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Joined: Feb 8, 2006
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Name: Kidagakash
(my other pirate is actually called Odette)

Ocean: Sage

Original contest:
A Tale of Two Pirates- A Love Story Writing Compatition!


my entry....

The Chance.

The men marched, with every step more of Odette’s body shook with dread.. it was bad news, something had happened, she could feel it. 'not today!! just give me some more time.. please god no' she thought as the tears began to sting her eyes.

Odette woke with a shudder, it was the third time this week she had had that dream. She had fallen asleep over her work desk again causing her back to ache and some ink to print letters across her cheek. The depressing sound of the footsteps still echoed in the back of her head.
She had to sort this out, not now though.. its too late in the day already and there’s always work to be done.

She had met him in the inn, one week ago tomorrow.

They first bumped into each other in a tournament, it was a simple meeting, nothing out of the ordinary.

Later they ran across each other again at a poker table.
Odette says “you again...eh?”
“not stalking me are you?”
Scenester said “ahah, no.. you‘re everywhere! …. But that’s not a bad thing”

She blushed and let the night continue in the same sense.
They played poker for hours and joked about stupid mistakes and bad cards, never really worrying about the money swapped between them.. This game was just for fun, just so they could spend time together. His rough dark hair was always the type and his jokes actually made her laugh. They simply clicked.

All night they had talked, not caring about the time. And they had arranged to meet again the next day
“lets say 1pm??”… his words rang through her head.

Everything had been perfect.. Until the next afternoon.

Odette woke with a shudder, it was the fourth time this week she had had that dream. She spent every day running it through her head, he didn’t show up. Why didn’t he show up.
Its been a week and he hadn’t shown up.

Odette was never good at keeping up with time, but this had put her in her place. She had heard from her crew member that he had been in a sea monster hunt and left to go to the shop and never returned.
She couldn’t help but worry. When they had talked she had found out he lived in Kensington, London.. And she was only up the road…
If she knew where he lived she could find out if he was ok. But that would be weird! She hates how men can play mind games with her. She should just shut it out.. Shut it ALL out!

3pm and she found herself in Kensington gardens, sat drinking a Starbucks, and a boy with a cast around his leg comes over and asks if she had dropped her book just down the street. It was her favourite… Wilfred Owen, an original collection of poetry. She blushed and accepted it.
Something couldn’t stop her from asking… but she had to! “err.. What happened to your leg?”
The boy looked down… “oh this, I was hit by a car last week, just got out of hospital this morning”
She can’t remember how, but this led into a full conversation in which she found out the boy liked her book too and she had the same music taste as him. They swapped phone numbers in the end.. And that was that.

Sat alone at her computer on Valentines evening, now that is just sad… She logged onto her game and there, waiting in her hearties list is him. She chose not to speak to him at first, She wasn’t sure whether to be angry or not. Yes she was angry at him… but she had been so worried too.

“heyy, Odette? I’m sorry I wasn’t here to meet up, I had abit of a crisis at home. I’m really sorry.”
The message came up..
And she couldn’t help but grin, she knew it had to be important and he hadn’t just left her.

“are you ok? What happened?” she replied.
Waiting impatiently for a reply…

“well I went out to the shop and got hit by this stupid driver who didn’t see me crossing”

Odette stared at the reply, and typed faster than she ever had before..
“are you ok? Omg I knew something was wrong. And amazingly… you aren’t the first person to tell me they’ve been hit by a car today!”

“really? that’s funny. Who else has been hit by a car? Not family I hope..”

“oh no.. just this boy I met in the park today, his leg was pretty bad but I’m sure he will heal”

Odette waited for the reply… which didn’t come.
2 minutes passes… then she felt a buzzing in her pocket.

She opened up her phone to see a text from Kyle.
“heyy. Weird thing to say…
but I think you know already.”

She had a small thought that it could have been him… but no, that would be stupid!

She simply typed..
“err… probably not..”

Her computer reply came, she was finding it so hard to keep up with all this… she looked at the screen to see Scenester’s reply…
“is your name Erin in real life??”

How did he know that?
It must be him!


Her phone rang. Kyle… a boys voice came over the line..

“heyy Erin, its me. Scenester. Do you want to go out tonight? It is valentines day!”
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Joined: Dec 4, 2005
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate Name: Captinfashin
Ocean: Hunter
Event: Bah Lovebug
Word Counter

Prize: RED OCTOPUS (Yay! A Fami!)


Money CAN Buy Love

Captinfashin, or Fashin, as her friends called her, sat staring out at Aimuari on her sloop. It was late-February and everyone was getting together. They would meet on the docks and head into the inn. Captinfashin hated Valentine's Day. She was too busy with her near-constant pillaging to meet anyone. Sure, she might meet someone on her ship, but what was the point? She was just going to head back out to sea again. Her only love was for the charts that got her places, and the pieces of eight, oh, how she loved the pieces of eight. 'That's IT!' she thought to herself. She nearly jumped overboard to get back to the docks. She looked around carefully, she needed someone who looked like they had a big pocket with a lot of money in it. Finally, she found one. She ran up to him and said, "Excuse me, sir," as she batted her eyelashes. "Are you... single?"
"Why, yes, yes I am, are you?" he asked, snatching up her hand.
"I sure am." she said, trying to sneak into his pocket to grab a Doubloon or two. They walked in to the inn hand-in-hand.
"So, tell me about yerself." He said, grabbing a hunk of bread and splitting it in two.
"Well, I am a Senior Officer in a growing crew, I'm a Princess in an equally growing flag, and I have my own ship, but I"m afraid that's all I have." She acted very sad at this last phrase, but found a way to grow a smile, "But enough about me. How about ye?"
"I'm a Captain of a fairly large crew, Prince in a growing flag, I have a Grand Frigate, and a Merchant Brig I use for foraging. That's not to mention my many housings: I have a Mansion, a cottage here and there, my Summer Estate-"
"Oh!" Fashin said enthusiastically, "an ESTATE! I DO love estates, ye know." She kept leafing through his pockets, searching for another deed. She had already taking 26 doubloons, the deed to his Cottage on Aimuari, and 4,938 pieces of eight, but now she was going for the jackpot, an Estate would be a heavenly place for her. "Where did ye say yer Estate was?" Each Arch printed the seal on their deeds differently, she needed to know which arch it was in so she could find it.
He closed his eyes in thought, as if going through an imaginary file-cab-- I mean, an imaginary treasure chest of deeds. "Ah, yes, it's on Sayer's Rock."
"Oh, in the Ursa Arch? I've never been, perhaps ye could show me sometime?" She finally felt it and, though her adrenaline was pumping insanely, she found it in herself not to throw it up in the air, catch it, and run through the Inn like a mad woman. She carefully placed it in a pocket she had sewn to her rags. "Oh, my," she said, looking out a window, "how time does fly. I suppose I must be going."
"Oh? So soon?" her friend said, getting up after her.
"Aye," she said, as she rushed back to her sloop. She left to the estate as quick as can be. 'Twasn't long before the guilt came on, there were many portraits upon the walls of the Estate. Beautiful portraits of her friend and a beautiful lady, and finally one of her friend in all black. Fashin left the estate in tears and tried to swim back to Aimuari. She never found her friend, so she vowed to make sure that no one was ever taken advantage of in love.
Main Character:

Captinfashin of Hunter Ocean, Captain of Fashinably Slayed, Lady of Skellie Slayers
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Joined: Aug 28, 2005
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate: Hornitoad
Ocean: Cobalt
Name of original event: Pirates of the Caribbean Spoof Video Competition
Link to original event: Here
Original Event overview: Create a live-action or animated video spoofin' the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trailer.
Video Link: Worst Pirate

Thank you, it's great to be back in YPP land.
I am a hornitoad, I am a hornitoad, I am a hornitoad...
Opps won't happen again
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Joined: Apr 22, 2005
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Hawkings
Ocean: Viridian
Name of original event: Medira's Piratey Song Parody Contest!
Link to the original event thread: Contest Link

Original Song Title: Macho Man
Original Artist: Village People

I do feel I should comment briefly on my parody. When I searched the internet for Lyrics, I was unable to find a set that perfectly matched the version I was listening to to make sure everything scanned. Yes, I admit it, I do have the Best of the Village People album. So I linked in the lyrics I think best match my version. In the original version the lead singer echos many of the lines from the group chorus and my version should be done the same way. In a few places I've included parody versions of the under voice that I feel fit well that are not included in the online lyrics but are in the original recording. Also I did find an online karaoke website, SingSnap, that has a version that anyone not familiar with the song may listen to it. This version is not by the Village People and isn't the full version but it will give you the beat and rhythm of the song. So sit back, get funky and enjoy a piratey trip back to the time when disco was king.

Fearsome Pirate Lord
by Hawkings

Booty, gonna steal some booty.
Booty, (matey) don't conceal that booty.
Booty, gonna raid some booty.
Booty, (matey) getting' paid with booty.
Booty, lookin' out for booty.
Booty, (matey) Find a route with booty.
Booty, Searchin' bout for booty.
Booty, Sailin' out for booty.

(Avast there.)

Every mate wants to be a fearsome pirate lord
And rake in all the booty, for his massive hoard
Sailin' on the oceans, lootin' gold
Leavin' no survivors, so I'm told
You had best accept that, he's a pirate lord
Ready to deal death with, his mighty pirate sword

Har! Har! Har, har, har!
Fearsome pirate lord (pirate lord)
I'm gonna be, a pirate lord
Fearsome pirate lord
I'm gonna be, a pirate! Rawr....

Fearsome pirate lord
I'm gonna be, a pirate lord
Fearsome, pirate lord (yarr, harr)
I'm gonna be a pirate!

Booty, wanna spot more booty
Booty, (matey) love to plot, for booty,
Booty, sail the seas for booty,
Booty, (matey) gonna seize more booty,
Booty, go to war for booty,
Booty, (matey) wanna score more booty,
Booty, not enough, more booty,
Booty, (matey) gotta love more booty

You can tell a pirate, he has a swanky walk
His fancy boots and britches, causes mates to gawk
Flashy with his tunics, he's the king
Wearing feathered hats and lots of rings
You had best accept that, he's a pirate lord
Offer your devotion, and give him your accord

Har! Har! Har, har, har!
Fearsome pirate lord
I'm gonna be, a pirate lord
Fearsome pirate lord
I'm gonna be, a pirate! (that's right)

Fearsome pirate lord, (yarr, harr)
I'm gonna be, a pirate lord
Fearsome, pirate lord
I'm gonna be a pirate! That's right!

Booty, booty, booty gonna steal some booty,
Booty, booty, booty don't conceal that booty,
Booty, booty, booty sail the seas for booty,
Booty, booty, booty gonna seize more booty,

Every mate cannot be a fearsome pirate lord,
And lead a crew of pirates, and never be ignored,
Making all before him bow and kneel,
Possessing strength and honor and nerves of steel
You had best accept that, he's a pirate lord
And offer to surrender when e'er he comes aboard.

Har! Har! Har, har, har!
Fearsome pirate lord (pirate lord)
I'm gonna be, a pirate lord
Fearsome pirate lord
I'm gonna be, a pirate! (I've a hook for a hand)

Fearsome pirate lord, (see my cool familiars)
I'm gonna be, a pirate lord
Fearsome, pirate lord
I'm gonna be a pirate! (big hoop earrings)

Fearsome pirate lord (I've an eye patch)
I'm gonna be, a pirate lord
Fearsome pirate lord
I'm gonna be, a pirate!

Fearsome pirate lord
I'm gonna be, a pirate lord
Fearsome, pirate lord
I'm gonna be a pirate! Yarr!

Fleet Officer of Silver Dragons
Citizen of Meridian

Apollo wrote, "Hawkings has changed my life. ;)"
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Joined: Jul 13, 2008
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Name: Verbocity,
Ocean: Hunter,
Original Thread Name: Bah! Lovebug!
Thread Link:Linky Linky
Word count: 403.. Word count tool used

Red Octo! Red Octo! <33

It was valentines day. Oh how I despised Valentines day! The day on which people expressed their love in many ways. That day never came for me. I waited and waited by the side of the river. Accompanied by a rainbow of colours from roses, bluebells, daffodills, You name it. The river rushed by, not stopping for a break, not once.

I sighed casually and got up and made me way home. As I was walking, I caught sight of an angel!

Her long, shiny blonde hair reflected the sunlight back into the air. It was pulled back neatly into a ponytail. Hey eyes sparkled like the stars of the night. Twinkling with joy. The deep oceanic blue colour of her eyes was spellbounding. Her rosy red cheeks were the colour of a rose in Mid summer, in its prime. Her lips were lightly shaded with a pink colour and had a scent of strawberries. Mmm.

I Ran over to meet her, but alas, She stepped onto a carrige and was dragged off by a pair of horses. I felt as though my heart had followed. It was gone. My heart had been ripped out of my chest. I felt horrible.

When I returned to my humble abode, I was accompanied by thoughts of this 'angel'. Dreams or nightmares, Taunting me, teasing me.

The next day my mind was set. I would follow this girl, even if I had to cross mountains or seas. I would find her and claim her. So, with that in mind, I set off on my long journey.

I travelled through citys and towns untill I met her. There she was standing before me. Just like she did at first. She smiled at me and revealed her pearl white teeth.

Immediately, without thinking, I got down onto one knee. And said,
"I may not know your name nor who you are but it is love at first sight. And with that being said, Will you Marry me and be my wife?"

At first, the woman looked at him then grinned and whispered into my ear: " Ofcourse, my dear." And kissed me on the cheek.
We were so excited, we got married that night, under the stars, with their blessing.

At that moment in time, my life blossomed into something wonderful and anew. I felt a warm glow inside of me.It was love, and nothing could ever change that ;)

God, That was so touching. I can't believe I wrote that! ;_;
Havnt checked for spelling errors.

Top Prize = Red Octopus....

Contact me by pm if I win? :D
Good luck all ;) And great event! :D Had fun writing this.

This Acc was hacked... I think it was also banned :S
Dont no how to quote it from here onto the event thread. Sorry. :S

And for some reason my acc is gary678 but on forums its gary789 for some reason.
So.. If this acc wins anything, can the prize be given to Verbosity instead.
Sorry for putting this on the entry thread instead of the event. Can I get instructions in PM? :D Thanks.
Attract on Hunter.
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Stolencause
Ocean: Hunter
Name of original event: Bah Lovebug!
Link to the original event thread: Here.
Contest-specific information: 1500 word limit.

An Epic Tale of Passion and Other Such Nonsense

Imhatin Thisaday walked down the dirty path leading to the local tailor. He kicked a rock as he walked, keeping his eyes fixed upon the ground, ignoring cries of "Happy Valentine's Day!" and frowning at young couples happily holding hands. Walking at a brisk pace to quickly reach his destination, he avoided talking to anyone. Finally the tailor's shop came into view. A little boy was sitting on the steps holding a rose, slowly picking of petals and muttering "She loves me, she loves me not. She loves me....." The lad was so preoccupied with picking away the flower petals, he did not bother to look up as Imhatin walked by. Suddenly, an idea sprang into Imahtin's evil little mind. He checked to see that the boy was still preoccupied, and then climbed over the railing of the tailor shop stairs. He crept through the flowers growing around the shop (making sure to tread on the awful pink ones) and snuck up behind the little child. The little boy was still peeling petals away from the rose. Imhatin grinned. How could he ask for a more perfect situation? Suddenly, Imhatin jumped out of the bushes and yelled at the top of his lungs "SHE HATES YOU!" The poor little boy jumped, and then ran off, screaming and crying. Chuckling to himself, Imhatin strode into the shop, a spring in his step. The shopkeeper, and elderly woman, looked up from her sewing. "What can I do for you dear?" she said in a soft voice. Imhatin promptly emptied a sack of ripped clothing onto the counter. "Mend it! And do it quickly, ye old bag." he demanded. He threw a few pieces of eight at the woman, and exited the store, slamming the door as hard as he could as he did so. Smirking, Imhatin began walking back to his house. As he walked, he went over all of the things that he hated about Valentine's Day: the love, the flowers, the pink, and the chocolates. ESPECIALLY the chocolates.

In a few minutes, Imhatin was back at his little shack by the ocean. As he stomped through the sand and tangled seaweed, he noticed a little boy, chasing the water as it went back into the ocean, and then dashing the other way, screaming and laughing as the waves licked his heels. Imhatin sat upon his sighed deeply. This boy completely destroyed the panorama that was his front yard. "Scat, ye pesky lad!" bellowed Imhatin. But to Imhatin's surprise, the boy did not run away. He walked up to Imhatin and sat in a chair next to him. It was then Imhatin noticed that the boy was the one he had scared out of his wits earlier! Squinting up into Imahtin's eyes, the little boy said "Mister, why are you such a meanie?" Imhatin was surprised. He had never heard one so little speak with such bluntness. "I hate Valentine's Day." he replied quietly. The boy continued to pester him. "But why do you hate it? I love it! There are pretty flowers, and everyone's happy, and there's candy and chocolate!" Imhatin sighed. Even his cold heart could not withstand the pure power of an honest, unmolded child.

"Well, it was a long time ago. I was engaged to a beautiful lass by the name of Maki Nthegoodcandi. She owned a chocolate factory, the best in the world, and I was a simple sailor for the navy. But we loved each other, and that was all that mattered. I still remember what happened on that one fateful Valentine's Day that split us up. I was hard at work on my boat, the Fearful Marlin when I saw them; skeleton raiders from the far north. Now it is common knowledge that skeleton raiders LOVE chocolate. At once I knew that I had to get back to my beloved Maki, for she was in grave danger. My only option was to jump off of the ship and start swimming, and it was lucky I did, because a second later a cannon ball hit the ship and sunk it. By the time I got back, it was too late. The shop was stripped of all chocolate, and my sweet, sweet Maki was gone." Imhatin finished the story, and looked into the little boy's eyes. He had seen those eyes somewhere before. Then he noticed something even more strange. The little boy was smiling. He was wearing a wide grin that seemed like it filled his whole face. "Why are ye smiling, lad? I would think a little lad like yourself would be a bit sad after a tale like that one." said Imhatin. And that little boy replied "I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Imhatin. My mom says the name reminds her of my father, a brave man, who's ship was sunk in the defense of the island where she lived."
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate :

Ocean :

Name :
le tour de L'ocean

Link : http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?p=1582314#1582314

Contest info :
to win all u need to do is a race with other boats around the ocean
and there will be stop points where u dont move so u can see who has won this part and u can rest a bit
it is just like the tour de france
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)


Write a Brigand King

Vargas the Mad
-- Word count: 838
-- Word counter: http://www.wordcounttool.com

A wise man once said we are nought but prisoners in a den and all we witness or feel is but a shadow of another realm our eyes cannot see. What if someone ventured there and was able to grasp the truth? He would pity the wisdom of the cave then, wouldn't he? And what if he did come back? Came back to tell of what he had seen. Would his fellow prisoners believe him or would they ridicule him? Perhaps they would put him to death.

So pay close attention to my words, oh reader. For this is the story of how I met Vargas the Mad, returned to reveal the Enlightened's philosophy, yet I seemingly survived.

A long time ago, in the early years of my knighthood, I started a quest for an ancient relic. After much research, I discovered that Vargas the Mad was the owner of the very last copy of the book which could reveal the location of the precious item. The Barbarian King at that time was ruling over Kasidim Island and I, knowing that archipelago rather well having dwelt a long time on Caravanserai Island, managed to equip a row-boat and shore there on the sly.

It was the night before the blockade that would see him defeated. There were many campfires lit up. Sound of drums. Pagan rites and dances.
In the shadow, I managed to sneak towards a tree next to one of the biggest bonfires where Vargas' dark monks sat in a circle.

Shortly thereafter he came. He was as tall as a giant and and his tread was that of a general. He stuck his foot on a rock, then took a deep puff from his ivory pipe, blowing it away in huge grey clouds. The whole assembly shut up. Frowning, he blasted out an "Arrr!" and an unrepeatable curse, then started to speak.

- Amongst those lubbers that tomorrow attack the island, is there anybody who has ever lived as a down-goer!? That dissolute crowd, unfeeling as an iron swabbie! Arrr!
- I remember... I wasn't but an angry young man, obsessed by the illustrious example in literature of which I wanted to be the spiritual heir: Odysseus. Errr! Not only Homer's, but Dante's too, especially Dante's. Besieged by angst, I was thirsty for answers and like my precursor, I wanted to go beyond the boundaries of human knowledge. I felt like a titan myself, as strong as Prometheus. Hehehe!

- I set sail heading straight for the Isle of Capri where the Achelois supposedly lived. Odysseus? Arrr! He ordered his men to bind him to a mast. He listened to the Sirens' song, but knew very little about them. But he got a wife. Hehehe! I got no one and I wanted to make the most of my endeavour... and know deeper. Yarrr! My sacrifice would otherwise be pointless. Wasn't it lovable to live as a down-goer? For I was feeling like an over-goer!

- "Come closer, famous Vargas. Moor yer ship so ye can hear our song", they said.
- "Am I famous? Is it me the one they want?", thought I. They tickled my vanity and desire. I felt them. Oh Gods, if I felt them! Bliss and heaven. The disclosure of a whole universe. Divine insight, it was. Then I realized that in the eternal struggle twixt culture and nature, the latter will ever prevail. What do you think Long John Silver's parrot would choose? - The assembly burst into laughter, the pack leader smirked.

- Thus - he continued - I found refuge in pure instincts. Here comes the primordial man! I feel like the ape that first brandished a bone as a weapon! Yarrr! -
Suddenly he stopped talking. His pipe had gone out. He smelled the air animal-like. Then he cast a cutting glance in my direction. Had he descried my presence among the shrubberies? I feared my neck would be broken thereafter by the blows of his berserk adepts' bludgeons.

- Now, if someone like me, questing for greatness, should be right behind that tree, listening to my words, he would think me mad. Hehehe! Wasn't Socrates speaking about the same thing when he enunciated the Myth of the Cave? Once enlightened, the freed prisoner who came back from the invisible realm would be seen as a fool, wouldn't he? Arrrg! Vargas has seen things you people wouldn't believe!
- Run away! Go back amongst the humans, that sorry crowd and their petty miseries! And tell them about Vargas, about his over-going! Tell them about the Enlightened! Go tell them, you... -

I couldn't hear any further. I managed to survive yet I felt he had cast his blackspot on me. He knew there are things one shouldn't tell. The freed prisoner who came back from the invisible realm would be seen as a fool, wouldn't he? And fools tell no tale... like dead men. I managed to survive... I... seemingly... survived... but no longer do I live.
Pishkirlin of Emerald
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Athens of Hunter

I chose the U Giv Doll? because I missed the event deadline by 15 minutes last year....

The Om created for was Eurydice, the aim was to make her look like the pirate, because we all want to be pirates!

Items used
Red, Black, White, Brown Cloth.
Red, Gold, Black Thread
Red, Black Ribbon
Black String
Two sets of colored eyes.
TONS of Black Fuzzy Yarn
Six eyelets
Map button
Paper flowers
Plastic eyebrows
Sea Shell Earrings

Empty Body
Plain Dress
Corset without eyelets and ribbon
Ribbon and Lace
Working on the hair
Starting monkey, excuse the mess the fabric was a mess.
All done and looking for loot!
Close up
Proof that I didn't just redye last years DQ'ed entry.

I started off with two fuzzy socks that I dyed brown to match her skin color and added eyes. Next I started threading her hair which was a waste of time because I changed it all later... You'll be able to see in the photos.

After filling the doll with fluff and creating the legs I used a second sock to add on her arms. I created a under-shirt for her and a pair of panties to keep her modest.
Next I created a long skirt, at this time I also realized I didn't like the hair she had and shaved off what she hair and replaced it with pure black.
Next came the little red corset, and all of the shinny ribbon. I pounded in the eyelets and laced up her corset. I placed a hair wrap in her hair and tied a few sea shells to it and from there started creating her monkey Cacao.
To polish her up I "tried" to create shoes, added a map button with the monkey, dotted her hair with paper flowers and added eyebrows. All in all she stands about a foot tall and her monkey is around 3 inches.
~Athens~ Hunter

Want to know who makes my avatars?
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Scaarlett
Ocean: Hunter
Name of original event: U Giv Doll - Part 2!
Link to the original event thread: U Giv Doll - Part 2 Linkie!

I created my own doll of Aphrodite. The reason I picked Aphrodite is because she's my favorite OM. She's very kind and she?s awesome! I hope you all like my doll, diffidently you Aphrodite =D!

I based my Aphrodite Doll on Aphrodite's features in her Malachite Portrait on Malachite Ocean! Aphrodite's Malachite Portrait

Pics of my Aphrodite Doll

My Supplies!

Forming Aphrodite's Body

Sewing Aphrodite Together

Sewing Aphrodite's Hair All Together

Aphrodite's Hand Stitched Face

A Closer Look At Aphrodite's Hand Stitched Face

Upper Half Of Aphrodite's Dress

Lower Half Of Aphrodite's Dress

A Closer Look At Aphrodite's Dress

My Doll Aphrodite!

I hope everyone enjoyed my doll! I had such a terrific time working on her! This was the first time I've ever made a doll. I had a great experience! Thank you!

Prize Choices
Purple Octo
Aphrodite Doll

Scaarlett on Hunter Ocean
*Happy Pirate of Hunter Ocean*

Scaar to the lett!
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Adrielle

Ocean: Viridian

Name of original event: Draw A Brigand King! Win a familiar!

Link to the original event thread: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=64848

Contest-specific information:
My picture features Gretchen Goldfang, and the media I used was MS Paint, MS Photo Editor, ArtRage and Artweaver. Lol, if by some miracle I win, my colour and choice of familiar is a violet octopus.

Thumbnail -

Full size entry -
~~~ Adrielle, Ezzleart and Enfyz ~~~
... (& @AmazinAdrielle on Twitter) ...
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Alondza
Ocean: Hunter
Name of original event: A Sailor's Yarn -- "Woolly" event for All Oceans
Link: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=96197
Contest specific information: Create a seascape design incorporating your chosen Y!PP ship and any background elements you wish to include.

My entry:<u> Gunning on a sloop</u>

The components are pretty much the same as the ones used for the original contest, as I haven't bought any new yarns since.

I first drew the sloop on paper:

then drew it on my cloth:http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/9145/clothdp0.jpg

My two "in progress " photos:

And the final project.

A close-up of the pirate and the back of the ship:
Alondza, Hunter Ocean
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate Name - Msprecious

Ocean- Viridian

Original event - The Case Of The Missiong Slippers

Link to event- http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=92040

It was a bright shiny afternoon. Hypnos woke from his nap, stretched, and rubbed his eyes. "Time to get ready for work," he thought to himself with a sigh. Climbing out of bed, he put on his white puffy robe and reached for the pink bunny slippers.He always tucked them into their own little box with love but as he reached into the box his eyes flew open with fear. "NO!!" he screamed. The slippers were gone! A frantic search around the room revealed the slippers were nowhere to be found. His body was racked with sobs as he mourned the loss of his pink furry friends. "I must find them!" he cried. Taking a second look around the room Hypnos found that a very familiar scent lingered in the air. He tried to recall the day before but he couldn?t remember anything dealing with him leaving a shoe anywhere so it must have been stolen. The room smelled of Trinkeos and lavender with lead him to believe his house must have been invaded!!!! The search of the house turned up with nothing so he called up a friend and asked to borrow her elephant to search the island from his missing slippers.
He decided to start with the inn on Lima, everything and anything that goes missing or unwanted is sold there, but he had no luck, he didn?t want to announce in a inn full of pirates that he was missing pink fluffy slippers. He can only imagine what laughter that will bring about being the macho he portraits. After hours of waiting in the inn he decided to check Terras Clothing stores, one in particular that has a lot of clothing new and old was Isabelle Tiaras, but like the inn there was nothing and he didn?t want to make an announcement. As he went to exit he noticed the name Captainflood?.hmm he thought, he had remembered the day before he awarded a pirate by the name of Msprecious one of his amazing eggs and she was aboard Captainflood?s ship. With fury in his eyes he sent Ocean Master from all over looking for her, he couldn?t believe someone he was so nice to could?ve stolen his favorite slippers.
After hours of tracking Msprecious they waited till she was home alone to approach her, being the man Hypnos is he didn?t want to cause a scene around pirates that would love a fight for no reason. They entered her house with ease since it was open to anyone; there Hypnos found his pink fuzzy slippers next to this black robe with pink initials Hyp on it. Msprecious entered the room with a big smile and a big fancy all white cake and everyone shouted SURPRISE!!!! She had talked all the Ocean Masters into helping her take Hypnos slipper from his house without him knowing so she could get a robe to match. If Hypnos would?ve check Isabelle Tiaras a few hours earlier he would?ve saw her and Galene picking up the order. After breaking down in tears then finishing up with laughter all Hypnos could do is ask why? Msprecious simply stated?when one gives you such priceless gifts you do nothing other than return the favor, price doesn?t matter when it comes to something you love and will cherish forever. He was so touched but then he has to ask another question because it did worry him that they was able to get in his house, laughing Msprecious said that Aphrodite, her Gaea waited until he was sleep, Aphrodite quietly snuck in and at the moment he was about to wake she sprinkle a sleep love potion over him which put him into a type of sleep he wouldn?t want to wake up from; they then took the slippers and carried it straight to Captainflood so he could get to work on the order. Msprecious wanted to leave him wondering and puzzled so she left her clothes from her previous Atlantis trip under the bed, she thought he would see it not smell it, and sprayed Aphrodite perfume. It was cruel the way they did it but funny, but all ended well.
Hypnos was very touched, his robe was made out of the finest linen on Viridian, that day was the most precious day of his pirate life. What could?ve turned out to be a disaster turned into an evening of laughter, partying and some madness?..Hephaestus manage to get into the Moon shine
It's A girl..... if not refunding all this stuff will be hard 0.0
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Bisquick - Midnight

Name of original event: Pirates of the Caribbean Spoof Video Competition
Link to the original event thread: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=39327

Contest-specific information (the YouTube description):

This is a spoof of the Curse of the Black Pearl trailer based on the Three Rings game, Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. This was created for the Y!PP's Greatest Hits '08 contest.

The backgrounds aren't mine, but I'm pretty sure they're not copyrighted. The music is from the OST.

There's a moment in there inspired by Rhodin's dock incident. Apple Bunny's "real form" sprang from one of Daggerdarla's entries in Easter Easels 2008. And of course, the end was inspired by one of Hephaestus' responses in the Y!PP blog.

Also, no intended offense to narcoleptics.

edit: Oh right. SFX are mostly from soundsnap.com. You might recognize the chickens from Zelda. There's also Y!PP's beloved navy whistle as our cry of the greenie.

And finally, the entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO2gv0ly9ak
Bisquick - Midnight (turned Cerulean), and all other oceans
Captain of Ransack Marauders
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate Name: Justinmickey
Ocean: Viridian
Name of the Original Event: Valentine's Day Contest (By Apollo)
Link To The Original Event.

Preferred Familiar: Monkey

Person my poem is based upon: Aphrodite
Shes a beautiful person, and shes the Goddess of Love.

My Entry:
My Darling Aphrodite,
You are truely,
My Guiding Light,

Your eyes are beyond compare,
My love is for you,
I could not share.

Your smile is what I like,
If it was gone from me,
I'd go on strike.

You wear blue,
That I see,
But you'll never be blue,
When your with me.

Your personality is funny,
It also makes me feel,
Like your lovey, honey.

So, please... never leave me
And lets see what happens
And have the best Valentine's Day with me it can be.
Modern, Emerald.
Spam, Meridian.
Avatar by Gwiddon.
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Sirburger

Ocean: Malachite

Name of original Contest: Dead Letter Office

Link: Here

Prize I want: Grand frigate, or any other type of ship, really.


The phrase I started with was: Pillage on my War Brig!
I changed it to: Pillage on my War Brie!

Avatar made by me and edited by Anniya (Icysparks18)
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate: Pomfret
Ocean: Midnight
Original Event and Link: Pirate Paparazzi

Pomfret of Midnight Cerulean and Most Oceans
Except when I am Scroogie or somebody else

Stupid merger made me change my signature...
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Greenslope
Ocean: Viridian
Name of original event: Nemo's Prized Parrot Paintings! (2004)
Link to the original event thread: Nemo's Prized Parrot Paintings! (2004)
Contest-specific information: Any artistic medium allowed (I sculpted), subject: parrots of course!

"Best Mates"

I had lots of fun making a sculpture of myself and a parrot navigating the Viridian Ocean together. I hope that someday I'll have a parrot like this one for company on long sea voyages. I did my best, hope you like it.

Final photo (large image) .

The sculpture is made of colored Sculpey over a wire and tinfoil armature on a basswood base. I took lots of in-progress photos on this project. It took several days. I tried to stay as true to Y!PP art style as possible. Details like no nose, four fingers, and clothing design come straight out of the portrait art style. Now in 3-D!

In-progress photos: 1 2 3

The final piece is pretty neat from any angle. It stands 8" high. It looks like I'm really putting my weight into turning that wheel. ^_^

Angle shots: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Good luck everyone! Keep these great contests coming!

Greenslope - Viridian Ocean/Malachite Ocean
Avatar by me.
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Talula
Ocean: Viridian
Name of original event: Animation Avatars - Win a Bia Doll!
Contest-specific information:
Your task is to create me a new avatar that is in the style of some piece of animation.

I had a go at Re-l Mayer from the Anime Series "Ergo Proxy ". I hope that, also if you dont know this anime series, you will like your new avatar ^_^
and here its high resolution and a close up version cos all details get lost like always in avatar size
= Talula - Meridian =
Xalija on all other Ocean
Old Avatars - broken pic links
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Bladen
Ocean: Midnight
Name of original event: BYOF: Build Your Own Familiar!
Link to the original event thread:http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?p=869496#869496
Contest-specific information:

Duct Tape Monkey!

2 Coat Hangers
Duct tape
A small amount of black electrical tape

...and more duct tape (of course I didn't have two rolls the same colour in the house... that would have been too simple):

12-Step (sort of) Assembly Procedure:
Step 1: Bend coat hangers into a frame (in this case made to roughly scale the actual in-game monkey's proportions... roughly)
Step 2: Start rolling a ball of duct tape, and continue adding to it until it reaches the appropriate size for the head.
Step 3: Insert previously described 'head-ball' into the frame, and attach with... you guess it, duct tape (also making sure that the ears are covered).
Step 4: Cover the entire wire frame with duct tape, and continue adding duct tape to fill out the body.
Steps 5-10: Add more duct tape.
Step 11: Add light-coloured (in this case, white) duct tape for the base of the monkey's face, also covering the hands, feet, and the inner-ears.
Step 12: Cut two round pieces of electrical tape for the eyes, and stretch another piece of electrical tape (after rounding the corners) into a smile!

It now should look something like this:

I had originally hoped to make him brown (as per the brown duct tape seen in the first materials shot), but alas, I ran out before I got to the final layer... I'm sure there are many species' of grey monkeys out there...

Your monkey can now be posed and/or mounted onto a pirate's shoulder, as seen here (when mounting on shoulder, use the tail and legs to 'clamp' him onto your shoulder):

Note: Due to lack of a proper pirate hat, I went with my Triumph Motorcycles hat. This was mainly because that's what pirates would likely wear today... if they were wearing a duct-tape monkey on their shoulder.

...and had previously pillaged a Triumph Motorcycles hat from someone.
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Greylady
Ocean: Malachite
Event: PoE is for PoEts!


Ahoy pirates, or should I say, PoEts? Welcome to the "PoE is for PoEts!" contest. This is a contest wich will make ye expand yer poetry veins to the maximum (I hope). This be a contest, that ye can either write a love PoEm, a limerick PoEm, anything that goes in yer piratey head*!

On to the rules, shall we?

*All the PoEms must be related to pirates, bucaneers, piratey style etc.
*Ye may only post 2 PoEmS.
*All posts must be written in this thread.
*Ye cannot post 2 threads, 1 after another, ye may only write 1 PoEm at a time.
*This contest applies to all Oceans.
*Any doubts and/or questions will be answered by me, so don't be afraid, ask away.

My entry:

Title: Billions of Blue!

"Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles!"
said the Captain to the first mate.
"We're headin' fer stormy waters,
and death may be our fate!"

"Rocks be port and starboard!
Enemies at the aft!
And should we sink, I hate to say,
we haven't even a raft!"

"Aye, Captain" replied the first mate,
"Tis true our fate looks grim!
But thar's one thing yer fergettin'.
They don't have Bigjim!

"If ye can move in swiftly,
and grapple good 'n tight,
Whether Barbarians or Brigands,
We're sure to win the fight!"

"Sublime/Ultimate in Swordfight!
Weighty/Leg in Rumble too.
Not to mention Peglegpeteyboy,
And ye, and oh, me too!"

"Sure, we be outnumbered!
Their might ring red as rubies!
But they've never fought a better team
of 'Billions of Blue' crewbies!"

And so the Captain circled in
and took them by surprise,
and the mighty crew of "Billions of Blue"
Slaughtered the other guys.

The booty they did plunder,
PoE, Kracken's Blood and rum!
Then back to port they charted
To brag of battles won!
Greylady, Meridian & Emerald, Greyladyy on Cerulean

Get cracking and scrambling! Eggs are here!!
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Here is my entry!

If I were to choose my prize I would want an Aqua Octopus !!
Otherwise if I get a runner's up prize, ships and furniture are both good things!

For my entry I chose the original U Giv Doll contest, linked here:
U Giv Doll

I actually made 2 dolls and then chose the better of the two.
I made a doll of the Shiny New OM Hera!

Hera is a stuffed cotton doll with a bendable wire armature, polymer clay head, hands, and feat, with a magnetic polymer clay familiar (accompanying magnet is in left shoulder). She is wearing custom made cotton clothes, with a real leather belt and a Jewel-encrusted polymer clay crown.

Materials used:

Wig Hair
Polymer Clay
Various jewels and gems
Various glues
Cotton Fabric
Cotton muslin (fabric)
Polyester fiberfill (stuffing)
Plastic coated wire (armature)
Embroidery thread (used to stitch on doll parts)

I took several photos of the doll, including different positions to show the doll's movement, and the remove-ability of Zues, the familiar.

In Progress Photos-

Poly Clay Doll Parts
Jewel-Encrusted Crown
Bald Hera

Finished Doll-









Thank you for the fun contest and wonderful opportunity to make dolls! (I <3 dolls)


As per the original U Giv Doll contest, I wanted to send my doll (and th other I made, but did not enter) to their respective OM's. How do I go about getting the OK on this?

Liliene on Cerulean
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Name: Llamagirl
Ocean: Hunter
Link to original event: U Giv Doll
Doll: Cronus!

Sickle is attached to Cronus shoulder with velcro and can be removed.

(for doll)
T-shirting fabric
Tin foil
Craft foam
2 pom poms
Polymer clay
Tiny piece of velcro

(for throne/chair thing)
Tea bag box
Muffin kit box
Chocolate box
Green paint

(things on throne)
Polymer clay
Polar fleece

Before clothing/hair
u can has fashul hare!
Bed time!
Cronus tells you, "u giv cooki?"
Domino thinks, "omw u tast so gud"
Throne/chair thing with namecard
Om-nom-nom-a-licious stuff on throne/chair thing
Sleeping animals on throne/chair thing
Sickle's little pearch on throne/chair thing (TOO MUCH LIGHT!)
Before tin-foil armour
Throne/chair before paint

Phew, that took ages :P

If possible, on the off chance that I somehow win, I would like a violet octopus , but I'd be fine with just about anything else, too :P

See, Cronus? I TOLD you I'd make you a dollie!

Llamagirl on Hunter
Beautiful avatar by Albini!

You told Cronus, "So, what kinda snacks you got?"
Cronus tells you, "Small children"
Cronus tells you, "Sometimes coated in chocolate."
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Ahoy mates, I am Guppyzra of the Hunter Ocean and my entry is for the, 'Write a Brigand King! Win a Familiar!' event. The link to which can be found here. I am writing a story about Barnabas the Pale in first person (as Barnabas the Pale) which has in it a few special, 'twists,' which you'll discover as I read. This piece of entertaining writing has 748 words.

My entry is below:

Fire burns. Some fires burn dull; some fires burn bright. None burn brighter than the fire of I, Barnabas the Pale. My wildfire spread across the oceans the day my Cythonic Hode rose to power, to hunt glory and riches alike. These days I vanquish my foes and walk from their burning wrecks of their ships with part of the failures heart. I take from them the exact spark which drives hope into their futile actions and I add it to my warm fierce glow. I am now successful but that hasn't always been the case...

It was the seventeenth day of the glorious month of June on the Hunter Ocean. I, Barnabas the Pale, looked across the sea, dotted with ripples from the specks of rain, towards the increasing power of the opposing fleet which just stared back like a likon lying in wait for its prey.Whilst I sttod at the helm of my ship my reasonable force glided across the ocean swifter than a bird carried by the wind. Just behind Iocane was the setting sun winking and wishing me luck. For the first time I was in control.

The first shot from the cold metal cannons raced through the moist summer air, the blockade had begun.

Commanding my fleet onwards I turned to my first mate, 'How are my chances?' I asked.

'You tell me,' she replied, 'You're meant to be one of the top five of the oceans.'

I nodded and watched the mesmerising army draw ever closer. They had at least fivefold the number of ships that I had; I had fivefold the experience.

'Make sure the cannons are loaded' I snapped. 'This island will be mine.'

Together my mass army pierced the front line and headed straight for the heart of the battle. Surely enough, we reached the centre of the chaos. My confidence was clear for all to see. I had no fear. Suddenly the whole ship quaked as a number of cannonballs smashed into the right side of the ship sending millions of oak splinters high into the air. I peered over the ships edge to assess the damage; we were going down.

'Keep sailing!' I thundered through all the confusion.

My first mate looked at me in disbelief,' Abandon ship!' she odered.

Mutiny amongst the crew was what I wanted least. I cursed her as she jumped over the ships edge. Her name was Byrnhild and we would meet again. Not even I know why but upon seeing my whole crew start plunging into the icy water below I was filled with determination. I knew that against all the odds I could achieve something on my own. I turned the ship towards the colossal frigate which held their Captain. Fear filled his heart as he realised what I was attempting. The most elite members of his crew gathered at the point where the two of us would impact but he sent them away. He wanted to take me on single-handed. I wanted to take him on that way as well. Unveiling a black backsword, I watched as he leapt across the gap between the two ships. Spectacular as it was, I was caught by surprise.

Somehow as he was in mid-air I was able to plunge by backsword deep into his chest, just narrowly missing his heart. I released the blade and watched him fall to the floor. When he finally stopped moving I knelt by his side. His eyes flickered over towards me, 'Sorry Azarbad,' I smiled slyly, 'You will never make it to the top!'

He took in a deep breath and then began laughing. The temptation to snap his neck was great but I resisted it. Eventually he spat out his dying words, 'We've been playing with fire Barnabas, now we're both going to burn.' His head fell back and he lay motionless, Azarbad was dead but my flag was defeated. How could I be so blind as to what was happening. We were both going down in flames.

I forced my eyes open and stared to the skies. In front of me was this huge army of ships and millions of skeletal creatures packed into each one. I struggled to my feet and caught sight of my hands, each delicate finger gloved in a tongue fire. I am a man of second chances. Barnabas had died. But Barnabas the Pale was born, I had riches. Now it was time for me to hunt for glory.
Guppyzra of the Imaginary Ocean.
Founder and Coordinator of Fight Circle

In the Name Of... ~carpe noctem
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Domokun
Ocean: Sage
Name of original event: Draw a Brigand King
Link to the original event thread
Contest-specific information: Draw a portrait of an existing Brigand King. Include a thumbnail and name the media.

Full size image. Warning! Large File!
Pictured Brigand Queen: Brynhild, who was left out of the original event because she was too busy plundering elsewhere.
Media: Graded pencils and artists paper.

Original prize list:
Familiar & Ribbon
Renamed Ship and Ribbon
"Trinkets or similar"
Avatar by the incredible Tilinka
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Surrptitious
Ocean: Cobalt

Name of original event: Pillaging Picasso (Created Section)
Link to the original event thread: http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?thread=36634

Title of original painting: Liberty Leading the People
Artist of original painting: Eugène Delacroix

Title of your piratey version: Liberty Leading the Pirates
Media used: Photoshop 7.0 +Wacom tablet tracings of pirate portrait eyes were used in the making of..

Original painting linky: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e285/gumption_girl/Liberty_Leading_the_People_28th_Jul.jpg

Pirated version linky: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e285/gumption_girl/LibertyleadingthePirates-2.jpg

work in-progress screenshots are available if needed, but Apollo never said anything about posting said screenshots for the original event, so I'm going to play it safe hehe ^_^

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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Yvchen
Ocean: Opal

Name of the original event: Draw a Brigand King
Original Event Thread

Brynhild Skullsplitter
Media: pencil and charcoal on paper

Larger image
"I'm busy doing the fishstick. It's a very delicate state of mind!"
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate: Kittyocool
Ocean: Hunter
Name of original event: Pirate Paparazzi
Link to the original event thread: Pirate Paparazzi
Contest-specific information: Make a newspaper cover to embarass a certain OM or developer.

Entry: My entry

Thanks for the great fun! :D
Kittyocool on Hunter
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Byof: Build Your Own Familiar
Build Your Own Familiar contest link here.

- A "materials photo", showing what your familiar bits looked like before you turned them into a familiar.
- A "finished product" shot, showing your familiar at its best.
- A "glamour shot", showing your familiar perched on something. (Ideally on your shoulder!)
- A brief list of materials and instructions on how you assembled it.

A Ginger Monkey!

I like this shot better than the official one linked below, but I forgot the card in it.

Materials list:
pipe insulation
2 wire clothes hangers
liquid starch
powdered ginger

A few notes on how I assembled my ginger monkey:
We are currently remodeling our house, and I liked the look of all the sawdust that had gathered under the table saw, so I thought it might be used somehow to make a monkey.
We also had an interesting bit of leftover pipe insulation that I imagined would make a good base for his body and head.

So I first I made an armature out of the coat hangers by straightening them, then cutting and bending them into a basic wire frame for my monkey. I cut and attached the pieces of pipe insulation to the wire frame. They have a cut on one side and a sticky adhesive under plastic strips, making it easy to slip over the frame. Next, I needed a way to hold him so I could work. This
proved difficult, I first tried sitting him on a stick on a bottle, but he was too wobbly, so I settled on embedding a large cooking fork in a old bit of packaging styrofoam, and sticking him on that...it looked VERY uncomfortable (poor monkey), but did the job nicely.

Then it was time to mix up a dough out of the sawdust. I mixed together some sawdust, flour, a little liquid laundry starch (not sure this helped any) and some water. I added a bit of powdered ginger, because he was a ginger monkey, but the color and smell were overpowered by the look and smell of sawdust. It ended up looking just like tuna salad, and scared my son (who doesn't like tuna) into thinking it was our dinner. Unfortunately, it behaved just like tuna salad might, it went on the body, but slumped down before it dried, and kept sliding right off the wire frame. I kept adding flour to stiffen it, but no matter how much I added, it was like trying to make a sculpture out of tuna salad. I next tried wrapping a small section of the wire with bubble wrap, but it still slipped right off. I removed the bubble wrap, and just as I was about to chuck the whole mess into the garbage, I decided to see what would happen if I microwaved a small batch of it. It worked! Just a few seconds changed it completely. I microwaved it in small batches, if done too long it was hard to work with and if not done enough it was too slippery. Now that I had a clay like substance, I covered the whole frame with the sawdust "clay" and set it in the sun to dry.

After he had set well, but before he was completely dry, I cut his mouth and eyes out of the sawdust dough with a knife, leaving the black pipe insulation showing beneath.

Wanting a true "ginger" monkey, I mixed up the rest of the powdered ginger with some laundry starch and water to make a paint, which I used to paint all but the face and belly of my monkey (Which retains its natural sawdust look). It took two coats to get the color right. He has a lovely ginger smell now too.

My dog, Toby, (known in game as "Sir Toby Belch") seemed very interested in him as I was taking photos, and wanted to be in on the pictures, so I have many fun pictures of the two playing together.
Ginger monkeys rule!
Sadly, the tumbles monkey took off of Toby were a little hard on him, and caused a few cracks, but those have since been repaired, and all is well.

Also, my best pictures were taken before I remembered the card with the name on it, so I include a couple here just for fun, but the official photos were retaken to include the required card.

Official entry shots.

View ingredient shot here
View finished product shot here
View "glamour" shot here
on the Viridian Ocean
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Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Feylind
Ocean: Midnight
Name of original event: <Insert Name Here> Writing Event (linky)
Basic Requirements:
-- Write a short story about a historical figure in an adventure with pirates.
-- Length: between 500-7500 words.
-- Pirate ship name should conforum with the standard rename policy.

My Entry:

Queen Elizabeth in an Adventure with Pirates
or Like Water from a Fountain

Word count: 3287

It's a bit long so I hosted it elsewhere as recommended.

Thanks for running this event again, Heph! I love having the opportunity to enter events I previously ran. :-)

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