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Joined: Mar 7, 2005
Posts: 89
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Glorie from Midnight. Posting a monkey
Supplies: two odd socks (dryer ate the others) shipping tape, needle and thread, scotch tape. 2 feet, 2 hands and a pair of eyes from my sons "Cootie" game, and fall wreath wire ribbon and 5 sewing pins. (pins not shown in photo, didn't realize i needed them until the end)

Stuff black sock into white sock. Use scotch tape to make seperation of head and body.
Cover sock body and solid it's form with shipping tape.
Make kegs arms, tail and ears with shipping tape and attach to body.
Attach "cootie" feet and hands.
Surround body parts with the wire ribbon.
Sew the ribbon together at neck.
Use pins to secure ribbon around head.
cut hole in head to insert "cootie" eyes.
Draw mouth with black marker.

"It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care!"
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Joined: Sep 26, 2006
Posts: 3090
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

name: Dexla
ocean: Midnight

I'm sorry! This contest is either too much fun or I just have a lot of junk around my house to work with!
To preface this entry- my son is too young to play puzzle pirates, but LOVES to watch my play- so when he saw me working on the other entries, he wanted to somehow be able to participate. I know this is NOT the best entry but we were trying to get this done quickly before bedtime and we were just laughing too darn much throughout the process!

So with his assistance, I present:


1 gameboy playin', cartoon watchin' 6 year old kid
1 old t-shirt
1 index card
black marker
scotch tape

I forgot to include my duck and name card---- again, we were in a hurry and having too much fun---- I just plain forgot. Same black marker I used in another entry--- and this clearly shows a work-in-progress

1) Cut shirt along 1 seam. Test-fit 6 year old's head in the sleeve of t-shirt
cut shirt

2) Have assistant color eye balls and cut them out into circles, the best way he can

3) Cut 8 sections of dangling material to create legs
another test fit

4) Tape legs to make them a little rounder
make tenticles

5) Tape eyeballs to eyelids of kid! Yes- he agreed to it! It's not like we used duct tape! Finished!

6) Perchable (and heavy!)

Images with my kid have been slightly distorted - because I'm his mom and I'm old-fashioned and wary of posting pictures of my kid in public forums- that's all.

Thanks again!!
Dexla d'Midnight
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Joined: Dec 4, 2006
Posts: 38
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

"Clementine" the octopus
(Kinja on Cobalt)

Materials: [photo]

- 1 clementine (tangerine)
- pair of earrings
- plastic twist-tie (the kind you get with electronics equipment)

I actually ate the first clementine I started to peel and used a second one instead :)
No tools (besides fingernails) were used.

Finished product:

Glamour shot: [on the computer]

Photos where I forgot the duckie: [shoulder shot] [glamour by the plants] [playing Puzzle Pirates]

Work in progress: [progress 1] [progress 2]

Steps to create:

1) starting from one end of the clementine, carefully peel it halfway up into eight strips for the legs.
2) remove the backs from the earrings. poke two holes where the corners of the mouth will be, then stick the earrings into the clementine for eyes
3) fold up the twist-tie to look like a mouth, leaving "legs" bent back at 90 degrees at the corners of the mouth. insert the "legs" into the extra holes you poked into the clementine in step #2.

Yay! A fun, edible pal!
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Joined: Mar 29, 2005
Posts: 1
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

ok so here's the familiar i made..his name is Hack..
the objects i used are as seen in the pic http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p275/Prettyhell/Dec0706copy.jpg
- 1 sock
- plenty of paper
- some tape
- rubber bands
- some pins
- a scissor ( or how do you spell that...)
- markers ( black and lime)
here i started making some of it ( meaning stuffing the sock with papers, giving it the shape with some rubber bands, and trying a tail model) http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p275/Prettyhell/Dec0701copy.jpg
after all is fixed in place cover the head with some paper to give it the color it should be ( like its in YPP), make a cone that will become the beak( dont know the spelling on that one either), stick it to the head and it should look like this http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p275/Prettyhell/Dec0702copy.jpg
when all that is set try figuring out the shape of the wings...cut them from the paper sheet and give'em the desired color, after they dry up a little ( new markers might make the paper a bit wet) attach them to the body with pins ( i used those for a better stability since the paper was a bit flexible), also dont forget to give the tail its right color and after that you are good to go
also if the sock is too long try either sticking it with tape or the rubber bands ( as in my case) + if the tape is not transparent use a rubber band or two to keep the head cover in place i
it should all look like this at the end http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p275/Prettyhell/Dec0705copy.jpg
and of course me and my parrot where its should be http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p275/Prettyhell/Dec0704.jpg

Bael from Cobalt Ocean

Thanks for making this event, it actualy made my day much better
Good Luck to All!
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Joined: Jul 7, 2005
Posts: 36
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Yay, yet another entry from Moonstone on cobalt ^.^

i think i'll call this one Pop :)

*One Tootsie pop. {Halloween leftover}
*Half a sheet of tissue paper
*Pipe Cleaner

So this one took me a couple of trys... tryed with an actual tissue..twice...but the legs wouldn't twist right and it jus kept fringing.

1. Unwrap lollypop and place in center of tissue paper
2. Wrap tissue paper around lolly pop and secure with pipe cleaner
3. cut stick of lollypop off and bunch ends of tissue paper up, cut evenly
4. Cut tissue paper to make tentacle and twist to hold shape
5. Done!!!


Bigger Version of Thumbnail Pic
Another Finished with Duck Included
~Moonstone on Cobalt Ocean~
~Quiene on Midnight~
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Joined: May 22, 2005
Posts: 63
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Well, here it goes. This contest was great fun and kept me entertained for hours! Me and my familiar Druggie enjoyed each other's company for a while.

My materials: http://img208.imageshack.us/my.php?image=photo10tw2.jpg

They include:
Powerade Bottle
Deoderant Cap
Wire Hanger
Pieces of an old mouthgard
Deoderant Soap
Dixie Cup

Steps to Success:
1. Place Sock over Bottle
2. Attach deoderant cap with deoderant soap
3. Glue on two aspirin pills as eyes
4. Attach motrin pills to represent buttons
5. Run wire hanger through sock.
6. Form wire hanger to represent tentacle skeleton
7. Place mouthgaurd pieces on end of wires for added effect.

My Finished Product and Glamour Shot: http://img208.imageshack.us/my.php?image=photo9il4.jpg

Me and Druggie (go steelers!)

I used a lot of drugs on my project... We'll just leave it at that...

Although not everly glamerous, and resembling a snow-man (ish) I still love my octipus design and hope that you will too! May the best Familiar Engineer win!

Hawkinsjr - Viridian
Senior Officer - La Vida Loca
Flag - La Dolce Vita
Free Blockade XO for hire! Contact me in-game if you want a mate with 70+ ships of blockade XO experience!
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Joined: Jun 18, 2006
Posts: 42
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

i sail on cobalt names Igoddessl
Captain of Violet Violence
Queen of the flag Nefarious Nymphs
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Joined: Dec 4, 2006
Posts: 38
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

"Vanilla" the octopus (aka "LooLoo")
Kinja on Cobalt

Unlike my last entry "Clementine," who's a very petite octopus, this girl is HUGE!

Materials: [photo]
- wood toilet seat (hey, it was under the bathroom sink when I moved in...)
- roll of "caution" tape (saved from college when they were moving computer equipment around at my campus job)
- 3 dead AA batteries (from taking pictures of my last 2 BYOF entries!)
- 2 pennies (found under the couch cushions)
- 2 bottle caps (recycling bin)
- electrical tape (toolbox)
- box of 24 vanilla-scented votive candles (cupboard)

- scissors

Finished familiar:

More photos: [perched on arm] [stealing my computer chair] [on the floor]

Work in progress: [photo]

Steps to create:

1) stick bottle caps onto wood toilet seat using electical tape (eyes)
2) stick pennies into the bottle caps using electical tape (eyes)
3) stick batteries onto toilet seat using electical tape (mouth)
5) cut roll of "caution" tape into 8 equal-sized pieces - attach to toilet seat w/ electrical tape (tentacles)
6) remove bolts from toilet seat & tape it shut so it'll stand upright w/o flopping open
7) tape vanilla votive candles along tentacles to form the "suckers"

Voila! An aromatic octopus!
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Joined: Dec 4, 2004
Posts: 7
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Here's my entry, I had a lot of fun doing it, and more fun trying to explain to my father what I was doing with the spray n wash bottle...

My material: http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p23/Footw/materiel.jpg

- 1 spray n wash bottle
- 2 sticks ye normally use to mix the paint (dunno how ye call this)
- 1 tennis ball
- A yellow guitar pick
- A lot of latex gloves
- Scotch Tape
- Duct tape
- 1 elastic with little hook on it..
- 1 black pencil
- And 1 orange crayola I cut to do the feet

So voila my parrot :

and the other side

-To do the wings, I stick the latex gloves on the 2 paint sticks with the ductape, and I rearrange the fingers with the scotch tape.
-I fix the wings on the Spray n wash bottle with the elastic
-I hide the elastic with another latex gloves on the chest of the parrot
-For the head I cut a Tennis ball and put it on the top of the bottle, and I stick the guitar pick on it with the ductape
-and for the little feet I cut a orange crayola in 6, 3 on each side of the bottle, fixed them with scotchtape and ductape.

Frenchfrog on midnight
Frenchfrog - SO Cookie Pirates, Crimson Tide
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Joined: Dec 18, 2005
Posts: 931
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Pirate name: Sharkiez
Ocean: Sage

Material list:

*Gold chocolate wraper (Ferro Rocher wrapers)
*Black and white buttons (got them from old clothes i dont need)
*Rubber bands
*Newspaper (it is not in the picture because no space, but u can see it on the second picture)
*Drinking straw
*Sticky tape


Work in progress:
(filling the sock with newspaper)

Finished product:

Glamour shot:
(Parrot on shoulder and my pirate and ocean name on a paper)

How to make it:

1. Get some gold chocolate wrapper and shape it into a beak.
2. Get a sock and sew the the beak at where you want the beak to be.
3. get 2 white and black buttons. glue the white buttons over the black buttons. Wait for it to dry.
4. Glue the eye onto the sock parrot head.
5. Get some more gold chocolate wrapper and shape it into a wing shape.
6. get some glue and glue the wing onto both side of the body.
7. Wait for all glue to dry. (fast method is to use something to blow it)
8. Stuff scrunched newspaper into the parrot.
9. squeeze parrot from anywhere you like to shape it into a parrot. Squeeze it prevent lining of newspaper also prevent some part of the body look fat.
9. put a elastic band at the middle of the sock blocking the newspaper from coming out.
10. get 2 straw, fold it 3 times (make sure fold a equal). sticky tape them and sticky tape it onto the leg. Give the parrot two legs.
11. The end
Sharkiez, Sage
My first comic
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Joined: Jul 7, 2006
Posts: 63
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Pirate Name - Dragonchick

Ocean - Hunter

Familiar - Yellow Octopus

Octo Name - Mischeif

material shot

Materials used -
Plastic Bag
Rubber Gloves
And this may seem a lil weird but as i had just gotten a haircut i used mu own hair as stuffing !

Making of shot
Method -
Step 1 - Filled a plastic bag with the hair
Step 2 - Put the jar in the plastic bag with the hair and tied the bag around the jar.
Step 3 - Cut the un-used plastic bag off the bottom of the jar
Step 4 - Cut 8 fingers off 2 rubber gloves
Step 5 - Stuff each finger with wool and glue them around the lid of the jar
Step 6 - Wait for it to dry and then painted it yellow.
Step 7 - Added eyes and mouth and presto one yellow octopus!

Final Product

Glam Shot
In the Pic above the octopus is sitting on a box though it is hard to see (i was not allowed to perch it on my shoulder for this one)

glam shot 2
In this Pic my Bf kindly lent me his shoulder for another glam shot :P

Loved the event and enjoyed making it xoxoxox

*Edited in the links*
Unearthly on Emerald
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Joined: Mar 4, 2004
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Name: Darkviper

Familiar: Red or Gold Monkey (as we cant have black)

- Cola Bottle
- Hair Wax Tub x 2
- Bin bag
- Filter Floss (now my baby catfish will have to go without new filter floss until I can get to the Fish Shops)
- A balloon
- A CD
- Lots of tape

The Bits:

The Monkey:

The Pirate: (I just got up, lol)

The Making:

- Blow up the balloon
- stick it with tape to the top of the bottle.
- Cut the base off the bottle with a stanley knife or craft knife, the push the base inside the bottle.
- Cover the hair wax lids with some bin bag, and tape the too the balloon
- Cover the head and the face with more bin bag
- draw eyes on the CD using a permanent marker and tape the cd to the head, top make the face
- now cut strips of filter floss and roll them into a tube shape and cover with more bin bag.
- stick these to the body to make the legs, arms and tail. Ensure the tail is twice as long as the arms. (helps with stablility)
- to make the feet, bend the bottoms of the legs into a 90* angle and tape into place.

- Done! your very own DV-Monkey
Tropical fish
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Joined: May 11, 2005
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Setox, Cobalt

Materials used :

large sheet of paper
black felt
blue fountain pen cartage ink
sticky tape

Sword for fun ^^

Sorry for massive images

Poker Sharks all the way!
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Joined: Sep 19, 2005
Posts: 38
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Gravee on Viridian's Tatter Familiar

Materials used...

Potatoes, wire, knife, wire cutter, and black eye-liner


Finished Product... Tatter the Monkey


Glamour Shot... Tatter and Tia


Work in Progress...



Additional Shots...






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Joined: Nov 21, 2006
Posts: 28
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

In honor of the christmas season, I decided to make my familiar out of as many christmas-y things as I could. :)


Materials used:
2 insert for aromatherapy slippers
2 lg candy canes, 1 sm.
Branches from an artificial tree
Apple juice can
coat hanger
itty bitty paper cups
christmas ball decorations
red duct tape
2 brown socks
1 wooden skewer

(also used hammer and 1 nail)


Stuff slipper inserts into 1 brown sock
cut duct tape for nose
use small candy cane for smiling mouth
Cut out the bottoms of itty bitty paper cups and color cut out circle
tape them on as eyes
Use the side of itty bitty paper cups as ears

Tape fake xmas tree branches to the apple juice can


Tape lg candy canes on either side of body as arms. (also fitting because they look like a hook arm.)

Tape head onto body.

Tape together 4 xmas balls as legs, use wooden skewer to put through xmas ball hanger. Tape skewer to bottom of can.
Legs will swing back and forth as they are not taped directly to the monkey.
Tape second brown sock to the back of juice can.

punch 3 holes through the bottom of juice can in straight line. Push the hanger end into the hole you have just made.
Put your arm through the hanger, and if the hanger is not to small, your familiar sits nicely on your shoulder.


Kendallinni on the MIdnight Ocean
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Joined: Dec 4, 2006
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

(Kinja / Cobalt)

Materials: [photo]
- 1 blue dish that I keep random coins/paperclips/etc. in on my desk
- 5 measuring spoons
- 3 measuring cups
- green apple gum (ugh)
- 1 sunflower seed
- 1 6-piece foam cube puzzle

No tools were used.

Finished familiar:

More photos: [all done] [perched on chair]

Work in progress: [photo]

Steps to create:
1) Take apart foam puzzle
2) Chew a couple pieces of gum (icky)
3) Make eyes & mouth out of gum; stick them to upside-down dish
4) stick foam puzzle pieces to top of dish w/ gum to finish the head
5) crack & break apart the sunflower seed shell & stick pieces into the gum used for the eyes/mouth
6) nest all the measuring cups/spoons inside each other & flare out handles evenly to form legs (stick them together w/ gum as needed)
7) stick head made from dish over the largest upside-down measuring cup
8) take photos quickly & disassemble before everything turns into a super-sticky mess

- Kinja / Cobalt
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Joined: May 17, 2005
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread


Materials Used:
(Photo of Materials)
- 6 black and white hair scrunches
- 1 blue circle soap dispenser
- 3 Seagull feathers from the beach
- 4 large combs
- 2 (one aqua one navy) small wash towels
- 1 large blue wash towel
- Medical Tape
- Regular Tape
- 1 Large pill bottle
- 3 Figure Eight packing peanuts
- 1 top of a saline nasal spray bottle

- 1 pair of medical scissors
- Ye hands

(I know they're long but everthing you do is nessary)
- Make two piles of combs, larger ends meeting on the bottom.
- Tape. with medical tape, the top and bottom of the combs with the other comb it is in the pile with.
- Take your two piles and put one in each small wash towels and wrap them around.
-Tape, with medical tape, top and bottom of each wash towel; Also add one scrunchie to each side to keep the bond stronger. These two groups will become the wings.

-Place the larger wash towel around the pill bottle; wrap the towel around the pill bottle a couple of times but, leave a third of the towel non wrapped for the tail and DO NOT COVER THE TOP OF THE PILL BOTTLE.
-Place one hair scrunchie on the top of the wrapped around the pill bottle towel. Put any extra towel that goes over the scrunchie on the inside of the pill bottle.
-Tape, with regular tape, on two of the packing peanuts to the flat end of the pill bottle for the feet.

-Use that third of the towel you saved and wrap it around in a tight twist; Place a couple scrunches and some medical tape to keep it in place where the body connects to the tail.
-Place feather where the opening at the top of the tail is. Tape with regular tape to keep in place if you wish.
-Now place the wings on each side of the body and use one scrunchie to each wing and place it around the opening of the pill bottle.
-Wrap the tape, medical tape, the now bonded wings and body to make white marks on the body and wings.

-Break in half one of the figure eight packing peanuts and roll them with your fingers into two balls.
-Tape, with regular tape, on the two balls, which are the eyes, to the flat face of the soap dispenser. Place it on the middle of the soap dispenser with around a half an inch room between the eyes.
-Tape, with regular tape, the top of the nasal spray to the soap dispenser in the middle of the half an inch area near the eyes; put it a bit lower for a better look.
-Place the new head on top of the body.

Then ye are done!

Kicbath on his royal throne in his kingdom!:

(Yes I do know I spelled my ocean wrong xD)
Tikolana of Viridian, Peppermint Pride! :3

Like my avatar? Then go to my avatar shop! :D
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Joined: Mar 18, 2005
Posts: 3
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My Attempt at an Octopus

Before being built ...


After being made ...


Perched shots



(wasn't sure how you get images to work)

List of Stuff I used;
- an old towel
- 2 table tennis balls
- contents of a shredder
- needle and thread
- black pen
- double sided sticky tape
- pair of scissors
- wooden spoon

how I did it;
1) drew and cut out an octopus shape on my old towel (folded over to get 2 symmetrical cut outs)
2) folded towel again and drew around the tentacles and cut out (drawn against the folded edge)
3) this left me with 3 pieces of towel to stitch together, 2 upper body and 1 bottom piece.
4) with right sides together, I sewed the head section, opened out the legs and sewed around all 8 tentacles leaving a small gap in the head allowing me to turn it the right way out
5) after trimming all the seams I turned the octopus the right way out, using a wooden spoon to help push through the tentacles.
6) I then filled the octopus with shredded paper and extra material pushing it through the small hole which i had left
7) the small hole was then carefully sewed up
8) 2 table tennis balls were stuck on as eyes
9) using a black pen, I marked on the pupils and smile

Basically, I've made a teddy bear/octopus using materials i've found around the house

oh and its Arctic of Sage :)
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Joined: Jun 28, 2005
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

garbage monkey


1 paper towel roll *found under my desk*
1 old sock *its mate was eaten by the dryer*
1 doll *found with my doll collection got from a crane game*
1 old phone cord *from my dead phone*
1 set of broke head phones *found under my rug on my floor*
2 scrunchies *from my hair*
1 sharpie *from my pencil bag*

materials used in construction but not part of the monkey

Packaging tape

The building process

Finnished monkey

Perching monkey *yes that is my computer monitor*
what I hope most of all is that you understand what I mean when I tell you that, even though I do not know you, and even though I may never meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you, I love you. With all my heart, I love you. V for Vendetta
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Joined: Sep 10, 2004
Posts: 34
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Debbiedooz on Cobalt

My Parrot Patty

Supplies shot http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i100/debbieblue/Patty%20Parrot/100_0456.jpg

Supplies List
1- Handful of cotton balls
2- 1 white thigh high stocking
3- Food coloring
4-2 q-tips
5-Stick Pins
6-Squirt bottle
7-Eye shadow
8-2 sets of hair clips ( 1 for feet and 1 for leg decorations)
9-Rubber Bands
10-Peppermint Extract(to make Patty Parrot smell like a Peppermint Patty ^_^mmmmmmmmmmmm almost edible)


1- Stuff about 4cotton balls in the toe of pantyhose, pull tight and use a rubber band to seperate the beak from the head.

2- stuff more cotton balls in to form the body and tie the end of the pantyhose and make sure to leave enough pantyhose to make the tail feathers.



3- Use stick pins to form faux wings on the sides of the body


4- Form a tail by stuffin remainder of stocking with 4 rows of 4 cottonballs each and tie the end and trim excess pantyhose. Use stick pins to seperate the rows of cotton balls in tail to form tail feathers.


5- Mix food color to achieve desired color and add peppermint extract mmmmmmm Delicious Smell ^_^


6-I chose to tin foil off my seperate body parts as to not color parts i wanted to remain white- use a qtip to dab the desired amount of color on the areas u want colored(this takes foreverrrrrrrrrr)...........lol


7-I was to impatient to wait for it to air dry so I set my oven to 250 degrees and baked Patty the Parrot til she was dry >.<


The oven drying did give a cool crackle effect on the body :D



8- Use eyeshadow to make eyes and add 3 stick pins for pupils

9- Here i had to adjust my supplies- I used a needle and thread to pull the head against the body because the stick pins just werent strong enough.

10- Attach hair clips to qtips as seen in above picture and push into the body, twist a few times to ensure the cotton from qtips and cotton of body have good contact.

11-Clip Patty Parrot onto yer shoulder and inhale deeply MMmmmmmmm Minty ^_^

Glamour shot


Link to all inprogress and upclose pics
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Sseth on Midnight


about 20 old CDs
some old kitchen tools (2 forks, 2 teaspoons, 2... thiniges you use to scratch dough out of the bowl)
plastic bottle
one plastic ball thingy (the ones that come with the washing powder)
2 screws
(Tools used: hot-melt adhesive, knife, scissors, hammer, vise)

More materials (Extra photo, because I decided to use screws for the eyes some time during the process of making the parrot)

Work in progress:
I used the bottle as the body of the parrot and the plastic ball as the head. With a little force the ball fit onto the bottle - yay. After a little treatment with the hammer, the two teaspoons were used as the parrot's beak. The two forks were turned into the bird's feet. Some CDs cut in half and glued together made the wings. More CDs cut into smaller bits were used as feathers. Many feathers. The dough-scratching-tool-thingys were cut to shape and used as the base for the tail. Feet, beak and tail were attached to the body by cutting small holes into the plastic body and head. The basic shape was done.

I started gluing the feathers to the body, beginning at the bottom, then adding the wings after a while, then adding the feathers on the back and after that I finally glued smaller "feathers" to the head. For the tail's feathers I used "fans" made of 1/4 and 1/3 CDs.
Oh, and at some point I remembered, that I should actually have a name tag in all of my photos, aw, pity... well, better late than never: Name tag!
And here the first shot of the finished product.

And some more shots from the perching photosession: Glamour, glamour and even more glamour... ;)

Edit: Fixed links.

Frootloot, my short YPP animation film
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Maadneet on Sage

What better way to make a piratey familiar than to use piratey attire?

Tetra the Octopus

(full size glamour shot at http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e269/maadneet/octopus/perched.jpg )

http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e269/maadneet/octopus/materials.jpg - all the materials
4 bandanas
A hair ribbon
A notecard (aside from namecard)
A black marker
3 push-pins
A pair of scissors

1. Lay one of the bandanas flat, folded as a triangle.
2. For the other 3 bandanas, fold in half like a triangle and then twist up the triangle to form a band.
3. Place these bands over the folded bandana: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e269/maadneet/octopus/step1.jpg - layout of bandanas
4. Grab the middle part carefully, and fold the bottom bandana so that a head is formed.
5. Wrap the ribbon around tightly to keep the head together. Optionally, move the bandanas so that the ribbon is covered: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e269/maadneet/octopus/step2.jpg - starting to look good...

6. Color the pins black with the black marker.
7. Draw eyes and a mouth (Y!PP style) on the notecard, with the marker.
8. Cut out eyes and mouth, and place pins in center of mouth and eyes: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e269/maadneet/octopus/facepieces.jpg - eye, mouth, eye

9. Pin eye pieces on head: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e269/maadneet/octopus/glamour.jpg - Finished shot: don't fall off the table!
10. Perch on something, and take a photo! (see first picture)

By the way, great entries so far! It's gonna be a tough decision for the judges.
Maadneet on all oceans
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Rhinohorn's Octopus :)

Supply List:
~Head Phone Covers (2)

1. BLow up a ballon
2 Glue eyes and mouth that has been cut and colored
3 Cut Ribbon
4 Glue Ribbons
5 Win :) hehe

Pick me!
Abberdefense and Rhinohorn of Hunter

Yea...thats right. Don't mess with the savvy hats.
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Abberdefense's Octopus >.<


~8 Toothpicks
~Head Phone Covers

Pick Rhinohorn and ME!!!! :P
Abberdefense and Rhinohorn of Hunter

Yea...thats right. Don't mess with the savvy hats.
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

With all the amazing entries before me, what could I find to make my little (well it was going to be little) monkey out of? I racked my brains, and my closets, until at last it came to me. I would make a monkey out of light.

Easier said than done. A form of light that can perch upon a shoulder? I would have to capture the light, package it, and bend it to my whim.

I chose packing materials: Inflatable plastic packaging from a delivery at work, two sizes of bubble wrap and packing tape.
Also: One light source and some scrap gel to color the light.


I separated sections of inflatable packaging, and built a monkey base. Here 's a detail of one ear, with a popped large bubble supporting a piece of the smallest bubble wrap. Little pieces of the gel became eyes and a mouth. I covered the tummy with a piece of the smallest bubble wrap, so that it would hold the most light and appear lighter than the body. I also built the hands and feet out of that same size of bubble wrap. The face I made out of the larger bubble wrap, so that it would be slightly darker, but not so dark as the body. After some tests, I added a layer of the small bubbles under the face, to make it glow more.

I ended up with a monkey that could perch.


But there was one more level to go; I had yet to add the light, and with the light, color.

My lovely ginger monkey.
Larger .
Another lit picture .
Lit and on my shoulder .
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

It's Genie!


-Old pair of jeans-for head & outer legs
- 8 Leaves of fake palm tree- for bendable legs
-Suction cups-for the tentacles
-2 clear flat decorative marbles-for eyes
-Hair elastic-for mouth
-printer paper-to make eyes look brighter
-Jasmine rice-for filling

-Black magic marker-coloring in the pupil of the eyes
-Super Glue-sticks to stuff
-Needle & Thread-sewing stuff
-Scissors-Cutting stuff

Picture of Materials (Cat included only for dramatic effect)
Closeup of Supplies


I began by cutting off a portion of the jeans. Using a bowl upside down, i outlined a rough pattern of a circle, and then cut out 2 circles that I would then sew together.

Cutting the Circles

Then came the sewing of the circles to make the head. Pooka was er...helping?

Sewing the head

When I was about 3/4 complete, the head was ready to be filled with the rice.

Side view
Front View

On with the filling of the rice!

Head Filled

After i filled the head with rice, I sewed it closed.

Head sewn, preface

For the face, I took the 2 flat clear marbles and glued round cut out pieces of paper on the backs, so they'd stand out better. Then I colored in some black pupils on the tops, and glued them to the head. For the mouth, I just cut a black hair elastic in half and sewed on the edges into a smile.

Happy to see you

For the construction of the legs, I took the palm leaves and glued them to cut out pieces of jean material. After letting them dry a bit, I proceeded to sew up the edges of the tentacles and sewed on suction cups. I connected the legs to the base of the head.

Making the Tentacles
Attached tentacle

And the Finished Product & Glamour Shot (more attached at the bottom)

Finished Octo
Glamour Shot

Genie by chest
Bird's Eye View
Genie with Riko on Chest
Genie & Riko
Genie Crossing Arms
Genie Guarding mah booty

Genie & Ris waving
Genie & Ris
Casually Crossing arms
Not the Face!
He's got a death grip!

And great idea for a contest, btw... I had a blast both putting this little guy together, and fighting my cats from running off with little octopus parts! :D

Charisma says, "who's death flag of doom? lol"
Foilistc says, "No idea"
Charisma says, "well we dec'ed war on them"
Foilistc says, "Oh yeah. That was just because"
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

(Kinja / Cobalt)

Materials: [photo]
- silicone oven mitt
- old disintegrating swimsuit
- old computer mouse
- broken ponytail holder
- yellow elastic headband
- orange plastic cd case
- 1 sticker from a clementine (saved from my other entry, "Clementine" the octupus)
- 2 bezel lighting boards from a load balancer
- 2 POGs (milk caps -- remember those, anyone?!) & 2 POG slammers
- electrical tape
- glass votive candle holder
- 2 packets of Arby's [TM] sauce
- 2 grill lighters
- 1 tube of gaming dice
- mini Slinky [TM]
- twist-tie
- 4 blue glass stars (from a flower vase)
- 2 Rubix's [TM] Snakes plastic puzzles/games

- scissors

Finished familiar:

More Photos: [all done] [perched on the computer] [perched again]

Work in Progress: [progress 1] [progress 2] [progress 3]

Steps to Create :
1) stuff oven mitt with old swimsuit to fill it out
2) criss-cross lighters, elec. tape together, & insert between palm & thumb of oven mitt
3) elec. tape POGs upside-down to oven mitt to form the whites of eyes
4) form eyebrows out of twist-tie
5) elec. tape votive candle holder upside-down to oven mitt to form muzzle
6) elec. tape cd case to oven mitt to form the tummy
7) wedge mouse into oven witt w/ swimsuit
8) elec. tape gaming dice to the POGs to add to the eyes; finish off with half a clementine sticker each for the pupils
9) elec. tape the 2 Arby's sauce packets to the votive candle holder to form the lips/mouth
10) elec. tape the top of the tube of gaming dice to the votive candle holder to form a tongue
11) form a banana out of the ponytail holder, elastic headband, and a bit of electrical tape. attach to end of one of the lighters.
12) add 2 glass stars to the ends of the lighters for the hands
13) put the slinky around the mouse's USB cord (elec. tape both ends) - this forms the tail
14) attach the 2 electrical lighting boards to the oven mitt (between the palm/thumb) w/ elec. tape
15) elec. tape a POG slammer to each lighting board to finish the ears
16) fold the 2 Rubix Snakes into leg-like shapes & wedge into oven mitt w/ mouse and swimsuit
17) attach the remaining 2 glass stars to the ends of the snakes for feet
18) pose and take photos!

- Kinja / Cobalt
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the only thing JCpenny catalogs are good for :)

ill get some bigger pictures in soon, but for now this is all ive got. he is about a foot tall :)

junk mail
christmas catalogs
duct tape
my old pillow case
some thread i found in my closet
3 guitar picks
a leaf sequin thingie
and a jones soda bottle
guitar hero guitar :D
bendy plant decoration vine thing
and pins ( with the little white dots on them..forgot the word in english>.<)

materials pic:

with name card:picture

temporary glamour shots :

with his guitar :

this monkey was lotsa work and took some time.
first i grabbed a JCpenny catalog and tore it into meduim sized pieces.
I then wadded them into a round ball for the head put some duct tape around it to keep it secure and tight, then you tape it to the top of the bottle, and make another wad of JCpenny :P catalog for its tummy.
tape that too.
then i got my old pillow case ( which was really cute and polka dott-y) and coverd its body with it and sewed it tight.
i then did the same for the limbs, but for the tail i used this part of a fake plant we had in our house that was all bendy and stuff.
after a night of sewing and poking myself countless times :P i finished the body, and added some of my pretty colored guitar picks for the eyes and a pick he is holding for his guitar. then i took a leaflooking sequin off my brothers project for school... and pinned it on :) and ta da, thats my monkey.

its name is fatty because i made him kind of plump,cause its cute :P
pazy on midnight
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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

Junglejim, Viridian.

Materials photo.
Materials used:
Yellow cup
Writing Icing Pen
A Lemon
A straw
Fridge magnets (b and 9)
Jenga blocks

Making of;
1.Selotape three magnets from the magnetix to the cup, one for the tail, and two for the sockets of the shoulders.
2.Attach a string of magnetix to the tail and two pieces of magnetix attached together to the shoulder sockets.
3.Selotape the ends of the straw to the backs of two jenga blocks. Then selotape the middle of the straw to the centre of the middle of the cup.

Photo at this stage

4.Bluetac the fridge magnets to either side of the lemon and use writing icing pen to draw on the face.

Blurry photo >.>

5. Attach the base of the lemon to the cup with bluetac.

Photo of finished Yellow Monkey.

Finished and perching on the stairs:

Another angle

Close up of head
Sage - Importance of Being Idle

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Re: BYOF: Entry Thread

P.S. It's cooldragon on Sage. Forgot to add that :p

Wait! I have an entry... was waiting for the camera. I sorta took the pictures after I made the octo, so some of them will have to be explained.

Paper coffee filter
Safety pins (6 small, 2 large)
Shoelace (one of those fat ones)
Toilet paper
Plackers (THESE thingies)
Stapler / staples (forgive me, forgot to include in pict)

*The shoelace is on the octopus, as I couldn't take it off without destroying the entire thing.

1) Take 6 plackers and use a piece of thread to take them together at the "claw". Make sure that there are 3 on each side.
2) Bend the pluckers to make the shapes for the tentacles.
3) Thread a fat shoelace through the plackers, making each of them about an inch longer than the placker. Put a safety pin in each at the end to hold it in place.
Picture of how a tentacle should look
4) Now, thread a large safety pin through all the tentacles at the point where they meet (the bends near the claw of the plackers). Make sure to get every single tentacle (on each side). Do the same to the other side.
5) Grab a piece of thread and wrap it around each tentacle 5 times, then wrap the extra thread around all the tentacles on one side.
1) Grab a coffee filter and trim off the edges, making sure that it is still stuck together, except at the top.
2) Fill it with toilet paper, and staple the paper to the back.
3) make small cuts at the bottom, then fold all the edges in to make the desired shape.
4) Draw eyes and a mouth
5) Using thread, attatch the head to the tentacles.

Finished product

Octopus on guitar case

Stable octopus

Cooldragon on Sage Ocean
Arora says, "would sume1 please give me poez to help my sister and I buy an estate?

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