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Read Before Posting: Forum Etiquette & Posting Guidelines

Because the Game Design forum's guidelines are well thought out, chunks of these guidelines were borrowed from there.

Prior to posting, we ask that you take a few moments to review these guidelines. Following these posting guidelines and etiquette will keep the YPPedia Community's forum organized, efficient, and friendly.

This forum is for the purpose of discussing things related to and answering questions about YPPedia. It is not meant to completely replace article & user talk pages, but it is an additional way for the community to be able to communicate. Players should use the communication method, forum or YPPedia talk page, that they find appropriate and comfortable. If a discussion would be more appropriate for a talk page, a moderator will point to the correct talk page and lock the thread.

If you are looking for immediate help due to someone vandalizing YPPedia, leave a message on the talk page of one or more player administrators .

For discussion about YPPedia policies and guidelines, familiarize yourself with the current policies and guidelines as well as the previous discussions about them before you post here.

If you are talking about a particular YPPedia article, remember to include a link to that page so that people can see what you are referring to.

"Spoiler" Policy

Unless game content is currently in production on Ice for testing we would prefer that "spoilers" about upcoming content not be posted about or discussed on the forums or added to YPPedia articles. Things tend to leak from time to time but until it is on Ice for testing it's not quite ready for public consumption.

A few notes on etiquette

When posting, please respect your fellow posters and moderators by adhering to Attesmythe's Tenets:
1) Debate the Idea, not the Poster
Ultimately, even if someone is posting only out of their own self-interest, that will come out if you debate the idea. Saying "I don't like this policy proposal because it can be exploited thusly:" is far preferable to saying "You only posted this policy proposal because you can take advantage of it."

2a) Corollary: If someone disagrees with your idea, it's most likely not an attack on you personally. Once you learn to separate out the difference, you'll be much happier and more productive (true in life as well as this forum!)

2) Post in a Civil Tone
If you're posting while emotional, or even don't know if what you wrote could be construed that way, take a moment to quietly read your post aloud. How do you stress the words? How do you pause and punctuate your sentence? If you told what you wrote to a person you hardly know, would it sound like you're deriding them or picking a fight? If so, please consider changing your language.

Lastly, a few disclaimers:

* Moderators reserve the right to unceremoniously delete "Me too" posts, thread bumps, posts quoting someone else without adding any new information, and other such postcount++s.

* Threads that devolve into flame wars will be locked and sunk. Moderators have no obligation to preserve the idea part of your thread in order to filter out flames. Think ahead and plan accordingly.

* A thread you start is not your property. If it gets locked/sunk/moved because these guidelines have not been followed, do not PM moderators complaining about what happened to "YOUR thread."

* Please attempt proper spelling and grammar.

Following these guidelines will help strengthen and expand the community and its ability to support a constantly evolving and useful YPPedia.
"There is no salvation in becoming adapted to a world which is crazy." - Henry Miller
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