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Narcis (A poem) Reply to this Post
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This isn't really pirate related, and my apologies if this isn't the right place for poetry. But, having posted this in Whirled and Bang!, I might as well put it here as well.

My lord, speak in my mind.
unlock the words, that I may tell
give me the story to find
strike that poet's bell
let me speak of Narcis fair,
that man who was worth ten
that man who was beyond compare
first among the lordly men.

What makes a man a lord?
Is it the heart, is it the mind?
Or a strong arm and a sharp sword?
Lord, let me the answer find!
I shall sing his tale, let you see
you shall judge his life
was he the greatest any could be?
Or just a man of war and strife?

Picture then, a man, tall and strong
a face like Adonis, and brave
brave like a man who is never wrong
in his mind, purest, truest, save
one vice. Glory and fame
were all he ever desired
fierce in war, yet in life tame,
two sides in him conspired

to bring that one man to lore
to serve and be good, yet act
in secret, a way to deplore
hiding that smallest fact.
There is the flaw, if there is one,
a lie in heart, a lie in mind
hiding his worst beyond the sun,
hidden there for none to find.

Then take in mind a fair land,
in Italy, near the sea,
Water and air, flowers and sand
all there, for him to see.
Let him wander there
in a time so hard and cruel
A man so brave and fair,
might be taken as a fool.

Leave him from your view
for a time, another man is here
fair as Narcis, 'tis true,
but a man to fear.
Where Narcis is brave
this Fortuno is foul
the picture-form of a knave
wandering on the prowl.

A man of words, not deeds
taking by foul law and not worth.
That sort, terror feeds,
they drain the land of mirth.
So, Narcis heard of this Fortuno-man
strapped on his armor, grabbed his sword
he devised a cunning, killing, plan
then went forth and spoke to his lord.

"My lord," say he
"I ask a favor of you
I ask leave, grant it to me
of boons, I ask very few."
His lord answered, nodding his head
"Narcis, go where you will
wander where your heart has lead
until you have wandered your fill."

Taking his leave, Narcis went there
to kill this Fortuno foul, and dark
he went to Fortuno's lair
as he went, he heard a singing lark.
A good omen, in Narcis's mind,
he heard it and grasped sword and shield
he entered, searching, Fortuno to find,
Swearing to win, or die, not to yield.

Fortuno saw Narcis coming fast
And he took up his shield and spear
Fortuno thought to flee, not fight to the last
he was gripped by icy fear.
But Narcis was quick, and they met
together, locked in a fight
but the fight's result was soon set
Narcis had the hero's right.

Fortuno fell back from him
begging for his life
Narcis laughed, striking off a limb
Condemning Fortuno for causing strife.
Fortuno fell, in pain, to death
Cursing, being cursed,
Crying out in his last breath
Calling Narcis all the worst.

So. There the hero stands for you
I have told the tale in brief form and style
Is he a hero, brave a true?
A man to revile?
Judge it well, as you can see
Is he fair, or foul, a fiend, a foe?
What is it that a hero be?
Think upon that as you go.
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Re: Narcis (A poem) Reply to this Post
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this poem rocks really. I like it

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