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GCPP Round 3 Rules and Guidelines Reply to this Post
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GCPP Round 3 Rules and Guidelines

The Grand Crafting Puzzle Project is a player-run project to attempt to provide OOO with a crafting puzzle for Furnishing that they can add to Puzzle Pirates. Only Furnishing puzzles will be considered in round 3.

Forum Rules
This forum is for discussion relating to the Crafting Puzzle Project, announced here.

Discussion that is not directly related to the project should take place elsewhere such as the Game Design forum.

Round 3 Goals
In Round 3, we are looking for single player games suitable for Furnishing . If you submitted a game in round 1 or 2, that would be good for Furnishing , you are welcome to submit it for round 3 as well.

You are encouraged to continue work on foraging puzzles and construction puzzles (particularly cooperative ones) but we will have a separate round devoted to those, at a much later date. OOO has not made any solid decision as to whether any foraging puzzle will ever be implemented.

How to Help

Phase One: Submitting a Proposal (Wiki)
You've got this great idea for a Furnishing puzzle. You can't wait to tell everyone! We can't wait to hear it! But to make things move smoothly and help everyone understand what you create, we must insist on a standardized proposal form. So follow these steps, and you'll be well on your way!

1. Check out the YPPedia page for reference materials and tutorials on how to create a YPPedia page.

2. Pick a codename for your project from this list.

3. Using the Template, write up your proposal. Make sure you can fill all the fields, or your design will not be complete! The storyboard is normally crucial at this point, but images can be extremely rough.

4. Post a thread in the Crafting Puzzle Project forum with the title "Puzzle Codename: [your puzzle's codename]."

5. Participate in the discussion in that thread to refine your proposal into a workable design!

Phase Two: Discussion (Forum)
After submission comes the discussion phase, which starts when the original submitter launches a new thread in the forum. The aim of the discussion phase is to distill ideas down to enough detail to a) see if they meet the guidelines posted in the Grand Crafting Puzzle Project Reference Guide and b) get them to a level of specification where initial code design and prototyping can be started.

Discussion can cover any aspect of the idea. Points of focus should include game mechanics, feasibility, and suitability for furnishing. It'll be important that any given design fall within the scope of our programmers' ability to code.

To help other designers provide useful feedback on your design proposal, you should try to include a description of the game mechanics stripped of all art and flavor. This way, we can see whether the design itself works as a game before we try to see if it works as a crafting puzzle.

Phase Three: Nomination and Team Building
Once a design is solid enough that it could be coded, anybody can nominate it for Phase Three. If a programmer volunteers to code it, this design then moves to Phase Four as long as there are no serious objections raised in the discussion thread for the design. This is normally the point where an artist volunteers to join the team, although the artist may have already been helping the team.

Since we rely on volunteers for programming, even if your design is nominated we might not have a coder for it. If the puzzle is interesting enough, somebody will step forward eventually.

Note: A single nomination is enough, as long as a programmer is willing to code the design.

Phase Four: Code the Game
The volunteer programmer on the team works with the artist and game designer to make a playable prototype. This prototype can use any programming language that results in a game that can be played online: GameGardens (ideal), Java applet, NetLogo applet, Flash, Javascript, etc. We do not want our testers to have to download executable files; the game should be something that is played on a website.

Phase Five: Testing and Feedback
Once the first prototype of the puzzle is online, announce in the design's discussion thread, giving the url for where to find the game. Testers will play the game, giving feedback on the same thread. Normally this results in the team (designer, coder, artist) making changes, then the testers giving more feedback. We want the most enjoyable game possible, and this always takes several versions.

Phase Six: Event
When you have a playable game that needs specific feedback from testers, please post in your thread asking for an event for your game. If the event coordinator agrees, an event will be scheduled. You will need to provide a list of questions that you want the contestants to answer (giving you feedback on your game) and will need to help with the judging by telling the event coordinator which contestants gave useful feedback. In round 2, we used Logical Crafting for this; round 3 may use other types of events.

Note that you are not obligated to have an event for your game.

After the event, the team polishes the game and posts the resulting version for more feedback, possibly dropping back to Phase 5 again.

Phase Seven: Ready for Feedback and Judging
When your team has finished polishing, please post in your thread that you are marking it as Phase Seven.

When we have several solid, polished puzzles, we will announce a code freeze and two week final feedback period where we test all the finished puzzles thoroughly and attempt to choose the one that is most suitable for the Furnishing puzzle for YPP. The final decision of which puzzle to include in YPP will be made by a OOO developer (such as Cephalopod).

For further discussion, please use the discussion thread
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Re: GCPP Round 3 Rules and Guidelines Reply to this Post
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I have been trying to clean up the forum so the long list of stickied threads is not so daunting.

As such, please consider this post a link to various references.

Various threads that were previously stickied.
Designers: if you aren't getting enough advice
Graphics programs, grids, testing for Colorblind-friendliness
Useful YPPedia Links
Game Gardens troubleshooting
Programmers: briefing
Grand Crafting Puzzle Project Reference Guide
Project Rules and Guidelines
Co-operative Puzzle Design Discussion

And, the two blog posts I wrote.
Puzzle Design: Mechanics
Puzzle Design: Analogiest
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Re: GCPP Round 3 Rules and Guidelines Reply to this Post
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The coding freeze for the the third round will be on December 7. All designers should have as complete design as they can by that point. It will be followed by an open playtest period for player feedback, after which the developers will do their decision thing.

Designs should be submitted as in phase 7 from the above list at that point.
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