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Joined: Dec 7, 2002
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Aharrr! A Young Pirate's First Impressions! Reply to this Post
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Well met, ye Puzzle Pirate captains, crew and lubbers alike!

First time into the game tonight, thought I'd post me observations and experiences at this early hour...

First-- The main spash screen is fine and welcoming... yonder waves becon and the distant sun looks inviting indeed-- very well done! I love the shading and the color palette! It's polished and pro-looking, without looking like its trying to overexcite with craziness.

Second-- Pirate Creation: Again, very nicely done with the three slots, each on a different little island vista. Ah, vacation... I really love how yer little Pirate wanders about while you goof with the getup-- and nice indeed that s/he quits fidgeting when you click on 'em. I'd like to see more hairstyles-- was looking for a "Hook"-style long curls type hair. Perhaps there be barbers afoot somewhere in game? I like the simplicity, but found meself clicking through the skin tone colors a few times--- would have liked to have a palette view for side-by-side comparisons.

Third-- I find meself on the docks, a few NPP's standing idly by. First things first, I scope out me Happy Sunshine and assorted options and screens. All seems in order, figure I'll delve deeper later... as that blighter at the nearest circle seems to be giving me the eye... To Arms!!

Fourth-- Swordfighting!! Huzzah!! This is one crazy fun puzzle! I fell into Ye Olde Tetris Groove right away, keeping me blocks as low as can be-- soon enough tho I start to get a feel for the merging, stacking, and combo setups. This game looks well-neigh finished at first blush. Visually really engaging, and one can feel the strata of strategy lurking in unplumbed depths. After a few fights (I finally won one! Harhar!) me only grievance would be that the game seems a bit shy on shocking, swashbucking feedback-- I like the spashing stars, but for the really well-executed successes I would have liked a bit more Zowie! Also, it felt like I was a bit blind to how me opponnent was faring-- I think there's been mention of the "hurty face" or some such?

Fifth-- After a few fights, I opted to explore the Island a bit. Holy frijoles. The art is so nice--- just that. It was like a vacation. Warm and tropical, with many facinating and friendly little touches... wee birds sitting on dockposts, coiled ropes in corners, comically frightening banners and toothsome delights displayed on market stands. It was like a backrub for the psyche... perhaps I've been working too much...

Anyways, Sixth-- Back to the docks for more Swordfighting! But Lo--- a mononamed Pirate, same as me! Ahoy! And soon enough, I found meself aboard a vessel, a young pirate on his first voyage!! I was put to the ropes, and told to hoist that yard, lad! We sail for Papaya Island! I love this mechanic-- I don't get it yet, but one can feel the complexity waiting behind the simple tasks. Can't wait to voyage again!

Seventh-- Sailing! This puzzle was a bit hard to figure out at first-- is it a droppy puzzle, or a placement puzzle? First i tried the placement, and stank up the salty air I did. So my next bout I tried the droppy tactic, just get the balls off! Get them OUT! That seemed to work better-- its a fine balance between just vaporizing yarn-balls and trying to place in the slots. I thought I'd never get it, but finally, while we were chasing some cowardly but quick merchant vessel, it all fell into place and I got a "Fine" instead of a "Booched!". Which brings up one other point, I believe already identified: I thought I just stank completely at Sailing, always getting "Booched!". It wasn't until it was explained to me that such status is *relative* to all the other sailors, that I didn't want to heave-ho meself into the drink. Apparently there will also be a non-relative 'score' as well... which i think the greenhorns will appreciate :)

Eigth-- Bilging!! Ah, the quiet and relaxing life of the Bilger. This duty is fun, but (purposefully, I gather) not very challenging. When you start to get the combos, it gets more interesting, but as was mentioned in another post, it seems more exciting feedback would behoove this puzzle. Hopefully some crazy splooshing zowie stuff-- I would like to see a maintained consistency on the watery theme! Which brings me to the only thing that didn't visually jive in my eyes with this puzzle: the the Selector Squares. The pulsing orange neon, while highly visible for sure, felt out of place.

Ninth-- Aboard ye dogs, and plunder!! Man alive, this is fun-- i never imagined that you could turn a droppy puzzle into a team game. Very well done here. As mentioned above, however, I found it tough to keep track of my teammates' and enemies' struggles... also, a little tough to keep up with the chat during these furious battles. More practice will perhaps enlighten on how all this is done :)

And Tenth: Grogging it up after a hard day's Pirating!! After I spent all my earned gold for the day on a nice Tricorne, Captain was nice enough to loan me 25 pieces to get in on the evening's Drinking Game. Again, this one takes a bit more strategy than the Drinking Games I'm accustomed to, yet even for a lightweight like meself, it was still pretty fun. It seems indeed to be a socializer's game-- the taunts, insults, gibes, retorts, and exclamations were the funnest part for this young Pirate! I we had 3 players; it seems like the dynamics would change quite a bit with more mugs at the table. At any rate, Captain drank me under the table right quick... seems this Puzzle can indeed be mastered. Now I gotta get that 25 gold from somewhere... yarrr-- back to the bilges!! :)

Random thoughts at the close of this post:

--any thoughts on a day/night cycle? perhaps this is answered in other posts-- which I will peruse forthwith
--music! music! shout it from the rooftops!! Please don't underestimate the value of fun, quirky music in games!
--Once again, the art is just fantastic. The NPPs are so damn cute-- er, and terrifying! Arr!!

And thus me first post comes to an end-- let me just say this tho: thank ye fer brewing up this fine piece of work. Avast! I'll see ye at the drinking table!!

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