhere

I suggest that Crimson's economy be run by OOO themselves, since little kids are too young to know about trade runs and stuff. The dubs especially, I suggest fixed price?
°Bonifacio- Born in Sage°
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Joined: Nov 24, 2007
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Re: Crimson Going Nowhere

Well I don't know much about Crimson and the family ocean... But if it is a ghost town and you are spending SO much money on it... I would just suggest moving to a different ocean... But not TOO overwhelming... Not to be mean, just throwing it out there
Emerald Ocean
FO of Privateers
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Joined: Jun 8, 2008
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Re: Crimson Going Nowhere

I share your frustration. I really enjoy playing on Crimson, but it is hard work.
And while it wad nice to see some evidence recently that devs keep an eye on this forum, the lack of any response to some of the suggestions and feedback is really discouraging.
The biggest single problem is the inability to unlock ships for crew use.
I have "loaned" three sloops that I will never see again because the pirates haven't logged on for months. Banned perhaps? Gone to a different ocean? I don't know.
Theviking expeditions have been good. A trading post would be great, especially if we could trade in some of those flower trinkets.
And I am an adult and have run an apoth stall on Lima for almost a year. There are some herbs that I have never been able to get. The Crimson economy does need to be treated more like ice's economy, with more intervention.
And, finally, why can't we get regular charts when we defeat skellies and zombies?
Or even better, TH expo charts?
Saturday morning game time there are often a few people on. Hope to see you on crimson soon.
SO of The Bootleggers on Emerald
Royal and occasional monarch of The End
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Joined: Jul 21, 2003
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Re: Crimson Going Nowhere

I agree completly on everything and ye can't be banned for that obviously!

OOO need to do something on crimson or might just close it if they don't want to do anything!

Yo ho ho!
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Joined: Jan 18, 2011
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Re: Crimson Going Nowhere

I'v logged on crimson from time to time. I was their the first day it was launched. I haven't really spent time on since. But as someone from Midnight I see my fair share of Youngsters who have come from their. They say that there's not a lot to do. Then were stuck here training them and teaching them how to puzzle at this high level. Even if you had 20 children online, they can't function well together because their all trying to learn. Who's going to teach them? A Om is their to solve problems not train them. I understand newbies get that whole beginners missions. But they need in-depth training. Tips, tricks and ins and outs of the game. There's a reason these ages are taken the most advantaged off and normally become the victims of being cheated out of their little poe. There's not a experienced pirate holding their hand.

So Do we get rid of this ocean?

I think not, this ocean does allow a certain level of sanction for young players. However I think they thought this ocean was gonna take a lot of the young players from other oceans. This was false assumptions. Most young players that are on other oceans have either found similar players of their ages and have created a crew of that and are getting along just fine. Or have been taken in by a well-developed crew and were taken under the wing of a nice officer who enjoys teaching the ropes. Now its not uncommon that the excitement of a new ocean spiked interest but it did die down. People don't just switch oceans unless they know they have friends waiting. (some do, but this isn't a normal happening). Unless people think another ocean is gonna offer more benefits than the one they are on, they stay with their ocean. Crimson needs to be organized better. Simple, its design was similar to that off our normal oceans, chat restrictions and a age stamp doesn't change how the game is played.


Now these can or can not be plausible. After hearing the words from Seek, it seems that any progress you make on the ocean is all but a penny lost. The prices need to be cheaper in my mind, and things run a little different. I do not know how the players of crimson feel. I only Dabble on the ocean.
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Joined: Mar 29, 2010
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Re: Crimson Going Nowhere

Crimson retired March 31st
~ Sizzly of Emerald ~
Avatar by Aerecura <3
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