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Read Before Posting: Forum Etiquette & Posting Guidelines

Prior to posting, we ask that you take a few moments to review these guidelines. Following these posting guidelines and etiquette will keep Game Design organized, efficient, and friendly.

Search Before Posting! Redundant threads will be locked and sunk, so do a bit of leg work before you hit the "Post" button.

First, check out The List, which details proposed features currently planned for future development:
If your suggestion is on the list, please review the linked threads, and use those threads for anything you have to add to the existing discussion(s).

Second, check out The Anti-List, which details proposed features which our developers have stated will not be implemented:
If your suggestion is on the Anti-List, please review the linked threads, paying particular attention to the developer reasoning for turning down the suggestion. Any improvements on previous suggestions that account for the cause of its anti-listing, please post in the existing thread(s).

Thirdly, Game Design sees a lot of the same ideas coming up over and over again. If your idea isn't on the List or the Anti-List, check out Commonly Discussed Ideas:
If your idea has already been suggested, use the pre-existing thread to add any new thoughts on the topic.

If you would like to post any new topic
Please search the key words in your idea first.
If you do not find a relevant post in at least two different searches, feel free to post your idea. The worst that can happen is that a better searcher links you to the topics. There is a thread here where you can ask other forum-users to help find a previous topic or suggestion.
If you find a previous thread and feel it doesn't adequately address your issues, see below.

If you feel an old topic needs further or new discussion
Please post in the most relevant, recent thread concerning your topic. When doing so, please call attention to the age of the thread at the top of your post so as to avoid confusion.

A few notes on etiquette

When posting, please respect your fellow posters and moderators by adhering to Attesmythe's Tenets:
1) Debate the Idea, not the Poster
Ultimately, even if someone is posting only out of their own self-interest, that will come out if you debate the idea. Saying "I don't like this idea because it can be exploited thusly:" is far preferable to saying "You only posted this idea because you can take advantage of it."

2a) Corrolary: If someone disagrees with your idea, it's most likely not an attack on you personally. Once you learn to separate out the diference, you'll be much happier and more productive (true in life as well as this forum!)

2) Post in a Civil Tone
If you're posting while emotional, or even don't know if what you wrote could be construed that way, take a moment to quietly read your post aloud. How do you stress the words? How do you pause and punctuate your sentence? If you told what you wrote to a person you hardly know, would it sound like you're deriding them or picking a fight? If so, please consider changing your language.

Lastly, a few disclaimers:

* Many threads in Game Design are politically-charged posts that have only a thin veneer of "this would improve the game" but are primarily just venting about what was done to you by someone you don't like. These "suggestions" are not appropriate for Game Design, and may be moved to another forum.

* Moderators reserve the right to unceremoniously delete "Me too" posts, thread bumps, posts quoting someone else without adding any new ideas, and other such postcount++s.

* Threads that devolve into flame wars will be locked and sunk. Moderators have no obligation to preserve the idea part of your thread in order to filter out flames. Think ahead and plan accordingly.

* A thread you start is not your property. If it gets locked/sunk/moved because these guidelines have not been followed, do not PM moderators complaining about what happened to "YOUR thread."

* Please attempt proper spelling and grammar. l33tspeak or other likewise unintelligible posts may be deleted.

Cohesion and fluidity make for an organized forum, and an organized forum is conducive to seeing your ideas happen! Here's to a pleasant and easy-to-read forum. Cheers!
"People take on the shapes of the songs and the stories that surround them, especially if they don't have their own song." --Mr. Nancy
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Re: Read Before Posting: Forum Etiquette & Posting Guidelines

"Spoiler" Policy

Unless game content is currently in production on Ice for testing we would prefer that "spoilers" about upcoming content not be posted about or discussed on the forums. Things tend to leak from time to time but until it is on Ice for testing it's not quite ready for public consumption. Up until now it's been more of an unofficial rule as it rarely comes up so hopefully this should help ease any confusion. Thanks for understanding.

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