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Joined: Oct 16, 2005
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Crimson Access To Training

Today , a fellow pirate and I found ourselves at sea.. in a battle.. with the Captain ( of ship and Crew) zz'd. We waited Stunned..after.. at the LP to see if he came back.. somewhere during battle he poofed.

He apologized when he returned for having logged out.
When asked where he was.. He said .. at dinner!!!
My Training lecture about communication (with parents and mates left hanging), responsibility and co-operation and respect for the very real people they were directly affecting went on auto pilot ..

Right after , a lovely young lady attempting to beat 13 zombies.. alone.. and I had a conversation about her never playing adults cause her narrow/GM swordfight always went down.
I asked her if she knew that different swords had different uses (attributes).
That different combinations of swords would be a factor too.
That that knowledge was probably part of what helped the adults win.

What struck me..hard.. was how are these kids.. Locked on to Crimson..Unable to register for the forum..supposed to find out information about the game. Where can they get 'Training' Information/Manuals. Even Adults who come here with or for the kids that have not grown up on regular oceans. Who Trains them!? How do they find out the value of certain connections and info..

All my clients are adult ones.
Can they get to Yppedia from the YE>Help?
I assume the forums choice is not there.

I know some of them have immersed themselves in the documents. And a few of the adults who came here with the kids, also have no clue about Yppedia. The Documentation info is great. General..Not Specific. Does not include the Social Graces. Tips and Techniques. Explanations, History etc etc.

Now, for some odd reason .. when I am given a link to Yppedia or forums.. I get error pages.. or does not exist.
Likewise , My posting my saved places.. take everyone I ever gave them to in some similar lala land.

Is there a way access to Yppedia can be set up.. for all oceans.. to go directly to Yppedia without having to go to the forums.. wait for that to load.. then choose Yppedia from the header?

I am sure many might find this much more efficient.. (Grins.. maybe help with some of the Greeter question chatter)

( for sub Oceans.. a link to Accounts Interface (ye have to fill in the info to open it) would also be very ...very very.. useful for checking up on stuffs etc.)

Even if the Yppedia link for Crimson was limited to ( put in its own section..perhaps with a mini forumm.. I know I dream..) Manuals, trophys, Ie omit all the info meant for regular oceans.. such as history, gems/forageable location/maps, crew/flag/personal info.

Come to think about it.. the home page one is taken to from the forums.. is already a very limited access point whose directory sections conveniently omit a huge part of it. I did not discover that til the end of 2009-- 5 years --after I had been using the wikki weekly at least!
(and last month or so learned ye can google stuff too?)
So, Perhaps, what I ask is not so out of line.

Are there other options??
Kids are not going to have time, patience, desire to visit , nor the ability to set up and maintain , over time, their own personal forums. Heck , the adults rarely use their own crew/flag forums.

Perhaps , most info , such as the rumble and sf how too's, will be way to indepth for the under 13? It is for some adults too lol.
Cause and effect type more ? How to's with step lists that can be printed and kept handy? Lots of pictures.

Oh and where's tha brilliant pirate who does the sanctioned PP cartoons web site.. Perhaps he could explain certain things succintly!
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Joined: May 26, 2005
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Re: Crimson Access To Training

Just saying but unless I'm misreading this, you don't have to go to the forums to access the YPPedia. All you have do is go to puzzlepirates.com and click on the YPPedia link on the top of the page. Except on rare occasions, I never get error pages, so not sure what's up with that.
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Joined: Oct 16, 2005
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Re: Crimson Access To Training

Is there a Parent .. who has a child's client locked to-- Crimson assccess-- only?
This is different from setting up a client on a main ocean and taking it to Crimson.
There are young players who say are not -able- to go to the other oceans. ie No access .

Alamarana, are ye playing PP from your Browser?
I just have a client icon on my desk top. I never 'see' PP.com unless I specifically open my browser and go to it.

My actual game experience all begins with the separate stand alone client.

From- In game- on this client, I have access thru YE on the right Panel> Help to the forums and from there my accounts, yppedia, online thru my browser that auto loads up when I click that in game.

There is no direct connection to PP.com that I have found from there.

What IS available thru the client in game..
-Played thru the browser which would start you at PP.com
-Played thru a Crimson Only client..
ie In the browser.. or from a separate stand alone client?

Do they only have access to the Documents section?
In both or either case?

Is theree a workaround for locked clients to go to PP.com and choose from there.
Does the Locked client show everything on pp.com and give access to all.. some?

As a greeter.. these are important things to understand.

What I see is not what a greenie sees on regular oceans..

some of the kids who 9-13 years are capable of reading , are used to research on the onternet., are game savy and want to know how stuff works and hints and tips.

Is this guidance available in game.. or is it something that , perhaps is a pre cursor to an underground tops and tricks.

...some days I wish I did not care about Crimson...sigh
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The Titan. The Kraken.
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Joined: Oct 8, 2005
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Re: Crimson Access To Training

I have two children that play on Crimson and have posted this before, but I can read and post on Yppedia from them. In fact, if I want to post in the Yppedia I have to borrow my son's since it no longer accept underscores in accounts to log in. I do reference specific links in the Yppedia for new mates. Maybe it's a personal issue?
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Joined: Dec 19, 2006
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Re: Crimson Access To Training

Yeah, the underscore thing is very annoying, if you use the YPPedia a lot, then I would advise making another account for it, as it suggests, thats what I did.
Crimson Sloop Races!

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Okaw or Darkollie on the other oceans when I occasionally visit.
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