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Obsidian Blockade Plan Reply to this Post
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Ahoy mates!

Blockades are looming so ye best be ready to sail!

Unlike openings in the past, you pirates will chart the course for the first island openings. Which island will open first will be based on the results of an event blockade. It's up to factions and flags to decide how much they're willing to risk to determine with which island opens first.

Please be aware that once the first island is opened we will be opening the 3 shipyard shoppes for player orders of larger ships. This gives other players an opportunity to order larger ships for looming battles.

Every blockade is sinking unless otherwise stated.

Ye can find the discussion thread in Parley, here .

11/18/2017 - Event
Type: Non Sinking
Time: Noon game time.
Rounds: 3
Location: Triplet's Treasure
Prizes: Charm items!
1st - Sleeping Cat with a Sleeping kitten - Grey with white paws - Amateur Hour
2nd - Sleeping Cat - Grey with white paws - Lion's Bane
3rd - Maroon jeweled chest (2 awarded) - Art of War and Fanatical SOULS
The top 3 flags will also receive a modest flag hall to place them in (if the flag already has a hall we will give the monarch 10,000 PoE and 10 doubloons). The charm item(s) will be placed where the monarch chooses in the flag hall (as long as it's possible to place an item there).
Details: Given we're still in early access, this event will allow us to test blockades before we open islands. It's also possible we need to run additional event blockades.
Note: It's possible (but not currently intended) that the charm prizes may appear in the future on LE ships or as furniture in promo boxes.

12/16/2017 - Event
Type: Sinking
Time: Noon game time.
Rounds: 2 out of 3 - won by Amateur Hour (Defiant Armada)
Location: Triplet's Treasure
Prize: The winning faction will determine which island will open first, Magpie Island or Loggerhead Island. If the Defiant side wins, Loggerhead Island will open first. If Shadow wins, Magpie Island will be the first to open. The winning faction is determined by the winning flag. Thus, it's in a faction's best interest to work together to ensure the faction is the winner.

01/06/2018 - Island Opening
Type: Sinking
Time: Noon game time.
Rounds: 3 out of 5
Note: Opening of Magpie Island or Loggerhead Island depending on who won the event blockade. The island will be placed under BK control and the two flags must not only contend with each other, but also a brigand king. Winning flag will claim ownership of the island.

01/20/2018 - Island Opening
Type: Sinking
Time: Noon game time.
Rounds: 3 out of 5
Note: Opening of the remaining island, Magpie Island or Loggerhead Island. As above, the island will be placed under BK control. The winning flag will claim ownership of the island.

**Due to the nature of this ocean's Beta status, details may change. When possible, we will provide advance notice of changes.**
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