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Help with these puzzles? Reply to this Post
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I've been on Puzzle Pirates for a long time but somehow I can never rank up. My bilging, and Patching is pretty good and easy for me to do but the ones that never work out for me is Sailing, Gunning, Carpentry, and Rigging. I've never really gotten the hang of them but I used to have ranks on them like proficient, but whenever I practice my rank shoots down.

I'm just curious on how I can be better. Mainly at Sailing and Carpentry because I know these may be easy but whenever I carpent I always go either over the board, or when I place my wood there's little holes and I just place random pieces to cover them up. During Sailing I just focus on filling up the boards but when I don't get the correct colors I just place them below and make rows at the bottom with the pieces that don't belong in the boards. I'd just like some tips on those two things, and possibly Rigging. During Rigging I get about 8 pieces all collected together but it says I booched which gets me confused while I thought I was doing quite good. I'd love to get some tips, or possibly even videos.

Thanks! :)
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Re: Help with these puzzles? Reply to this Post
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I think its all about practice. Just practice and work on only one puzzle at s time. Look at the instructional videos out there. I too have been around forever and havent gotten my puzzles down pat yet but for me its out of laziness. Practice on an alt if you want to keep your proficients. Its always useful to have alts with good stats anyways.

You can find videos on youtube just search :)
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Re: Help with these puzzles? Reply to this Post
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here is a channel that might be useful:


here is a site i always use too:

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Re: Help with these puzzles? Reply to this Post
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Sailing -

  • Combos are the big thing in sailing. Don't just fill the platforms, chain them together.
  • Piece efficiency isn't massively important - you can waste some and it won't matter as long as you're scoring well - but it does help to aim for efficiency. I think you're best off trying to be as efficient as possible at the lower ranks.
  • I can link you to a bajillion fantastic sailing videos, but since you're Able, there's a good chance they're going to blow your mind and teach you very little. So I'm going to link a few simpler ones too, but it may be worth bearing in mind, this one is ultimate gameplay and that's what you're aiming for (if you want ult). He has plenty of sailing videos, all as ridiculous as that, so if you find them helpful and/or entertaining, go crazy.
  • Not to toot my own horn, but this is my sailing video. I am ultimate, but you can't tell from the video because it's quick and really simple. It's a very clean, easy combo though, and should help you understand what I mean by chaining platforms. Start with doubles and triples, then aim for this. Then work on Geo's level.
  • If that's still a bit too much for you, this video will definitely demonstrate combos in an easy to understand way. It's very fast, though, so you may have to watch it several times. Also bear in mind the guy recording is a high rank, so his boards are a lot more cluttered than yours. But the general idea is the same; combo your platforms.
  • I'll say this about every puzzle. Practice! Practice practice practice, because nothing will help you develop your game better. You need to learn to improvise and adapt to every situation and that's something videos alone can't do.
  • If this isn't helpful and/or you still want help understanding how to do anything specific, let me know and I may be able to make you a video or screenshare and talk to you.

    Gunning -

    Gunning was my first ever ultimate so I love getting to talk about learning it. Two things only: speed and efficiency. (Some smartass will point out a third thing I have neglected)

  • The first thing to talk about is your method of approach. There are a few different ways to gun as far as key setup goes. Some people prefer to use ASDW to direct arrows, click or X or place. Some people prefer to hold down their arrows and drag them in the desired direction. There are other variations, but I think those are the only two that work for high ranks (again, some smartass will correct me here). Try both out and anything else you think might work, bearing in mind you want to be as quick as possible, so the more accurate you are, the better. I prefer click and drag, myself.
  • Okay, now the second thing to talk about is your method of approach as far as the actual gameplay goes. There are a few approaches:

    • Looping. Looping literally means creating a loop around your cannons and filling them as the pieces go by. This is not the quickest approach, but it'll still get you Legendary if you're very good at it, and it's the easiest approach for most. I'm ambitious so I don't advise it, but if it works for you and you're not bothered about being the very best, go for it. Here's a video.
    • Freestyle/Chasing. I think this is the method used by the majority of top gunners. This video is actually amazing because Tzz has reduced the gunning speed to help you follow what he's doing. This is what it looks like at full speed.
    • Hybrid. This is the method I use, mostly because I'm lazy, partly because I don't play often enough to keep my freestyle gunning clean enough. It's basically a mix of the two. I aim for freestyle, but a lot of the time loops are just begging to be made, so I oblige. This is my older, lower quality video and this is my newer, better one. The second one is sped up some because I had some recording problems, so don't be thrown off by that. My taste in music is fantastic, I don't know what you're talking about.

  • Something I find a lot of people don't consider is their first few arrows. You'll notice I place four arrows in the same spot every time when I first enter a board. This helps me get the pieces flowing together, and very often leads to a quick fill in one of the right hand cannons. Tzz does something similar to get his pieces going. I'd advise trying both, and perhaps another configuration if you suspect it'll work for you.
  • Everyone learns and puzzles slightly differently, so here's another good gunner, just for good measure. Yass has literally held almost every ult spot on the ocean with alts at the same time in the past, so she knows her stuff.
  • Practice!
  • Again, I'm very willing to make videos and/or screenshare with you, either to show you my own screen or to watch yours and point out places to improve. PM me if you're interested in that.

    Carpentry -

    This is where my advice may be lacking a little. I can carpent well - I'm Legendary - but beyond the basic advice, I don't really know what to say because Carpentry is a puzzle I just got better at by doing. I'll try anyway.

  • Knowledge of piece rarity is very important. You need to know which pieces are more likely to appear so you can better plan your holes. Obviously if you leave space for a very common piece, you're much more likely to get that piece for a masterpiece than if you leave space for a rare piece. Take a look at the piece rarity, but also just practice a lot. That's the best way to get to know the order.
  • Work from the outside inwards. That'll keep the space in the middle as broad and as flexible as possible. Use pieces that fit into the edges of the hole you have.
  • When faced with the four holes, work mainly on two holes that are adjacent, and only place pieces in the other two holes when it's necessary, or when you get a rare/awkward piece that fits well into one of those holes, or just won't fit into your "main" holes without causing problems (like forcing you to wait for a rare piece to finish it). The reason for this is once you finish two holes next to each other, your board will roll over and give you two more. It won't move if you have completed holes diagonally to each other. More holes means more places to put those awkward pieces.
  • Masterpiece chains score you points. The faster you do it, the higher you score. Smaller chains can still score higher than longer chains if you're fast enough. So identify your strengths and either work on long chains or fast MPs.
  • I don't say this to be patronising, but genuinely a lot of people don't know one or more of these things. It took me a while to work them out myself: You can flip AND rotate pieces. Zany, I know. I believe it's right click to flip, mouse wheel to rotate, or X and C to do one and the other. Check your key bindings to find out, and to change them if you want to.
  • It wouldn't be an Evilduck puzzle guide without at least one video from Enteraname.
  • Practice! Ask me for more help if you'd like it!

    Rigging -

    This is another one I'm not sure I can give good advice about, despite being Legendary. I'm not a strong rigger by any means, but I'll try.

  • First things first, you know that little counter down the bottom that shakes if you don't clear something in a few turns? Ignore it. Not important.
  • As with gunning, there are several approaches and I'm going to try to cover them all. There are three bonus pieces available once your rank goes up a little and all methods depend on using at least one of those pieces in abundance.

    • Tars. You get tars by clearing all of one colour off the board. Using a tar piece in a clear replaces the tar piece and every adjacent piece that is cleared with the same colour, basically making a clear of that colour easier and larger. One method is to constantly aim for, and use, tar pieces.
    • Gaffs. Gaffs are earnt by forming loops of one colour around other pieces and clearing them. Bigger loops score better, but even looping a single piece will boost your score and get you the gaff. Gaffs, when used, will pull all adjacent pieces regardless of their colour. So again, it's going to buff your next pull. I think this is the most common method I've seen employed, although it's close between tars and gaffs.
    • Splices. Definitely the rarest method I have seen. Splices are earnt when you clear a chain that links two non-adjacent pulleys. The function of the splice links two colours together - the two colours on each input side. The splice piece will change colour to show which colours it's currently connecting. So once again, it's a chain buff. It's a very good one, actually, especially when you combine it with the other buffs. You can create much larger loops when you are free to use two colours to do so, and you can create much bigger clears when using two colours, which can of course be buffed further by preemptive tar use. I usually see splices used in methods that involve at least one other bonus pieces.

  • Videos! Nickbush uses splices and loops, with occasional tars, for a really effective approach.
  • Geo loops like a boss.
  • I suck at rigging. But I hold Legendary. I'd like to call it a hybrid/unique approach, but it's more like a take-what-I-can-get approach. I don't have a good eye for rigging, but I can still hold my own, so there's always hope.
  • Practice and PM me for help, once again.

    I hope at least some of this was helpful, and like I said, I'm more than happy to help you out on a more personal level. I can find you more videos, make you videos, screenshare and give tips as you puzzle or as I puzzle for you, whatever you think might help. Just let me know.
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    Re: Help with these puzzles? Reply to this Post
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    I'd like to throw my carpentry tutorial video into the mix.

    Hope it helps. You may need to pause it every few seconds.
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    Re: Help with these puzzles? Reply to this Post
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