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Puzzle Pirates Pre-order Drive Reply to this Post
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Ahoy mates,

As you will have seen from the News, we are asking -- nay, begging -- as many of ye that can to dip in and pre-order a copy o' Puzzle Pirates this weekend.

Pre-order numbers are used by retailers to gauge the demand for a product. With something as unusual and risky as Puzzle PIrates, they are likely to be sceptical, unless we can show them a good number of pre-orders. Five hundred is the goal.

Normally we wouldn't engage in this kind of 'pledge driving', but this is not a situation where we will financially benefit; indeed, we are paying the cost of the playing cards included in the pre-order, so between that and the free month we lose money on every box purchased by existing subscribers. Our sole purpose is to encourage more retailers to carry Puzzle Pirates, and thereby bring us all more mates to play with in the future!

In order to encourage you, we're offering this week, for all pre-orders placed before April 7th only (inc. those placed before the date of this announcement), the chance to win one of;

- A Lifetime Account to play Puzzle Pirates to infinity and beyond
- A Gold Ship, custom named cutter of your choice!
- A bonus pack of cards, Signed by the Ringers!
- A very rare Ye Win! T-Shirt of beta tourney days!
- An Island named for YOU! in the next ocean!

[size=8]Each of the five prizes will be awarded to one of five random mates drawn from the pre-order list by Ubisoft, who will send us their details. No purchase necessary; you can send an entry card with your details and 'I am very poor / too cheap to buy a pre-order, but would still like to win!' to Three Rings, 25 Lusk Alley Suite 200, San Francisco CA 94107. Voice where prohibited. Full rules available on request. No warranty. One prize only of each type will be awarded. Legal stuff here.

Yep, flagrant bribery! At least we're not putting pledge drive messages in the 'No Pizza for You' box. No, this is not an April Fool.

You also get everything that's in the box already, such as a month, in-game item, single-player and so on. See here for a teaser.

Thanks for helping.

Old Ubi Retail Q&A:


---- Reposted from the Q&A thread;

Site problems

Some mates have been experiencing problems with being logged out of Ubi's site after creating an account. Sometimes it works if you try again a bit later. These problems seem to have mostly been fixed, but let us know if you have more problems and we'll pester them.

Pre-ordering via Three Rings for International Mates

If international mates are able, the easiest thing is to make your pre-order via another player -- of course you will then need to have an agreement regarding how to divvy the prize (flip of a coin?) if you win.

However, I'm not one to turn anyone away. If you want to pre-order from a foreign land and would rather not work with a US/Canadian mate, do the following;

- Buy a new quarterly account with a suitable account name like 'ubicaptain_adam'
- Buy 1 x $9.95's worth of doubloons to cover shipping on the same account
- Send me the account name with your shipping address, etc.. We will toast the account once we have confirmed it.
- We will enter a pre-order for you and then ship you the box and cards,
when we receive them.
- Should one of these special international pre-orders (we'll put them in under a special name to distinguish them from our own personal pre-orders!) be drawn from the pool by Ubi for the prize drawing, we'll roll a dice to pick who gets the prize.

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Joined: May 7, 2002
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Re: Puzzle Pirates Pre-order Drive Reply to this Post
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A tremendous thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered. We made our 500 target! Yarr! Hopefully this will make a big difference to Ubi's sales force and the Walmart, Target etc. buyers whom they liase with.

You have until Midnight tonight to pre-order and be eligible for the prize draw. Please note that the included free pack of cards may also run out soon!
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