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Minion of Evil

Joined: Sep 26, 2005
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Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Step right up! Post your entries right here in this very thread! Come one, come all and get those ideas cranking! These islands aren't going to govern themselves!

See the contest rules here.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Minthe...a beautiful water nymph who attracted the attention of Hades. Hades, the stern ruler of the Underworld and the husband of the goddess Persephone. It seems, however, that even Persephone's obvious charms can not keep the attention of Hades at all times. The Underworld god has therefore engaged in an illicit - but not terribly well hidden - affair with a Naiad, Minthe.

I am Epimetheus, brother to the great Prometheus. Long ago, the great ruler of Gods, Zeus, fell prey to my brother's quick thinking and foresight. In retaliation for Prometheus' deception, Zeus, with the help of Athena and Hermes, sent me a wife, Pandora; this was meant to earn my trust. In hindsight, which I rely on greatly to learn from, I really do trust too easily. Who was I to resist her, though? Regardless, shortly after my marriage to Pandora, the Gods sent another gift; one so great that no man, titan, or god could resist but to open. Upon disobeying the orders of the inscribed notes on this box, my loving Pandora unleashed a great plague known as "evil" into the world. I stay by her side still, watching the tortures we together released upon man.

This evil, of course, is all too familiar to Hades. He as well has fallen for a woman based on lust, desire, and pure earthly needs. We can, indeed, relate. With this said, I heed Hades' call for assistance on the great island of Sakejima, in this wide and expansive ocean of Cobalt. With my brother, Prometheus, ruling in far off lands, I know that I cannot be restricted or held down any longer by his all-knowing and heroic hands. Sakejima can be a vacation resort, I guarantee it.

I propose to govern Sakejima with a firm, yet fair, grasp.

- In an effort to counter the evil that my wife and I have unknowingly brought down upon man, I will attempt to pursuade the great Hades into providing a beast for us all to cherish - a sheep or pig, perhaps. An earthly idol for man to adore.
- There shall be regular local-only tournaments of skill provided; with rewards great and small, for the people of Sakejima to enjoy.
- The island is in desperate need of new, well-placed housing. A public poll of the good residents of Sakejima will be taken, and appropriate housing will be placed.
- Taxes shall stay low enough to provide inhabitants with profitable shoppes and homes, but just high enough to assist in funding the aforementioned events.
- In the highly unlikely event of new shoppes or bazaars, the alcoholic naming scheme will be strictly enforced. All evils cannot be avoided, afterall.

So, I leave the decision to you; my offer shall remain in place for as long as Hades stays on his well deserved vacation island.

Disclaimer: I am not an OM, despite my chosen pirate name. I am not really Prometheus' brother, nor have I ever really talked with him despite having played on this character for quite a while...but using the historically accurate theme for this contest just seemed to fit all too well, so I ran with it. :)

Edit: caught a typo, whoops.

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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Ah, to be governor is to lead a busy life. Being the closest island to the Diamond Archipelago, it is to be expected that a lot of trade always passes through. Having a lower tax break than other islands in the archipelago will allow for traders not to have to look any further than at the gate.

Another idea is to allow more people to be able to open their own shops. The more shops there are the more competitive the market is and the cheaper it will be. Having only four apothecaries might seem ok by any other standards, but personally I feel that there should be as many apothecaries as there are shipyards. All new shops will adhere to a minimum/maximum salary. Low enough so that the prices remain competitive yet high enough to attract more people to work at the shops.

There should be an incentive to get players to trade more; there should be a monthly tournament in which any flag can enter a trading challenge. The Flag that has the highest profit margin by the end of the month wins the amount that they were taxed, plus (depending on how many people participate) a said amount ranging from 10,000 to 50,000. All must be recorded by the mayor and tallied in an excel spreadsheet. Anything not submitted or officially corroborated is not to be counted. To avoid working all day and night, all data will be collected during one hour of the day. Only the captain or senior officers in a flag may deal directly with the major. Trade can be very profitable, especially that of gems, I?m hopping such an initiative would cause the game?s focus to shift from just pillaging brigades to actually trying to pillage user ships because their booty would be more profitable.

Being on a large island that hopes to be the epicenter of all trade, more housing options must be available. This island should not only be a trading center but also a party center where everybody wishes to settle. The greater the amount of traffic, the greater the number of local tournaments with at least two per week of sword fight, treasure drop, and drinking accordingly. Going around in a full circle, on special occasions rights to build a shop will be available as a price.

Non-sinking blockades will always be welcomed where the rule of the island does not change hands. For such blockades, prices and special honors should be given out to the victors.

Another monthly competition will be that of a regatta. An inter-archipelago race of ships of similar size (sloops with sloops, cutters with cutters, etc) where all ships must depart from Jorvik at the same time, arrive at Turtle island, port, report with the mayor (myself) or delegate from the flag who will be standing on the dock (checking that the boat is in port), and sail back to Jorvik, port and, report with the mayor or delegate from the flag. Prizes will be given out accordingly and an entry fee will be in place.

I am sure a thousand more ideas will come once I am mayor. There are endless possibilities to this platform, why not have some fun with it?

My name is Quickbooty , of the Midnight Ocean
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Entry withdrawn.

Although I really would like to do this, I won't have enough. Bah!
Roobarb - All oceans.
Currently enjoying Sage.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Jorvik! Gateway to Ruby, a hot dusty landscape littered with stone. Here and there a few trees fight to survive the never-ending drought, and in their fragile shade wilted cowslip blooms. The people who live on Jorvik are a tough lot, used to war and the threat of bloodthirsty brigands smiting them as soon as they set sail. And yet despite their difficult lifestyle, or perhaps because of it, they are a friendly bunch of pirates who enjoy events and welcome new sailors to their shores.

I propose to be their Governor. Again*.

As Governor I would do the following:

1. Quench the ocean’s thirst for fun and run frequent tourneys with cash prizes. Further more, each tourney held would also have the prize of an aqua bandana as a tribute to cowslip, Jovik’s national flower.

2. Paint Jorvik aqua! Well, not completely, but some of the bazaars and housing could do with a bit of a spruce up.

3. The entrances to Bleak House and Bungalow Bill are a disgrace! I would hold a competition to find the best use of props to a certain value to make both these dwellings more pleasing on the eye, (prize to be determined but most likely poe).

4. In addition to this, I propose to run one major literary event (most probably a short story competition) , the prize of which would be the deeds to a furniture shop. (This would require OM assistance for impartial judging).

5. Everyone loves the chance to name a shop! I would run a competition two name the two shops that I would need to complete my plan.

How would I afford to do this? I, unlike many other Governors, would not increase the tax rate currently set at 0%. Instead, I propose to build and auction off one furniture shop, which should gain enough funds to enable me to provide entertainment for the wonderful citizens of Jorvik and the ocean at large.

*Yeah, I know I lost Cameloot three times when I was Governor, but I promise to be more careful this time…

Looterati, Midnight Ocean
Painting Midnight purple, one ship at a time...
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Ahoy. My name on Viridian is Finnigan and i would like to be a part of this contest and be evaluated to be the Govenor of Sakejima Island on Viridian.

My plans to do Sakejima a more attractive island is as follows.

I will host events like Tournaments, Auctions and any other special event that crosses my mind that will be joyful for the Sakejimian's.
I will make Bungalows, Townhouses and Manors for everyone to purchase.

I will try to make Sakejima better in the economical way. I will encourage people to do mechant trips to Sakejima so the stall owners will get the commodoties they need.

About Shops. I will not make Sakejima to a corrupt island with only shops in the free area. I will build shops but the shops will be mine with a possibillity for owner transfer when the time is right. When the shops are up and running I will take the poe I make there to host the tournaments and other events. I will also decorate a room in the palace for special cermonys like weddings and birthay partys.
I will also encourage people to live at sakejima and have more ships based there.

There is a important thing for everyon to remember. Everyone that will govern a island and the especially the winners of this contest. Remember that a Island is not made for corruption and a place to build shops for a profit by selling them to other people. A Island is there to bring people together with tournaments, fun and socialising.
Avatar is made by Fenestra <3
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Joined: Aug 28, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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All hail Hades, Lord of the Underworld!

We shall need to take care of Sakejima island, on the Viridian Ocean. I may be a bit drunk....*hic*....But I know what I'm doing. Well, I think I do, anyways.

First, We must fire ME out of a cannon in the port. I will wear a ton of protective gear *hic*...Or wait? Was it no protective gear whatsoever?....Anyways, I shall end up next to the dock. From there I shall take the most *hic* secretive way into the palace possible. *Hic* The erm....Underground secret railroad *Hic*. No wait, that cant be it. Not secrrrret enough. Ah that's it! Our way into the palace shall be none other than the secret *hic* Front Gate!. God, I'm sneaky! We shall then proceed to walk drunkenly *hic* into the palace, Where I shall use the most dastardly, and cruel plan of action imaginable! Stab *hic*.....Uhh....what was I saying? Oh yes, Politely ask the current governor to leave, and send him packing to Davy Jones *hic*....Biggest ship we can find to sail him off the island. At which point, My lord Hades can begin his conquest of the world of the living! With me, Of course, As his trusty slave *hic* err....Advisor!

Who are you? Who am I?.....Uhh....WHERE am I? Whats that you say? I'm drunk? *Hic* No I'm *hic* Not *hic*!

Long Live donuts!*hic* err...Hades!

,Bluecorsair - Drunken Fleet Officer - Rolling Thunder - Viridian
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Joined: Aug 28, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Bluecorsair's Entry (Part two)

Once installed on the Dead *hic*....Vacationing governors throne, It will be my duty to keep the island running horribly *hic*....as smooth as possible. We will have drunken parties all the time, Blockades (not ones that require me to lose my *hic* status, Just fun ones that I can drunkely man the guns in if need arises), Sailing races, Auctions, Any anything else *hic* my drunken huge *hic* little mind can think of! Of course, No one likes to pay taxes, SO all we need to do is keep it incredibly high *hic*....Amazingly low. Just low enough to keep everyone running and in good shape! Of course if any buildings can possibly be added to the island they should be demolished *hic* constructed immediately. Can't forget about the people though, can we? No no, that wouldnt do. We have to keep THEM happy! Thats our last *hic* #1 priority!

Basically this island should be run with an iron fist *hic* soft gentle grip which will benifiti no one *hic* all of Pirate-kind!

,Bluecorsair - Drunken Fleet Officer - Rolling Thunder - Viridian
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Hmm.. Jorvik...

When the loots are gone, the seriousness begins? Naahhh...

#1. I will embargo all flags. ALL FLAGS. Each and every one.

What, I don't have "embargo all"? Ok, I'll embargo all the flags on the fame list, and all their direct allies. And, all the crews->flag from the crew fame list as well.

#2. Taxes will be raised. BUT: Any flag with only one shop gets a full refund. Any stall gets a full refund. Any shop that wants to be sold will be repurchased with Hades(R) brand poe refinancing (TM).

#3. All repurchased shops will be converted -- with Nemo's approval -- to an incorrectly colored herb, guaranteeing that (A) Anyone that comes after will have a "Devil of a time" governing the island :-) (You can not pave over herbs, right?), and (B) Nemo will have someone other than Cleaver to blame.

#4. Each time a shop is repurchased, the island goes into debt. How will that be handled? Why, with a negative tournament, that's how.

Yes, if we spend 300,000 to remove a shop, then 300,000 will go into a negative tournament. So what's a negative tournament?

Hearts, with the goal of scoring as many points as possible instead of as few as possible.

Now, a hearts tournament will have to be manually scheduled/run. Random seating will prevent (hopefully) cheating/unauthorized teaming.

#5. 300,000? Yes, with high taxes and lots of embargoes, shops just aren't worth very much. 300,000 per shop, no more.

#6. Now, we don't want to destroy the economy completely. The palace will purchase basic goods dockside from merchants, and then resell to local stalls. This will be funded partly from taxes, and partly from Hades(R) brand poe. Again, all poe taken from Hades for this is negative poe to be returned in negative tourneys.

#7. Alas, between repurchasing, merchant trades, and tourneys, taxes probably won't be enough to pay for it all. Short of massive poe donations from other people on Midnight, this will require massive poe from Hades, which may reduce my chances of putting this into action.


Fit the second: Blockade board events

So what's the point of having a big old island that can't be blockaded and having that blockade board just go unused?

We'll have regularly scheduled blockade board events. On days when there are no announced upcoming blockades (generally, this means Sundays), there will be such events as:

1. Paintball sloops. Sloop versus sloop, one hit and you're out.
2. Run the blockade. Can you get your sloop past the defenders?
3. Follow the leader. This should prove interesting. A big ship lays down a course, and the best sloop to follow it is the winner. What's that? SOmeone's in your way, and you can't follow? Well, ram it or shoot it, obviously.

Additional events, with an eye to the silly, will be held, with ideas welcome.

/em remenisces to the 24 hour format where there was plenty of time for special events at each blockade...


Edit #3. Inspired by ... (Somewhere on the furniture thread)

I will aquire a chess set, and set it up in a room somewhere on the island. I will also make sure I have spare pieces.

If someone wants to play chess, I'll be available for it. (At my best, years ago, I was rated between 1550 and 1650 by a computerized chess rating program.)

And no, it will NOT be in the park.

Would you, could you, in a park?
Would you, could you, on a lark?

I would not could not in a park
I would not could not on a lark

I would not could not on a ship
I would not could not in a dip

I would not could not in a stall
Nor in the palace's grand hall

I do not like mutant chess with tag
I do not like them Sam In Bag

(What, you expected me to be completely serious? A serious game of chess from someone several years out of practice is as serious as I get, but it solves the requests for Chess, right?

Checkers would be much easier, btw.

Just let me figure out how to do backgammon...)
Re: Market on Scurvy Reef:
Hypnos wrote: 
I didn't realize it was such a hot forage spot until I dropped it and three pirates showed up on the island in quick succession.
And it wasn't even 9 spaces from the arrow :-).
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Well, I'm Fronsac from the Midnight ocean, and Jorvik wants a brand new governor.

I would do absolutely nothing to change anything. I might raise taxes once in a while to support my gold clothing habit, and the miserable peons will pay or it I will cackle madly as their shop threatens to crumble 'round their ears! In fact, I'll probably just cackle madly anyway. It's really fun.
Fronsac, human.
Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to
add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Me plan:

East Sakejima: Nowt. It's a nice little town.

West Sakejima:

1. Fill in the ponds.

2. Chop down the copses.

3. Entirely replant as a sugar plantation.

4. Build a new, better, dock on the west shore, ready ter ship the fine Sakejima rum ter foreign maties.

5. Add some distilleries, an' a mansion house fer the inevitable business tycoons.

6. Pop down a bungalow after realisin' most have already drank away their fortunes.

7. Join me Sakejiman mates kickin' back on the beach with Long Island ice teas.

8. Get some skivvies ter erect a statue in me honour.

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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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The 666 plan

Ocean: Cobalt
Pirate: Beelzeglub

My plan for the Sakejima to Serve Lord and Master Hades
6 minions will be selected to aid in the organization and hosting of the islands activities.

Local Entertainment:
6 tourneys ( 1 every 6th day for 6 weeks).
The 7th day shall be henceforth called "The day of Sloth".
All prizes will be (red-maroon)/black items.

Hourly tourneys on the 6 (random times ending or starting with 6 hourly)
(eg 4:46 6:01) for small prizes with values between 666 and 6666

6% for 6 days a week for 6 weeks.
The 7th day shall be henceforth called "The day of Avarice" with taxes of 66%

6 shoppes to be awarded over 6 weeks. ( 1 shoppe per week)
Each shoppe will be awarded as a contest to be posted in forums based on theme and a different medium of competition.

mediums: Art, Literature, Trivia, Creative Writing and in game antics.

6 days of harvesting for 6 weeks.
Crews bringing in commodity items and selling them to a designated shoppe will count towards the tithing of Hades.
(these shoppes will become the awarded shops for each week)

The 7th day each week shall be henceforth called "The day of Gluttony" and 6% poe bonus will be awarded.

Social Environment:
6 outfits ( 1 every 6 days) over 6 weeks.
The final day shall be henceforth called "The day of Envy" with the awarding of a Maroon/Black outfit.
6 outfits (3 male / 3 female) Maroon/Grey (alternated weekly)

6 furnishings ( 1 every 6th day) over 6 weeks.
The final day shall be henceforth called "The day of Pride" in which a special item will be awarded to a native dweller with a residence in Sakejima.

Player attraction:
6 days of pvp over the course of 6 weeks.
The 7th day each week shall be henceforth called "The day of Wrath" with 6% bonuses for poe won.

Each crew shall register on forums as competing.
Each crew captain must be a citizen of Sakejima to qualify.

Every pvp day these crews pvp records will be tabulated and with a designed algorithm wins/losses poe +/- vessel type will be converted to a rating and the winning crew each week will be awarded a war brig painted red/grey and (possibly renamed to theme for that week).

The cumulative winning crew after 6 weeks will win a war frig painted red/black (with possible rename).

Wealth/Funding (The Tithing of Hades):

Event auctions:
6 auctions ( 1 every 6th day) for 6 weeks.
Auctions to be held in the palace according to scheduling.

The final day shall be henceforth called "The day of Lust" with auctions for beautiful men/women to be held.

Daily auctions:
Every day an auction will be held for a valued prize that shall count towards the worshipping of Hades himself.

At the end of the 6th week, all tithes will be tabulated and the worshipper who has contributed the most funds shall receive a black/red or black or reddish familiar (depending on familiar selected)

(with rare items awarded to those finishing out top 10)

Any shoppes donating prizes for these award items as tithing to Hades will be awarded 66% of retail value towards the final tabulation.

And for those within the spectre of greed, you can opt for the 60%
retail value to tithing and get 6% added to your pocket.

For aiding in the renames, shanghai's will be given value of 16k each.
For aiding in the items, Kraken's Blood will be given value of 16k each.

There will be a forum dedicated to the citizens of Sakejma for
all contests, and ideas for the betterment of the island.
Sakejima will be a community of unity, where the governor is
the model of it's citizens, not the citizens as shaped the government.
There will be daily polls, events, a Q&A and daily updates on the
progress of the island and shape of the plan in action.

Island design for shoppes.
Layout based on xml provided:

Crew PVP Prototype Scoring System:

+10 pts win

#pirates = (pirates fighting - pirates on board)

if #pirates > 1 then #pirates is difference [win (poe + (poe x .25) : loss poe)
if #pirates = 0 then #pirates is 1
if #pirates < 1 then #pirates is difference / 2 with [win: (poe x .75) : loss (poe + (poe x .10))]

poe won / #pirates x vessel quantifier

+ .01 pt for unit of goods won

sloops : .50
cutters : .25
war brigs : .10
war frigs : .05

If vessel is smaller than ship fought vessel quantifier = (vessel quantifier + fought quantifer)
If vessel is bigger than ship fought vessel quantifier = (fought quantifier - vessel quantifier)

poe lost / #pirates x vessel quantifier
+ .02 pts for units of goods lost

(Crew A) 7 pirates attacked (Crew B) 11 pirates
Crew A sloop Crew B war brig

Crew A won 1000poe and 10 goods

Crew A calculation:
#pirates = 4
poe = 1000 + (1000 x .25) = 1250
vessel quantifier = .50 + .10 = .60

(1250/4) x .60 = 187.5 pts + (10 x .01) = 187.6 + (10 pts for win) = 197.6 pts awarded

Crew B calculation:
#pirates = 2
poe = 1000 + (1000 x .10) = 1100
vessel quantifier = .50 - .05 = .45
(1100 / 2) x .45 = 247.5 + (10 x .02) = 247.7 pts lost
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Make Longjohngrey the govenor Reply to this Post
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Alright, now for a new plan, this time for Viridian SakeJima. (Actually, this can be done to EITHER Sakejima).

Sakejima is, as we all know, a rum island. So, what kind of sillyness can we do? Why, what else -- raise the cost of rum.

Yes, the palace will place market bids for cane and wood, for resell on the dockside market, to bring in money for the palace. Although some initial seed money will be needed, it is expected that no additional funds will be needed, and everyone in the ocean will find that dockside buying from the palace is the easiest (and primary) way to obtain these essential goods.

Yes, the palace will take the business of controlling the rum supply on this fine, rum island.

Now, trying to shut everyone out of the island will generate a lot of hostility. And, this is a greenie island. So we need some sort of "niceness" factor.

We will therefore give discounted rates from the palace to any distillery stall that throws drinking tourneys! Yes, that's right, you can get discounted rum by drinking rum!

ANY format you want.
Want to make it classic? Then make a classic table.
Mugless? Fine, go ahead

For every 1000 poe in a tourney pot thrown by a sakejima distillery stall, you will get a 3 poe discount on 350 units of wood or cane sold to you by the palace. (Warning: Exact numbers will need to be adjusted once we put this into practice). For every pot of at least 5000, you will get a three day ad on the island notice board. And, for 10,000 pots, a full week.

Again, all these figures are subject to revision once the plan is put into motion.

This grand party plan is expected to only need seed money. Profit from taxes (33%) and dockside sells is expected to fully fund all additional work.

33% taxes? Yes, you see, with all that partying, we're only halfway to hell.


EDIT: Second phase of Sakejima governing

Frankly, there are not enough buildings on Sakejima. We need more buildings. We can't have an island gone to hell with nothing but the basic buildings, can we?

Alright. So, we add in some living quarters. Nothing extravegant, no duplicates, just one of each. Nothing special there.

And, the govenor has one of each, marked as open to everyone, so that everyone can come in, and see what all these wonderous places look like.

Yet there's more. Each of those housings has a large common room at the front, right? And we desperately need consignment shops, right?

Alright, we start with furniture consignment. Each common room may be filled with furniture that people want to sell. Anyone that wants to sell something will be handed the deed just long enough to place their furniture item in the opening scene. A fee will be charged, and the item, price, and owning pirate will be listed in the news.

To purchase the item, you just contact the pirate, pay them the fee, and they pull it out of the scene and hand it to you.

Wait, what's that? You can't remove your furniture from a scene if you are no longer an owner/manager/roommate? Hmm, what an odd oversight in game design.

What's that? You can't just restrict someone to just placing their stuff down --- they could mess up competitors that way? Hrrmm...

Then again, you could just rely on needing all three (owner, buyer, govenor) online at the same time. That way, you trade to the govenor, who places (and is marked as the owner in scene by the game), and it can all work out.

Alright Nemo, can the governor place furniture on the outdoor scene yet? Sakejima needs more rum caskets.


Fit the third: To really celebrate Sakejima, we need a massive drinking familiar tourney. But not just any old drinking tourney.

We've had a marathon sword tourney, where you playeyed every sword over several days. So, ...

The Marathon Drinking Tourney.

9 different mugs (yes, even the cracked mug). Both low and high point total games. That's 18 right there.

And, since I'm a big fan of the original, we'll naturally have Classic games in there as well.

Yes, a big manually scored drining tourney, with several games of Classic. If that isn't enough to get people to blockade me off the island, NOTHING will :-).
Re: Market on Scurvy Reef:
Hypnos wrote: 
I didn't realize it was such a hot forage spot until I dropped it and three pirates showed up on the island in quick succession.
And it wasn't even 9 spaces from the arrow :-).
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Oh great Lord o' of the Underworld, Grant me my wish o' freedom, grant me powers o' your wonderous island called Jorvik island.

I am Hidendra, and I believe I can make Jorvik a better place for peace and harmony!

I promise to keep Jorvik in order, o' Great Hades.
I promise to do anything for you, o' Great Hades.

I will keep taxes low and try my hardest to do every demand on Jorvik!

If you share her with me I promise to take care of her with every hair of my body!

If you choose me, I will share my booty with Jorvik like it was family.
If you choose me, o' Lord of the Underworld, I will show you what I can and what I am capable of.

I propose too:

-Give people tips on how to do stuff.

-Make bigger homes and affordable homes.

-Do weekly and monthly tournaments, and maybe throw in some daily tournaments, too.

-Make it a safe and enjoyable home for anyone that comes!

-And last but not least, make island forums to talk and other things for example: To plot plans and questions about the marketplace, shoppes, etc.

I believe, o' Great Hades, I am the right one to Govern Jorvik!
Midnight: Hidendra
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Well the first point I want to touch is. The island will lend ships(no named ships so no one can give it away) to the people that have experience in pillages (officers or a highest rank), in this pillages the one who take the ship out have to return it to home (Sakejima) when the pillage have ended the ships will be returned to the island governor or to the one on charge of that ship, the booty will be divided in the article “EVEN” (so all the players get the same cut of the booty).The players have to restock ship before returning it. The players that commit a fault with a lend ship will get reports (nothing serious ) with 3 reports we don’t lend ships to they in 1 week (the classic faults like abandoning ship, not restocking the ship, not being nice, etc…). If someone gets kraken blood, ore gold or something with a good value will be selled and divided in equal parts with all the crew on the ship.


Is well knowed that Sakejima have very good goods. My idea is to export this items to other islands. Take ships with cargos of the basic items on this island and sell it in other islands with the money we get of this we will save it on the governance coffers.

3. - PEPOLE:

I have heard about little Childs bothered from big guys that they and I really dislike this I think on have a chat historical in commune places like the inn…


I have on mind to promote the stalls we have on Sakejima so we can attract more people who want stalls and buyers.


I want to drop tourneys at the end of the month with what the governance coffers have (local tourneys). And if we have the opportunity drop familiar tourneys too.

6. - HOUSES :

I think we can maybe upgrade other kind of houses I was thinking on row houses or cottage so medium class pirates can have the house near to the business and this will help attracting people.


I think people will like to ask and comment, so I think we can put kind of mail box were people can give us ideas, comment us things and ask us something, etc… So we can put this for them


Maybe this sound weird but, we can decorate the island for holidays and drop tourneys with special holiday items.

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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Prices for rum will be lowered (there may even be free rum available for a short period if yer lucky) and taxes will be set to 5% (may be a bit high but it is needed for development and will be lowered after development is finished). of course distilleries will get a full tax refund!

the Eastern Part of the island will be left mostly as it is but the western part will be developed with a few new housing types (see lower down) and some player owned shoppes.
of course a statue of the mighty hades will be erected by the docks if possible!

Tournaments and competitions
of course There will be monthly tournaments and, because this is sakejima, they will be drinking tournaments.
The Prizes will consist of 50% of the palace treasury at the end of each month and there may or may not be an entry fee depending on whether the prize from the treasury is high or not.
There will of course be other palace run tournaments but mainly drinking tournaments.
competitions such as shoppe naming competitions will be held occasionally.
There may even be themed competitions for holidays to win a shoppe with an appropriate name/appropriate decoration (e.g. the tipsy bunny for easter or probably a better name at the time....).

people will be encouraged to buy distillery shoppes to make sakejima the drunkest island in the whole ocean but other stalls will also be up for grabs.
there may also be a monthly competition for a pre-constructed shoppe (selected before the announcement by the govenor). these shoppes may be prizes from drinking tournaments(Shoppes only prizes from drinking tournaments not from SF or treasure drop) or from naming competitions.
there will probably be mainly player owned shoppes built on the western part of the island but i will definitely restrict the number of shoppes so that it doesn't get too overcrowded with them.

Should i be crowned govenor, i will create and host a forum for any visitors to the island to suggest improvements and one of the first things discussed on the forum would be a poll for new housing types with the top three (or four depending on cost of housing) types of housing will be built on the fair shores of sakejima.
and, should the taxing bring in enough poe, an estate will be built with the hopes that it would be the first estate on cobalt. edit:so much for the first estate on cobalt... kirin beat me to it.

The Bank
No, i am not proposing to reopen the banks...
i am proposing that the bank be used as a help center for new players. The devs will not have to do anything but the bank will be renamed appropriately and the palace will accept donations to help with the running of the help center etc.
donated money will be used to buy certain items such as clothes for new players so that they will be able to save for other things instead of worrying about clothes. a certain amount will be spent each month to aid with this. this part of the plan should bring many more people to Sakejima.
the center may even reward players/crews which help greenies but i am not entirely sure how this would be policed.
information about the center and it's status will be posted on the notice board for all to see.
information will be posted on the Sakejima forums (see housing) and also on these forums.
the help center may even form it's own crew to allow new players to learn in a friendly, non-competitive environment. however, this crew may be targeted by other crews in PVP matches so there will hopefully be some more experienced players in the crew as well.
officers will be hired to help run the crew and teach newer players. shares will either be even or jobbers delight.

Fortnight of the Monkey
If i win, the first fortnight will be a fortnight of events galore. All these events will be themed around the monkey.
wondering why it's themed around the monkey? I am too!
don't like monkeys? well, just join in the fun!
Events would be decided at the time should i be selected but prizes would include:
-a distillery with a Monkey Themed Name.
-A ship with a monkey themed name(possibly)(donations for shanghais would be needed here)
-Lots of free rum!
-lot's of PoE
-a pig or sheep! (hopefully)
-anything else people would think of or donate.

Competitions might include:
-sloop race
-design a logo for the forum (see housing)
-SF tournament
-Drinking tournaments
-Treasure drop tournament
-Shoppe naming competition (for the distillery)
-Treasure hunt!
-more ideas to come.....(hopefully something more original...)

hopefully other events like this but themed around the octopus and parrot can be held in the future.

The Navy
on the less interesting side, i will be checking the ships in the navy and if they are not up to scratch or there are not enough i will be using funds to improve this navy. i am hoping it will be up to scratch so that more funds can be spent on big events and tournaments.

-flibber, ex-captain of the lone pelicans, ex-prince of alone on the Cobalt ocean
(flibber would be used for this as he is no longer in use)
longest post i've ever written
Flibber / Flib of Cobalt
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Prometheus says, "Arr! UPS"
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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My name is Chocolat, and at the moment I stand in Chop's Shipwrightery Stall on the isle of Lima in the ocean of Cobalt. I have a plan to take over the Isle of Sakejima, to get myself installed as governer, as many do, but mine will work! My plan, you see, begins with the smallest of things.

I will begin by moving this sail piece down so that the wood piece moves up. You see, that will cause two more patterns in this shipwrighting puzzle to be complete, giving me a full screen of six. I will then click on them, raising the pirate flag to the top, and of course, netting me twenty poe, another incredible, and perhaps more significantly, do the last bit of work on this ship, finishing it and removing it from the queue.

The ship, of course, will be mine. Though a sloop, it will be my first. I have prepared for this, having worked hard to be at least Narrow-minded in most aspects of piracy, and Broad-minded or better in most. With such mental training, it will be only natural to take my poe and become a Captain of my own crew.

I will call it Chocolat's Kiss, and we shall be beloved. There are few that despise Chocolat, and we shall crush them utterly, until it is whispered throughout the ocean that Chocolate is better than anything else (perhaps even sex).

Indeed, I will begin to create a power base. Contests such as this that depend on writing will be my hunting ground, as I scour the forums not for swordmasters or cannoneers, but diplomats and spokesmen without peer, and I will reward them well, offering the glory of a large island as their playground, encouraging them to talk with all crews and offer them Chocolat. Most will see it as a rare treat, this Chocolat, and gladly accept.

As my power-based expands, I will of course come to the attention of those who already wield great power, such as the Looterati and the Dread Ringers themselves. This is easily dealt with, however, as with my army of diplomats, even their ranks will be infiltrated with love of Chocolat. Once the great powers are on my side, I shall begin to milk the oceans for poe to rule in style, and yet the people will love this Chocolat milk.

On a wave of love for Chocolat, I will take the Sakejima governership to wide acclaim. With my army of sugar-tounged diplomats, and the poe milked from taxes, Chocolat will be known far and wide as being sweet and rich. I will form a Flag with this money and renown, and name it Candy, and fund it well with ships and ammunition, until it's known that Sakejima's Chocolat is protected by a hard Candy shell.

I shall keep the taxes as low as posssible, however, and Chocolat will be well known for it's purity. Indeed, I propose to corner the furniture market, lowering taxes until Sakejima is known to be the best place to get furnishings in the ocean. I expect there will be a great outcry for Chocolat items, especially such luxuries as bags of Chocolat, crates of Chocolat, and even barrels of Chocolat.

And with a small switch of pieces, my plan is begun. Support Chocolat, and you will find my victory sweet indeed.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Hades, the almighty, god of the underworld...In need of support of help and assistance of governing. Aye, true 'tis be, until I myself, will be that help of need.

I swear to the almighty gods of the Underworld and the Heavens. That once I become governor, I will do everything I can for the pirates of Viridian Ocean. Possibly, the oceans too. But just once, just once, I have always wanted to be a true helper of all mankind. By the rights and authority of being a governor, responsibility and righteousness will scatter like pieces o' eight.
I'll respond to all pirates of in help, newbies, captains, etc. I will be there by the side of Hades. Together the island would be governed well and be soon popular.

And now, I shall state the vows of which I will lay upon of when I become governor.

I would react like an Oceanmaster, answering other pirates petitions and complaints. Tournaments, will be setteled every 7th time, I log on. Yet since, I sometimes play the game due to other life dreams. I'd have 20,000 Pieces o' Eight prizes and some other items, to be given on tournaments. And may be seldomly, I'd have an island's meeting at the palace.To discuss, what stuff pirates would like to suggest on putting things on the island. And for other private discussions, such as internal feelings they'd like to share.

Have rents, for stalls and others, be lowered a tiny bit. So, the population of the island will grow and more likely have more stalls in the island. Too, I will stop the rage of begging, begging here and there, it must be stopped. The island would be in salvation, away from the corrupt; And on to the better future.

And by golly, other pirates might be impressed and may refer a friend to come and play.

So I pledge, onto further then, by following these agreements I laid, and govern broadly to all. Be a trustful companion to Lord Hades. And govern well not for really for the island, but for the pirates neccesity of entertaining themselves while playing.

I here by hope that you readers and judges, would gladly accept my entry. Of accompanying Hades as he govern, and for me, too, to govern his place as of now. Please understand my eagerness of helping Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates.

God bless!

Hopes and wishings

Karky of the Viridian Ocean...
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I am the Governator. In my previous roles I have played a barbarian, a cyborg killer, a soldier, a kindergarten teacher, an evil super villain and most recently, the governor of the great island of Kali-forn-ee-yah. I have experience dealing with Greek gods when I played Hercules. The next logical role for me is as a pirate governor. I will bring my experience to the Governor’s office of Sak-ee-jee-mah on Vee-ree-dian. As in my previous governor’s role, I will rule with an iron fist (covered by a velvet glove).

I want to pump up the economy of Sak-ee-jee-mah. I will have one tax-free week per month and the lowest taxes in the Ocean. Each month one lucky new stall owner will be picked at random to have the poe cost of their stall refunded in full.

I will institute a physical fitness program to get all you wimpy girlie men into shape. Each month we will have a sloop race around Viridis, Terra and back home so we can work your flabby muscles, with wonderful prizes to the winner (possibly an autographed portrait of me flexing my muscles). I will turn the palace into the ultimate chymnasium and I will appoint a committee to promote physical fitness, which I will call the Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Finally I will send the navy East and South East to find new, as yet undiscovered islands to expand Hade’s Empire. And we will conquer these islands because it is best in life to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

If our island kingdom is blockaded I will defend it with the vigour of a hunter-killer robot that can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with, doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are sunk. And if I lose the first blockade, “I’ll be back” and then it’s “Hasta la vista, baby”.

Please excuse my accent, I am Austrian.

SO Anxiety - Lord of Infierno de los Diablos
Viridian Ocean
Dark Warriors
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I would like to be master of this island. Then i would build proper shops we could sell, a Ship Shop, Tailor shop, Weavery shop, Iron Monger shop a s o. Of course the taxes would be low, so everyone would come to Sakejima, I would also make better island colors, coz pink is not my color, and everyone would get some (while working for the navy) and i would do an open air inn like the oktoberfest.
Superman for Judit

Batman for Hungary
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I would use the island to fund my plans for an Ocean-wide war. Not my flag fighting everyone else, but everyone fighting everyone else.

These plans I keep secret, and will probably reveal them in about a year. Possibly two. You can't rush perfection.

Don't take this to mean that I would ruin the island. In fact, I would made it as profitable for others as well as myself. Therefore I'd alter little, except throw out those who hinder the profitability of the island for all + tidy up the looser ends.
It has been said, my friends, that I like war. My friends, I like War. No...I LOVE WAR!

Danet - An old salt of Y!PP, but not the oldest by a long shot.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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(Buliwif is an already existing alt that is unused and has no affiliations)

Buliwif heard a calling from above, from another world, from the chief of his Gods, Odin, Lord of Asgard, of Valhalla and of the Aesir.

"Buliwif, you are a warrior of note, honour and glory, worthy indeed of the challenge I shall set before you. It is the belief of mine and of some of the others including Thor (who loves a good drink) and Tyr (for whom justice and the way of the warrior are of the greatest interest), that we should in some way try to further relations with our counterparts of Olympus, and Jorvik would be the key to this goal. It has come to our attention that the Greek God Hades now controls Jorvik, an island proud of its Viking heritage. We charge you with the task of taking the govenorship of this island, of preserving the heritage and of taking it onwards to the glory it so rightly deserves. Do you Buliwif have what it takes to carry out this quest, is your heart strong enough and proud enough to succeed?"

"I will do it," Buliwif replied. "I will take your quest, and I will do the best I can to succeed in your bidding!"

Within a few minutes of this exchange Buliwif set to the task of outlining his goals, both near and far.

1 - Regular drinking and sword fighting tournaments for the people on Jorvik alone.

2 - Monthly gatherings in the great palace for contests of boasting of ones glory, and for the retelling of ones exploits in glorious battle.

3 - a monthly contest of sailing prowess - if only to keep Aegir happy and thus keep the sea lanes around Jorvik full of ships to carry the trade in and out.

4 - Monthly auctions/open markets where people are free to buy and sell ships, clothes, weapons, mugs, tickets, charts etc in the palace.

5 - Monthly or bi-monthly contests of the prowess of the quill, and let all who enter have the chance to name themselves a Skald.

6 - Over the course of governorship, redesigning/relocation of certain buildings in an attempt to make the island layout the best it can be.

7 - The erection of tree in the middle of the island as a representation of the mighty Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

The night wore on as Buliwif sat hunched over a table in the corner of the inn reading his goals so far, shadows flickering and dancing around him from the solitary candle that sat in the middle of the table. The blonde haired man sat back in his chair and took a long draught from his ale mug before picking his quill up again.

"Article 8," he muttered as he dipped the nib in the ink pot

8 - Facilitation of a heathy competitive market, and allow those who may be lacking in financial clout to petition for some small assistance in the opening of stalls. Grants awarded on merit and the number of existing businesses in that area.

9 - The formation of a council of commerce in an effort to create a more open market for the trading of goods and commodities.

10 - Contests and competitions, raffles etc with prizes of bid tickets for commodities in amounts of 50 or 100 units at a time.

11 - Better housing availability, within reason.

12 - The ability for inhabitants of the island to host/run events on the island, (but they should be run past me first), to engender a spirit of community.

Buliwif set the quill to the side and read over what he had drafted.

Happy in what he had outlined he raised his mug once more and looked to the ceiling above. "By your will Odin, should I prevail in this task that you have set for me, then so shall the island of Jorvik be an island of glory and honour" he said, before draining the last of the foamy ale.
Captain Callam

Commander, The Children Of Odin
Prince - Forseti's Justice

Also - (The original) Cutter - (Azure) Ice, Midnight, Cobalt, Sage, Hunter.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Ahoy i would like to be the Sakejima Island govener please i would do the following

1: Decrease prices of shoppes and houses.

2: Host fun and attractive events such as actions and partys.

3: Hold a big meeting for creative ideas for the island

4: I shall help all people that come to me for advice

5: Annuel tornuments for people to earn cash they shall also be easy tornaments so people that arn't so good and poor can get money.

6: Add a few buildings take some away.

7: Add some anmals to make it more home like.

8: Save money to give to the island when my rein is over.

9: Having fun if you chose me

yours faithfully

Arjunakhil,Viridian Ocean

PS: please pick me Hades please
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I am Proserpine, daughter of Demeter and Zeus. The Greeks call me Persephone. As I collected flowers on the plain of Enna, the earth opened and Hades rose from beneath and abducted me to the underworld. The great god Helios witnessed this and told my broken-hearted mother what came of me. My father, Zeus, called upon Hermes to make Hades release me. Hades relented but was so angry, he gave me a poisoned pomegranate and when I ate of this devil's apple, I became bound to the underworld for 1/3rd of the year. My mother, Demeter, goddess of harvest shuts nature down during this time and mortals call it winter.

Sakejima represents two things mostly. Drink and Pink. To celebrate my release from the underworld and as governor, I propose the following 12-step program which is sure to leave the gods and goddesses as well as the citizens of Sakejima on Cobalt tickled pink!

1. Upgrade palace. Upon the completion of the upgrade, I shall beseech Nemo to change the banners to Pink to represent the island colors(if feasible). If it is not possible to change the banner colors, then I shall paint the walls of the palace to represent the island color of pink.

2. Brighten up the Inn-I shall upgrade the Inn and paint it rosey as well. Some well placed pink herbs will sweeten the scent of rum.

3. Upgrade the market hall. With a fresh new look, bids will come pouring in!

4. Offer more housing. I shall build a cabin, a bungalow, a townhouse and a mansion. Something for everyone's budget! Names will follow the "drinking" theme of island names. These houses will be nestled in the woods on the southwest side of the island. Right click to save XML of buildings placed.

5. Rename the shack and the apothecary to reflect the drinking theme of the island.

6. Sake drinking tournaments. That's right, a fine variety of drinking tournaments hosted from Sakejima island. These will be as often as weekly but may be more depending on the budget.

7. Event blockade! Each month that I am governor of Sakejima(up to 6 months), we shall have an event blockade. The winner of the event will win a shop to call their own. Shops available will be one of the following: Tailor, Apothecary, Distillery, Ironmonger, Furnisher, Weavery. Once a shop is won, that type of shop is no longer available to choose from. These buildings will be suitably named to reflect the current naming theme of the island. This way, we get more interest in the island without overbuilding or using up all the space to allow for transfer of governorship through a blockade should the island come open for blockade. I am reserving the shipyard shop so that the ocean has one shipyard which is publicly owned(versus private flag ownership) so the ocean at large is not restricted from purchasing especially the large vessels that a shipyard shop has to offer. This shop deed will be passed to an OM or the next governor of Sakejima when my reign comes to an end.

8. Stall owners! In the news of each bazaar, I will offer links to various wiki articles which will help them be successful stall owners. As another incentive to open a stall, I will randomly choose one stall per week for special advertising on the noticeboard. We shall purchase advertisement space on Shanty Radio highlighting that stall as well for that week. Almost as good as a champagne brunch!

9. Citizens!. To accomplish this task, I will do two things. First, I will be available on the docks as often as possible to speak to visitors and residents of this great island. I will assist newcomers and old salts alike. I will also be available to take portraits with these citizens should they want one. Along these lines, I will also hold Town Hall meetings monthly to gain insight firsthand to the needs of the island and its citizens alike. Second, I will take Navy missions to better answer questions about missions and appropriate jobbing behavior to the newer citizens which will help ensure them the best experience on this ocean. I shall also dress in pink colors as well.

10. Block parties! In addition to the blockade events, we shall host block parties with a variety of events that every citizen can participate in and win wonderful prizes such as trinkets or other fine prizes. These events will have themes based on drink and pink!

11. Blushing Brides! One day during my term as governor, I shall hold a piratey group wedding. This won't be just one couple, this will be many couples at one time! Each bride and each groom will receive a trinket for their wedding bands tying them together on this ocean.

12. Protection from Hades. As people did long ago, we shall have a sacrificial sheep to protect the island from Hades. This sheep will greet pirates on the dock. One possible name for this sheep could be Sacrificial Sake!

Hear me, as I vow to uphold this plan to the best of my ability, realize that perhaps not every item will be possible as a couple items will require assistance from the great gods of Cobalt, but I vow to you, here and now, I will do everything within my ability to complete this program!

A quick view of my plan in action:
The name is Synful.
Avatar by myself
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Scupdoggydog iz in the hizzouse!

1. Sakejimini needz tha hook up, the magic mojo, so ... HEMP fer all of my boyz and da ladies! Shippin in da hemp, filling up the GF and shippin in da hemp. Not shrimpin in da pimp, or pimping out tha shrimps, but shipping in tha hemp! Fershrizzle my hempizzle.

2. My thugZ aint all about tha good-ol-boyz, we aint all da cronyizm or da corruption. The free market rulez, and so we'll be selling off all da new shopz and da inn to tha highest bidder. Two shops a week iz betta than two ounces a day!

3. The Dead Monarchs on the poe mean nuttin to me, so we'll be throwin pahties, pahties! Great, big drinkin and sworfdightin and, yeah boyeeee, tha treasure drops. Every sun set should have a pahtie!

4. Sake is only good with cold slimy raw fish, so the new theme for the island's gonna be Sushi! In fact, every new name and rename on the islandz gonna be about some strange japanese word or other. Like, maybe, the Ika Tairagai Tavern (Rikki-Tikky Tavy?) Don't snort. This iz just another reason to have mo' PAHTIES! Shop naming pahties!

And then we'll work on the hemp! Scupdoggydog out. Peace, yo.

Scupdoggydog (thug alt)
Viridian Ocean
I believe that we are all, openly or secretly, struggling against one or another kind of nihilism. - Ellen Willis
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Could you please edit your first entry to contain all the information? - Bia

(Buliwif part 2)

Edited as requested
Captain Callam

Commander, The Children Of Odin
Prince - Forseti's Justice

Also - (The original) Cutter - (Azure) Ice, Midnight, Cobalt, Sage, Hunter.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Hi, my name is Wilden, I am a fleet officer of Original Syn on the Viridian Ocean. I believe I should be governor because I have a plan that will bring more interest to Sakejima.

As you may of may not know, of the three starting isles in the sea of jade, sakejima is the least known and visited. To me, this is due to its position compared to most of the other rather popular isles(Kirin, Lima, Prolix, DN) and its far distance from the inter-arches. Added to that, the markets on Sakejima aren't the strongest, as outside of Yarrow trade on Vidris, there isn't any useful deals on the isle.

Seeing this, I belive we should make Sakejima unique. How I plan to make the island unique is to setup some sort of regularly running a sloop racing competition. The business in sloop racing at the moment seems to be rather infrequent, but if there was a base for the competitions, I would belive it would benefit both the isle(in getting more people to come out) and the competitions themselves(In getting them to happen more often).

These competitions would consist of two types, length runs, and lap races. A length run is basically an endurance race(like most sloop races) in which the boats much sail out from sakejima, stop at at least 5 isles and then return to the island. The problem with this of course is coordination, as it requires a person at each isle. The other type, would be lap races. These races will be races starting from Sakejima and completing the Sake-Terra-Vidris-Sake loop a certain number of times(laps).

Funding for these events and any ref/security will come from the Sakejima taxes, as outside of a possible housing upgrade(cabins anyone?), the island does not require anymore building to scar up the beautiful landscape, and thus will have the extra money.

Thank you all for taking you time to listen to my plans, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Wilden of the Viridian Ocean
Fleet Officer of De Novo
Former Member of:
Blitz Republic
Booty Snatchers
The White Krakens
Warriors Down Under
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I am entering to become the governor of Sakejima on Viridian Ocean.

You may know me as wolfgangz in Viridian, captain of the crew Pirates Doom, and shop owner of Wolfgangz's tailoring stall on Lima, so i already take responsiblities in my flag, crew, and stall, and i know how to handle these responsiblities in an orderly manner.

As governor of the island i would fill the island with all the necessary shops and housing.

I would listen to all of the new ideas from pirates to take into consideration and try my best to put them into action.

I would make a seperate building for people who are looking to sell and buy things. A marketing building.

I would also wish to hold weekly tournaments for sloop prizes on all tournament types(sword fighting, drinking, treasure drop).

I would also try and do a monthly prize drawing with some special prizes such as ships, poe and dub prizes, swords, etc.

I would open stalls of each kind and run it myself and every so often(every 2 weeks, depends on what items and stall status) i would hold a discount or giveaway.

I would also hold auctions (black items, ships, some other items)

As governor i would build up a huge navy to successfully defend the island from any blockades and recruit many who request to join my crew.

And what i have been wanting to do for a while was to bring back banking such as depositing, withdrawls, because it would be conveniant to be able to deposit money so you would be able to keep track of your income and profits without having to share your money you plan to put aside with your ship or stall coffers. What a drag.

I would not tolerate stealing, cursing, and or spamming at a certain level or extent, and if you do spam or advertise in any other area other then the seperate marketing area or building i plan to make, you can get kicked out of the shop you spammed in if there is enough complaints from pirates.

If i would be governor, after i have made alot of money i would build a huge navy to protect the land and sell to captains of crews cheap

The ferry should always be free.

And i would like to make another building for weddings, much like the marketing building but without the marketing.lol. just like a bank without the stuff in it or something to be used as the extra buildings.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Dear Hades, Lord of the Underworld,

I am applying for the post of vacation home island manager for Sakejima on Viridian Ocean. I am a honest pirate, a hearty drinker of rum and fruit juices, and an ill-tempered critical wishy-washy scurvy stick-wielding ruffian.

Sakejima seems peaceful and quiet. It has plenty of stalls, large stretches of sandy brown beach, a desert areas in the western part of the island, and few ships docked at its port. As island manager, I would try to keep the peaceful atmosphere of Sakejima, and make it a great vacation spot and home for the pirates of Jade archipelago.

To encourage pirates to move to Sakejima, I would build housing not available on other islands on Viridian and lower-priced housing, cabins first, then cottages or other housing. The open beaches and rocky ground of Sakejima are perfect places to hold island beautification projects. I would update events and news on the notice board regularly and encourage residents to get together by announcing player events and hosting events weekly or depending on pirate interest.

The pirates of Sakejima should have a say in island changes, and as vacation home island manager I would hold meetings for pirates to come and express their concerns and give feedback on proposed island changes. My own plan with specifics and a tentative timetable is detailed below.

Island Events:
Host events depending on pirate interest, especially events that cannot be held through the tournament board such as a team drinking tournament, card tournaments, team brawl tournament, and skellie fighting party. Provide a designated day and a gathering spot for game gardens, drinking, treasure drop, etc. depending on pirate interest. I would start by holding a weekly event.

One event I would like to hold is a hosted question-and-answer night, where players could come and ask questions of officers, and perhaps a recruitment night where players looking for a crew, or crews looking for players could meet and talk.

Island Beautification:
Hold contests to design garden segments for each part of Sakejima. Garden segments would consist of furniture arrangements demonstrated first in a homeowner’s house or in an altered screenshot, and then implemented on island if island managers can place furniture outside, otherwise beautification contests will be held for the palace, inn, bazaars, and home entrances. Voting would take place at a designated time or be held on the forums.

Stall Owner’s Association:
Monthly or bi-monthly stall owner meetings to discuss taxes, shops, and island revitalization. Also discuss possible contests for bazaar ad-spaces, such as tailor with the widest selection of male/female rack items, or best decorated small, medium, or deluxe stall, or bazaar advertisements or sponsorships.

Homeowners’ Association:
Homeowner’s would be the only voters on home entrance furniture arrangements. Possible homeowner events that I would like to host are scheduled home tours, or contests for best home furnishing arrangement with the winner announced on the notice board until the next contest.

Week 1:
-Discuss island plans with Hades if possible.
-Announce a housing meeting, and put up notices of events. Start polling officers and pirates for interest in question-and-answer and recruiting events. Start a thread in the forums to discuss.

Day 5:
Host first event: team drinking tournament with event feedback.

Day 6:
-Meet the island manager - a 1-hour meeting for people to discuss their concerns and give feedback on island plans and events.

Day 7:
-Meet and discuss placement of housing and names with interested residents and potential residents. Place housing and begin construction.

Week 2:
-Host event: team brawling tournament.
-Poll home owners on interest in home tours or best home furnishing arrangement contest.
-Stall Owner Meeting.
-Meet the island manager.

Week 3:
-Host events: skellie fighting party and game gardens day.
-Home Owner’s Meeting.
-Meet the island manager.

Week 4:
-Host events: question and answer night, recruiting event, and spades tournament.
-Meet the island manager and determine upcoming events.

Month 2:
-Host event(s).
-Meet the island manager.
-First island beautification contest: beach east of the palace and the Sugar Shack's entrance.
-Home owner and stall owner events and meetings if there's interest in them.

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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I am Playcenter on the Viridian Ocean.

If I were the governer of Sakejima Island,

I would make Sakejima into a living hell for Puzzle Pirates

1) Send navy ships of Sakejima Island into a rampage, have them with skellies and attack other pirates (like a pillage style battle; not ghost ships) This would be just like normal pillaging.

2) I will make Sakejima Island forever night (like when skellies attack an island) This would add to the atmosphere of Hell.

3) Next, Sakejima Island would export Kraken Blood every week for once. This would add more black clothes to the world, making this world a better place to live in =)

4) Every week, there would be a chance for people to board the Ghost Ship (aka Black Ship, it has so many names...) to just look at the ship and maybe fight the skellies for fun. The ship would be ported at Sakejima Island and will not to sailing on that day of visit.

5) Random skellies npc would be standing around Sakejima Island instead of pirates. Players can fight them one on one like normal npc pirates.

6) A rock which looks like a huge skelly would be standing in the middle of Sakejima Island. This is what the skellies would be calling "Mother". Every skellies fight they mention a "Mother".
This can be the story to the "Mother" of which they speak.
The mouth of the rock would be the entrance to Hell, so that Hades can come and go anytime he wishes.
Other pirates cannot enter the Gates of Hell.
(They can just look at it)

Overall, Sakejima Island would become a new home for skellies and shall give all pirates a scare!
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