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Swimming Reply to this Post
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We came up with this idea as a half-joke the other day in my crew and since I'm browsing the forums I figure I'll drop it in here and see what everyone thinks...
I am not a game designer so I won't be posting any dynamics. I hope that's not required.
I suppose you could do anything at all. I've always failed to see how the bilging puzzle makes water go away.

Anyway more than the dynamic of this puzzle the purpose is the real reasoning behind it. I have seen something like this in other games - I vaguely recall this. When you are planked from a ship and NOT in your crew (to prevent the irritation of spamming your crewbies with the puzzle) you are required to perform the swimming puzzle back to your home island. It ought to be a relatively short and easy puzzle, but enough of a bother to be an incentive to make jobbers want to follow the rules of the officers running the voyage.

Further, it might be an incentive for this rule-abiding mindset as eventually it will be well-known that a high experience rating (not so much ocean-wide standing because you can get low experience and high standing if you are genuinely good at a puzzle) in swimming is a red flag to XOs and the like that you have a reputation of sorts to breaking the normal rules of a voyage, i.e. have been planked a lot. A nice little red flag to those running a voyage how reliable a person it.

Anyway that's my thought. Feel free to shoot it down :)
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Re: Swimming Reply to this Post
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Swimming isn't a crafting puzzle.

As a non-crafting puzzle, swimming has had some discussion, including the situation you described i.e. a puzzle to perform after planking.
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