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The game that turns kids into adults back into kids Reply to this Post
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Ahoy guys. I thought I would drop by today to give some deep thoughts and musings from a banned retired player. Some of you might remember me as Twiggy, some as Fresno from Sage and some not at all. During my time in this game I built up a progressively egregious wiki page for my character. My ego was so large that I actually paid alliance members gold to help me write it.

That last line puts what I'm about to say into context. When Puzzle Pirates was released, many of us were try-hard kids or casual gamers who grew into themselves as they grew in-game. This game is in real time, and as people got better at the puzzles and the sociopolitical structure they also got older physically.

As a kid in this game I was a pain in OOO's arse, and I left Puzzle Pirates with an attitude that screamed "I'll never stop making an impression and I'll never stop talking" - and while that is true, I'm here writing this right now at the age of 24 with a very different attitude. This game is now by gaming standards post mortem, and yet you are still here. You may not realize it but you show your appreciation every time that you log in. Puzzles are fun, competitive and challenging. They make you feel like a kid again.

Three Rings threw the book at me. Of the reasons listed for my banning, only one of six (yes, six) were true. And I don't know how long this game has left before it bites the dust but despite the fact that I've moved on to a better game, as CEO of my clan and high council member of a 2500 man alliance, I would still take the time to log in again if I had the chance.

This is a game that turns kids into adults and back into kids again. So keep logging in, keep supporting the developers and always remember that Twiggy is an asshole that simply won't go away. Because nobody enjoys feeling old.

Thank you, Three Rings.
Twiggy is dead.
He flies spaceships now.
Blame Three Rings.

"Among creatures born into chaos, a majority will imagine an order,
a minority will question the order, and the rest will be pronounced insane."

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