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Joined: Sep 8, 2004
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Crews seeking Pirates

Edit Poseidon:
Argh, this be the thread where erstwhile crews can post notices for recruitment.
It will work best if everyone follows these simple posting guidelines:

1/ Name of Crew, Flag if applicable, and what Arch you are based in
2/ Divison of booty and crew cut
3/ Basic aims of crew (pillage, trade, forage etc.)
4/ Terms for promotion
5/ Name of Captain and Officers to contact if interested in joining.

Also, keep the thread bare of anything other than recruitment posts. This should be a thread where a crewless pirate can easily scroll through crews looking to hire without having to read through pages of comments on whether someone's crew cut is too high. If you have any questions, please PM the person who posted rather than reply here, as other posts will be removed.

To find any of the crews here ingame type "/cwho crewname" then you can see who's online to ask about joining.

I will be moderating this thread to keep a window of about 2 months, to make sure the crews here are up to date. Old posts will be split out and send to Davy Jones' Locker.
Edit your info here please!

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Joined: Oct 12, 2004
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Join the Angelic Urge!

Join the angelic urge!
1. We be the angelic urge no flag at the moment
2. Aye we be fair in the divsion of booty same amount fer all or if that not make any sense to ye then ever one gets the 3 shares!
3.Aye we be a fightin crew we may not me the biggest crew at the moment but were gainin size! we have a total of 7 ships in the fleet and countin 6 sloops and one cutter. We tend to attack brigands only and we love to party
4. Aye terms of promotion

Jobber to cabin person: Just ask and ye shall recieve!

Cabin person to Pirate: again just ask and if ye been doing yer job (not nessarily well lol) then ye get a promotion

Pirate to officer: this be the big one, ye have to be a broad at the 5 jobs of a pirate except navigatin and ye have to be trustworthy. If ye got ye own ship yer more likely to get a promotion.

Officer to Sen. Officer: Just have to be a good officer fer a while

5.The main person to contact is the captian she be a good captian too! Her name is kartia and she be on most the time. The only officer i can think of off the top of me head is lanced aye his is on often too. If ye are interested then just contact one of those too and ye shall be invited to the crew!

The angelic urge wants you!
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wee howdypedia

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Joined: Dec 2, 2003
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Oceans Eleven Crew under the new flag Paramount
Is looking for eager new pirates to join an already established crew!!

Oceans Eleven focuses on yer needs!! If it's pillaging ye like, or maybe try yer hand at a stall, dock tarting, swordfighting, playing spades!, ye name it we do it!!

We are in a new and expanding flag, and would like to grow into a bigger close nit group of mates and bring back the good ole days as many of us know, and those who don't should be able to experience!!

If it's promotions ye are lookin for here is the standard we have set up that seems to work out pretty well.

Here is our public statement for those mates who cannot get on the game at this time

I have just one request. Run and hide. Run and hide. If you should be picked up next week buying a hundred-thousand dollar sports car in Newport Beach, I am going to be supremely disappointed. Because I want my people to find you, and when they do, rest assured we are not going to hand you over to the police. So my advice to you again is this: run and hide. That is all that I ask.

Advancement in the crew is as follows.
Pirate- Must be a subscribed member of the game

Officer- Must show promise and be fairly skilled in the pirate puzzles, cause you can't run a good ship if ye are not decent at it's every move

Senior Officer- Earn not only my trust, but the trust of the rest of the crew, just because you may have good stats does not mean you are automatically going to be a Senior Officer

If anyone has questions, or would like more information on joinin this fine establishment, please contact the Captain.

You look down, they know you're lying and up, they know you don't know
the truth. Don't use seven words when four will do. Don't shift your weight, look always at your mark but don't stare, be specific but not memorable, be funny but don't make him laugh. He's got to like you then forget you the moment you've left his side. And for God's sake, whatever you do, don't, under any circumstances...

Q-But Playa, why do ye have so many SO's can I be a SO right away when I join?
A- All of me current SO's have been in me crew for quite sometime and deserve their position and have worked hard to get it. :) That should tell you we are a bunch of fun mates!! With that many people who've been around for a while why arn't ye with us already!! The quicker ye join the quicker we can work on promotion!!

Ok, I've mumbled enough for ye mates to read. Interested? PM me on here, or send me a /tell in game :)

Captain of the crew Oceans Eleven
King of the flag Paramount

"Don't hate the Playa, hate the game"
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Joined: Jun 29, 2004
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Cosairs of Umbar Expanding

Ahoy. The Corsairs of Umbar be expanding it's crew ranks. Here's the goods:

Crew Name: Corsairs of Umbar (Sea Lords)
Captain: Foilistc
SO's: Epeeist, Javoch, Marajade, Grundie
Flag Affiliation: None
Current armada: Over 80 ships, including 4 WF and 12 WBrigs

Crew Information:
In the Second Age, the island kingdom Numenor began establishing colonies on the coast. Destined to be the greatest of these was the fortress Umbar. She was built strongly and richly by Numenor and great was her pride, perhaps too great...
We always be looking for new members, as long as they be hard workers and bring a good attitude with them! We want this crew to have fun, laugh, forage, pillage, plunder, and take in lots of poe.
Bring us yer swords and yer sense of humor!

Crew Articles:
Articles Politics: Oligarchic
Booty shares:
Jobbing Pirate: Four shares
Cabin Person: Four shares
Pirate: Four shares
Officer: Four shares
Senior Officer: Four shares
Captain: Four shares
Crew cut: 23?%

Interested? Send Javoch, Epeeist, Grundie, Marajade, or Foilistc a tell in game! We'll get ye started off right.

Foilistc, Capn of the Corsairs of Umbar
Not all who wander are lost ~ JRRT
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Joined: Nov 29, 2004
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

[size=18]Apostles of Mayhem, based in Diamond today
We shall remain flagless for the most parts. We shall temporarily join flags for blockades, wars, and other such divine fun.

Booty: We've started with 3/4/5/5/5 and 18%, but I shall keep me mates smiling stupid with lots of PoE. As we collect offerings from our Midnight flock, all us mates of the cloth shall be rewarded for our dedication to the great cause.

Aims: Forgive these soft blaggard fools, for they have taken this ocean of spoils in vain. You did take them from complacency amid a world of office hours and homework; yet how quickly they have grown fat and lazy, forsaking the freedom of sail and sword with which ye did offer to set them free.

Allow us now to manifest your hand upon the sea, to turn these waters dark with blood, and to free the fatted purse from the lethargic hands of those gone astray. Grant us now the pirate's heart. Behold, the mightiest kingdoms of the domesticated shall cry in despair and fall.

Oh ye poor, weary, and jaded soul. Ye once first stepped wide-eyed with wonderlust upon the dock. What have they done to ye? Ye were made to be a pirate!

We'll PvP. We'll pillage. We'll whip together a fleet and lay siege to the isle with most desperate need. Those aren't drums ye hear; nay, it's a heartbeat.

Promotion: Those of ye that crave blood shall immeditiately be set on high. Show the spirit, and who am I to say ye can't take the helm?

Contacts: For now, PM me here if interested, or look for me online in the late U.S. evenings. I sail as Minister. Do ye feel the calling?

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Male Guest
DarkStar Alliance

CREW: DarkStar Alliance

FLAG: Dream Reapers

Home: Cnossos Island for the time being...

Booty Shares: Twenty! (all)

Terms for Promotion: As follows...
*Pirate: Ye merely need to subscribe or be a subscriber.
*Officer: Achieve ship ownership, as well as be an active member
within the crew.
*Senior Officer: This is an honorary title, awarded upon more contact
with your Captain, and you must be making an attempt
to be a key player. Basically, SO's act as advisors and
battle commanders.

Contacts: Yuyuhakasho, Willhelmina, Touareg, Yuyusgirl, Captain or
any other officer online at the time.

Basic Info: We are a mercenary crew, and will work for the highest
bidder in blockades etc. We are a fun loving crew though,
so we do pillage and trade as well as other aspects of game
play. We are always looking for good people (we don't judge
people based on their current skill) and if you like fun and
PoE, then we be the crew for you! New players are also most
welcome, for we love helping you to learn the game! We will
be more than happy to train ye!

Homepage: http://potds.cjb.net - forums are accessible via
the site.
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Joined: Sep 5, 2003
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

After looking thru the list of crews from the early Midnight days I will be editing this thread to make sure it is uptodate and more easy to browse.
I will try to keep a window of roughly 2 months based on the posting date. Old posts will be moved to the Davy Jones' Locker forum if you need the text to repost.
Avatar by Avera on Sage.
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Joined: Apr 12, 2004
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Crew: The Shadowy Balrogs, flying the flag of Avalon

Shares: 4/4/5/5/5/3 25%

Aims: Currently in the process of rebuilding the crew. We are pillagers by nature, and we enjoy a good PvP on occasion :)

Pirate - Subscribe to the game
Officer - Previous Officership experience, and sail with some of the current officers/SO's to see skills and if you'll fit with us.
SO - Long standing proof of trust with the crew.

Note: We have stat requirement guidelines, but as people have different abilities, we do not strictly go by stats, but rather how well you fit in with the crew.

Contact: Any Officer+ (Look for Gothmog, Natsukashii, Winry, Mankette, Rosethorne, and Sweetrose, our current really active officers).

Home Arch: Primarily in Sapphire and Diamond.

We are a fun-loving crew, and we rather enjoy sailing about. We're currently in the process rebuilding after major losses from before. We are more than willing to train pirates in any aspect of the game (from Greenie 101, to advanced sailing, and even training in the "economy puzzle"). We are not a new crew (been around since the end of May '04), and we know our way around the ocean fairly well. We are always open and willing to answer any question.

We also offer spots for experienced pirates in our Officer ranks.
Nemesis wrote: 
You ruined my joke, Goth.
Arakael wrote: 
Goth is right, as usual.
Blobbles wrote: 
Goth is right. *shudders*

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Joined: Aug 19, 2003
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Crew : The Nameless Corsairs, of flag Looterati

Based in the lovely Ruby Archipelago, we are seeking both new pirates and mates interested in helping run a crew, run pillages, and get involved in the political game of an established flag.

Division of booty : Twenty! (regardless of rank)

Crew cut : 25%, with the remainder after restock costs going to the officer in charge of the pillage

Terms for promotion : Requirements are politeness, competence, and honesty. Punctuation and capitalization are a plus.

Perks : Crew-owned tailor shop, an armada of ships available for use, friendly and literate flag

Contact : Pierut in-game or PM through the forums, or contact any officer about joining.
Pierut of Crimson Tide, formerly Looterati, not dead.
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Joined: Mar 28, 2004
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Crew: Duckies
Flag: Northern Lights
Booty: 5/5/5/5/5/5
Crew cut: 21%
Website: www.northernlights.otinia.com

Our crew is a social crew that loves to play the puzzles and have fun at the same time. Every day is a new adventure from pillaging on our war brigs, fighting skellies or trading commodities and supplying our flag's shoppes/stalls. Throw in a tourney or two and hand of spades, the day is complete.

We have a great relationship with the other crews in our flag and our flagmates comingle constantly. Long term plans are to colonize an island and assist our allies in blockades.

We have a full fleet of ships from sloops to Grand Frigates. We're primarily a U.S. crew but we have ships in the water throughout the day and into the wee hours of the night.

Promotion is based on attitude and skill. See our crew info in game for details. Training will be provided by our Officers.

If you are still reading at this point and interested in joining the crew, contact Pippy, Zarn, Argonaut, Roustabout or any officer in game. We'll job you over to join us on our sailing trip.
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Joined: Jul 21, 2003
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

The Calico Marauders needs you!

Calico Marauders from the flag of Doom are hiring for fresh recruits to turn into rich skilled officers, we are also looking for any crews that would like to merge into ours to form something greater for the better of both crews.

We have a large fleet at our disposal and enjoy all the perks of pirate life pillaging, foraging, pvp and working to help out the local flag shops at our home island Zeta, in the pearl archipeligo.

Promotion will be quick with ship owners reaching officer rank straight off, and non owners automatically reaching pirate rank (though we're happy to help raise the money and your skills very quickly to earn your own boat). Senior officer ranking is ready for the taking as well to the most loyal of our crew.

Contact Barrownbeard Angela or Guppymomma for an invite or just for any information you wish to know about our family, so join us and be part of pirate history,... plus we have Govenor Dracai in our crew and come on that guy is great....

Fair winds to ye and we hope to meet you soon.
Barrownbeard, Captain of the Calico marauders.
Right hand man to Dracai the great ruler of Zeta.
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Joined: Aug 20, 2003
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Ahoy Mates! I be Sunny, Captain of The Cartographers, flying the Silver Dawn. Based on Eta Island in the Ruby Arch! Our booty shares are even, from the jobbing pirate to the captain. We aim to have fun and kick brigand booty. We stopped taking names a while ago, though. ;-) We also have several shoppes if ye be interested in management.

Promotion terms:
Subscription gets you Pirate, and a pair of boots and/or a bandana in crew colors.
Officer comes when you've shown yourself to be a good pirate, capable in all puzzles, fun to be with, yet mature enough not to speak in leet or curse at every opportunity.
Senior Officer - this is on a case by case basis. It'll start with becoming part of the crew. Getting to know the other SO's and giving us a chance to get to know you.

Should you be interesting in joining this mighty crew you can contact Crazyluigi, Pleiade, Teagan, Longstride, Yohoshilly or myself. You'll find us online any day of the week during the evening hours EST - PST.

We look forward to sailing with you!

Edit: Here are the flag forums if you're interested http://silver-dawn.org/forums/index.php
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Joined: Jan 2, 2005
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[Buying] Worthy Pirates, 10k each.

We are now one of the 17 Imperial (top PvP) crews in the game!

The crew Rudder Destruction is offering a 10,000 poe sign-on bonus for worthy pirates.

Possible ways of being worthy:
a) Being able to beat the captain a reasonable proportion of the time in swordfighting, drinking, or PvP.
b) Being able to load 3 or 4 guns per sea battle turn.
c) Having some stats at legendary or higher.
d) Going out and pvping people reasonably often.
e) Being willing and able to train greenies.
f) Being able to shoot Imperial brigands to maximum damage reasonably consistently.
g) Other neat skills that would benefit the crew, such as the desire and ability to make/maintain a crew webpage.

Any one of these is enough to show obvious worthiness. However, we want people who will play at least a couple hours a week. The sign-on bonus does not apply to obvious alts, who might just never log in again. Staying in the crew for a month is required after accepting the bonus; if you wish to leave the crew earlier you must refund the 10k to the captain.

Our goal is to become the largest and most active crew in the game. Come help!

/tell Rebel if interested.
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Joined: Jan 12, 2005
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Crew: Pieces O' Hate

Flag: Dead Parrots Society

Booty Division: 1/1/1/1/1 25% (currently in the process of lowering the crew cut - but all shares will remain equal)

Arch: We are all over - *I* prefer Diamond (Byrne) for now, but you are free to call which ever arch and island home.

Aims We are currently under construction, therefore we are looking for eager pirates to join us in rebuilding. We are focusing on training new members and getting them ready for Officer training. We havent set any goals for forage missions but we do sail often and pull in great amounts of booty. Its always a party on our ships ( especially if you get lucky enough to have both Popcorn and Cornflake aboard). Prepare to laugh your booty off while preparing to take Imperial brigand booty.

Promotions: Due to our reconstruction state, our promotions are being handed out rather quickly. Promotion to pirate is immediate once you subscribe. Promotion to Officer is by the discretion of the SO's. If you become a member and want the opportunity to nav your our pillage, please ask Popcorn or Cornflake and we will start your training. If you are already a pirate with acceptable stats and would like an apportunity in which your current flag isnt giving you...again, please speak to one us. You must have a good attitude and the willingness to win and succeed. We are looking for team players, somewhat serious...but rather silly in general.

Contact: Please contact Popcorn, Cornflake, Tallonz, Imagica or Stormisea in game or send me a PM here.

If you think you can fit right into our comical pillages and want to have an everlasting relationship with a wonderful flag and crew... Then we are looking for you!

Can I gun?
Yum Chiles!
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Joined: Jun 10, 2004
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Who we are: Our crew be called Mischievous Misfits. We come together under the flag Nautical Naughtiness.

Our homeland: We currently have no claims or desires to own an island. Someday that may change, but for now we're quite content with this. Most of our flag is based in Rubies, either Jorvik or Eta. That has become our home.

Booty and crew cut: Twenty across the board with a crew cut of 25%

Promotions: So ye sick of being a poor broke penniless bilge rat and wanna be an officer eh? Well here's how ye go about that mates!

To obtain the rank of Pirate ye simply have to become a paying subscriber to the game. Oh and have a pulse preferably. Why stop there tho, there is much more poe to be had.

Officers are selected on their ability to do all ship duty puzzles. Once ye have obtained experience of Narrow in Sailing, Bilge and Carpentry with a standing of respected or better ye can enter officer training.

When in officer training your first order of business will be to obtain Narrow experience in gunning and a standing of Respected . While ye are completeing that you will be shown some of the finer (and not so fine) points of Battle Navigation. Then once you have completed your gunning standing you will be given the helm to obtain experience of narrow in Navigation. After you have obtained the standing of narrow and spent 2-3 sails aboard ship with a Senior Officer, you have earned the title of Midshipman and officer status. From there you will be allowed to take out any of the crew sloops or cutters to practice the art of pillaging on your own, or with mates and jobbers aboard. Once ye have shown the ability to run a ship well, the title of Midshipman will be replaced with Officer, and eventually Lieutenant.

Senior officers are the cream of the crop. They are selected for their leadership ability by the Captain and current SO's. Do well, be a team player and help ye mates learn the game and you can become one.

Crew Rules: 1. Respect each other. Bad mouthing, gossiping, and back stabbing of crew/flag mates will not be tolerated. Anyone found doing so will be unsumarrily stripped of any rank and titles and possibly even expelled.

2. Follow orders aboard ship. The officer in charge may be making a bad decision but it is his/hers to make and face the consequences of it. Please respect them and follow orders quickly and efficiently

3. Have fun. No sense in paying money on a montly basis for stress and aggrevation. We're here to have fun, so lets do that.

What we do: Our crew is made up of those who tend to lean more towards the social aspect of the game. We're a flirtatious group of pirates who enjoy the fine life of pillagin' and having a good time. We are not a big political flag, nor have intentions to ever be. We support our allies and their efforts, but have no intentions of "ruling the ocean" like most.

What we're looking for: We're looking for pirates who enjoy flirtin, socializing, pillagin and having a great time together. We enjoy training our pirates up to Senior Officers and letting them venture on their own as Captains of their own crews, with the opportunity to stay within the flag for moral and social support.

Additional Notes: We are an adult oriented flag, as well as are the crews within it. Our chat can be a bit on the offensive side to some and is not the flag/crew for those easily offended.

If this sounds like a crew and/or flag you may be interested in, please feel free to contact either myself or my first mate, Sotros. We look forward to meeting you! :)
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Psych Ward Hiring On.

Argh! We be looking for fine mates to pillage and plunder. We be primarily based out of Diamond, with our flag seeming to split between diamond and sapphire. An occasion forage trip may be in order every now and then, too. And if ye be lucky, you might find yourself on a pillaging trip with the Monarch of the flag the Council, ZaneRed, when he gets Kraken's Blood.

Crew split is 20 shares each. Jobbers as well as captain. If ye leave during a battle, ye get nothing, though.

We are a new crew, so I be looking for good quality recruits. I have no set rules yet for promotions, but if ye come with a good track record and a ship of your own, you'll be on the fasttrack to promotion. Greenies start out as cabin persons. When you subscribe, you will be promoted to pirate. Promotion will also depend on ye stats, as well as time online and interaction among the crew.

The aim of this crew be to have fun. Flirtation and socializin' will be up there along with pillaging and plundering.

To join, you can send a /tell to PersonalAsst or to Mrpittles ...

ARGH!..here's to many happy pillages!
Balky wrote: 
cleaver has the most piratey looking face... he's just ....soooo.... sooo... squishable

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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Ahoy mates!

The crew Marauding Marlins of the flag Silver Dawn is looking for trustworthy, experienced members!

Our booty shares are: 10/10/10/10/10/10/25%

Aims: To have fun! We love to pillage, drink, swordfight, and everything else pirates love to do!

Cabin Person: Ask an officer to join!
Pirate: Subscribe!
Officer: Own a ship, go through officer training and gain the trust of yer fellow mates!
Senior Officer: Captains choice! Gain trust, and respect other crew mates and you're on your way!

Crew colors: Grey/White and Blue

Home Island: Most of us are homed to Eta since our flag owns the island., but it's not a requirement.

Just contact Lordjyskal or Barnecalbob in game to get more info or join! Or PM me here!
Lordj on Cerulean
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

I thought I had posted in here already. My mistake.

"War Crew of Long John" is recruiting.

This is a war crew, for the January war.
This means that there is a chance of injury if you join the crew. Not a great chance, as I will do my best to avoid losing a ship, but it's something to keep in mind.

Jobbers do not get injuries, from what I understand.

Promotion rules: Pirate: Demonstrate the ability to wash and load 4 guns in 4 turns of bnav.

Officer: Demonstrate that you know how to fight in b-nav. OR: Own your own ship.

SO: Not sure at the moment.

Please note:

1. We are a PvP crew. We will go out and PvP. We will generally have booty when we PvP, either because we have already clobbered brigands and merchants, or because we've stocked up with a lot of poe, rum, and balls before taking off.

2. Any ship approaching the day's "Gem port" is open game regardless of carrying stuff on board -- if you might have gems, we'll attack you with an empty ship.

3. Any ship at war is open game regardless of an empty hold.

4. *** We are entering the cutter Race Around Midnight. Should there be any enemy flags in that race, we plan to have less competition :-).

5. The captain (LongJohnGrey) will step down on Feb 1st. The crew may continue past that if someone else wants to take the captaincy.

Contact LongJohnGrey in game or on forum to join.
Re: Market on Scurvy Reef:
Hypnos wrote: 
I didn't realize it was such a hot forage spot until I dropped it and three pirates showed up on the island in quick succession.
And it wasn't even 9 spaces from the arrow :-).
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Almost Perfect Pirates

Crew disbanded
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

The crew Enmity of Scallywag Syndicate is now taking in new members.

Booty split is 20/20/20/20/20 with 25% crew cut. (20 for the same reason stores sell 99 cents, it looks better.)

Expectations: I don' t have many rules but to be civil. Play the game however you like. I only ask one thing, job for the flag in blockades the pay is excellent.

Goals: To grow a medium size crew of skilled pirates to enjoy pillaging, wars, and trading.

Promotion: Officers need Broad and to be Distinguished or better in Bilging, Sailing, Gunning, Carpenty and Sea battle. That's it, you will be trained as needed.

Senior Officers will be those I trust and are skilled enough to give advice. I expect them to have minimum of Master level on all the ship puzzles and Sea battle at time of promotion.

We may be involved in wars, don't worry sinking is fun, and sinking others is better. I will divy out Shanghai points in a 2/3 ratio, for every 3 you can sign up, I'll let you use 2, remaining 1 is for crew.

Catch any Senior Officer online to inquire more, so far we are US based but always looking for others.
Flakcannon, on all English Oceans, except that imposter on Malachite.
Farming, cleaning up your poo, and making you drink it.
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Crew Name Pirates Anonymous

Crew Cuts 5/5/5/5/1 30% the one is the captain's cut (that's me) i disposit my cut to the coffers

Purpose Show some Greeieneis the ropes and have a good time (with some POE every now and then)

Capin Person to Pirate

Pirate to Officer
Get Broad in the seven basic skills (execpt for Nav)
Get Narrow in Nav

Officer to Senior Officer
Get solid in ALL the 7 basic skills

Location As of right now i have one ship in the ruby Arch

Ships Lonley ClownFish

if you wish to join send a /tell to Madog
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Join the Gold Seekers!


We be the Gold Seekers of Faminto por Sangue, sailing in the Jet archipelago and Emerald sometimes.

Booty cuts:
All twenty! Restocking share: 15%

-Have lots of gold
-Have fun
-Train pirates so they become the fearest of all the seven seas!

CP-join the crew as full member asking an officer
Pirate-at least apprentice exp in carping, bilging and sailing
Officer-be 12 or older, have at least narrow exp in carping, bilging and sailing abd at least apprentice exp in gunning, get through officer's training and have been in the crew fer 1 or 2 weeks
SO-be 13 or older, have yer own ship, at least solid exp in carping, bilging and sailing and at least broad exp in nav and gun, be sailing with us as a full member fer 1 or 2 months and have the trusting of the capt and the other SOs
Captain-hey hey matey! This be Boda's job so clean it out of yer minde!
Note: promotions to officers and SOs are requiring ages of 12 and 13 or older because either:
-I dont like some nasty kids commanding my ships
-We can leave a chance to the teenagers, they arent as bad as we can think they are :P

The sloop Nit-Picky Rudd
The sloop Gross Whitebait
The sloop Small Stickleback
(also keeping some money fer buying a cutter)

Boda's shipyard-20/30/40

Joining: just pm me or send a tell to Boda, Guer or Yrag during the game.
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

The crew Bloodlust of the flag The Harbingers be in search of a few hearty piratey souls

Crew Cuts: 3/3/3/3/3/3 25%

Cabin Person to Pirate, ye just have to be a subscriber
Pirate to Officer, promotions to Officer and above are based on drive and abilitys not just stats. Must be able to show that ye can handle a ship

Most are homed in the beautiful Emerald arch

We be a diverse crew interested in a bit of everything from pillage on the high seas to trading and shoppekeeping. Our members are always willing to train and share their experience in any area of the game. Good Friends and Good Rum is what we love best.
If ye be interested in getting to know us, or joining this tight knit crew send any of our Officers or Senior Officers a tell anytime or feel free to pm me here with any questions
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Mermaids Revenge

The Mermaids Revenge is looking for a crew.
Booty for jobbers, cabin persons and Pirates is two shares
We Pillage, Trade, forages and whatever else brings home the booty.
Since we are a new crew promotions will be given to people with a good level of skill and dedication.

If you are Interested contact Sculthorp.
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Dawn of Atlantis!

1. Dawn of Atlantis is a new crew currently based in Diamond.
2. 3/3/3/3/3/3, 25%
3. This main point of this crew be to organize to in advance of a move to the Cobalt ocean when it opens. We will mostly pillage, but there will eventually be some trading as well.
4. Gain sufficient skill in sailing, carping and bilging (broad experience or master skill). Follow orders while sailing with the crew at least 5 times. Then you can become officer-in-training.
5. Contact Leadpipe for more information.

Dawn of Atlantis be a very new crew, so I'm looking for crew members with the maturity to advance rapidly and become officers and SO's quickly. The emphasis will be on moving the crew to the Cobalt ocean when it opens, but if ye prefer to stay there I can provide a reference to other crews I know. Training is available for all who follow orders and enjoy pillaging. Aaarrrr!

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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

1. Leviathan of the Flag Deadly Crosswinds is based in Jet
2. Shares 20/20/20/20/20/20 25%
3. Crew Goals 1.Recruit ( hence the post :) ) 2.Have fun 3.Build a Fleet
4. Looking at eventually taking an island but its too early to promise anything :)
4. Show basic understanding of the game, Show Leadership qualities, I must trust you :)
5 Contact Zemic in game or send a pm to me

Hope to hear from you so that together we can build a great crew for everyone :)
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Otherwhen of flag Water Sleeps is looking fer a few more crew members. We be based on Beta, and our flag Water Sleeps owns Beta. The crew owns a weavery shop on Beta (Loom is a Harsh Mistress). We have lots of sloops for officers to borrow as well as cutters and war brigs that SOs can borrow. The crew was formed last July.

Otherwhen was named after the science fiction book "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen" by H Beam Piper. Ye will make brownie points with the captain if ye like Heinlein, Niven, Spider Robinson, Mercedes Lackey, etc. but it's not required. /me winks

Crew goals: to have fun and make friends, and to help each other be more skillful pirates

Divvy rules: 20 each, no matter what yer rank; crew share is 30%

We be experienced in training pirates to be good officers.

We run a regular war brig pillage on Tuesday evenings (starting around 4:30 or 5pm PST, which is 7:30 or 8pm EST). Join us fer the pillage and see if ye like us! If ye miss the pillage, send a /tell to Lordkalvan, Snowpea, or Angryjohnny.
LordKalvan of Otherwhen, all oceans but mostly Midnight
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Brenttork, Senior Officer of Puzzled Pirates, Lord of Rumination - Cobalt
(also somewhat Notorious - because Evil is good!)
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

[size=18]Orion Warriors is now recruiting 1 or 2 Senior Officers:

Basic crew stats:
Ocean: Midnight
Home base: Wrasse (for now)
Flag: none yet, ambition to become one
Crew cut: 25%
Booty (Shares): 2/2/3/3/3/1

I ambition to make the Orion Warriors a clan of like minded people that share the same addiction to the game and ambitions in the Midnight Ocean. Or goal is to have fun pillaging, PVPing as well as substaining a coherent economical network for the good of all. Eventually, taking an island and call it home will become a goal and a drive for all of us.

So, for now, I am actively recruiting at least 2 (two) Senior Officers to help me jump start the crew. Candidates must have a clear understanding of the game mechanics (sailing, economy, ocean politics...) and demonstrate excellent puzzling abilities. Some previous experience as an officer or SO will certainely help. You are not required to bring in a ship, ships of the fleet will be avalaible to the crew.

Additional things to consider: prefer people who loggin mostly in the evenings (american time zones). Non-Y!PP interest to consider to share with me and others: being addicted to Star Trek.

Contact: PM here in forum or /tell Kahless in game
Supreme ruler of the Orion Empire
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Re: [Midnight] Crews seeking Pirates

Crew: TheResurrection
Flag: Imperio
Ocean: Midnight
HomeBase: Gaea

We are a pretty active growing crew. We have mates on different times of the day, and promote from within. If you follow the rules you will be justly rewarded. We pillage daily with either crew and/or flag mates. We are high in the economical side of the pirate world in our arch, but love a good fight as well. We are currently working on growing in numbers, both crew mates and navy. If you are looking to grow with a crew and flag then we are the one for you. Contact Moboulion, Sailorsarah, Donk, Armestrang, or Cotswall in game or PM me here. We're always willing to help and teach and answer questions.
-Captain of TheResurrection
-Royal of Avalon
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