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XMAS IN JULY 2021 is coming! (12 hour GF pillage) Reply to this Post
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HO HO ARRRRRRH! Welcome welcome, one and all, to XMAS IN JULY 2021!!!! We're back for our annual pre-Xmas Xmas event this year and hope to see you all on the boat! Join us for holiday trivia, battles galore, guest Bnavers, stocking stuffers, wrapped presents, and - last, but not least - secret trigger prizes, as we pillage across the Emerald seas, spreading joy and good will as we go!

Friday - July 16th, 2021
from 12 p.m. (noon) until 12:00 a.m. (midnight) GAME TIME

Jobbing offer to hit the Notice Board at 11:30 a.m. (game time).

Open to ALL pirates looking to have some good old-fashioned, 'off-season' holiday fun!

The jobbing notice will be posted on the Notice Board under the "Pillaging with a Crew" section. Hit the apply button, and away ye go! (Please note that while we generally fill up pretty quickly at the start of the Event, we always continue to job as spaces become available. So if you don't get jobbed right away, keep checking the Notice Board to grab a spot later on!)


  • 12 NON-STOP HOURS! of pure fun, and a little somethin somethin for everyone!
  • FREE STRIPEYS! One set of pirate-gender appropriate tops and bottoms will be available to every jobber who wants them.
  • STOCKING STUFFERS! that will be randomly handed out by the Elves throughout the pillage - everyone should be able leave the boat with at least a lil Xmas cheer in their pockets, in addition to the pieces of eight won from battles.
  • TRIVIA QUESTIONS, custom-created Word Puzzles and more! every few minutes during the entire pillage, with presents awarded for each correct answer.
  • Up to 200 WRAPPED PRESENTS! will be given out on the day! Presents can include (but are not limited to) chromas, furniture, ships, pets, clothing, familiars... all sorts of toys and goodies from Santa's Workshop!
  • DUTY REPORT CONTESTS! (covering all skill levels) for those who wish to puzzle instead of answer trivia. Winners will also get to chose their own present.
  • Personalized OM-CREATED TRINKETS! for each pirate who stays on the boat for the entire 12-hour pillage.
  • PILLAGING, PUZZLING and sword fight/rumble battles! Please note that all pirates on board will be expected to either sf or rumble at the end of each battle, just like any other pillage. (see Ts&Cs below).
  • Our very special Super Secret TRIGGER PRIZES! are also back this year!


    If anyone has a desire to donate to Santa's Toy Sack (i.e., presents and stuffers to be given away), please feel free to contact one of the Elves (in-game, Discord, forum message, etc.), or even leave a reply to this post below, and one of us will find you. To protect yourself and ensure that you're giving the donations to one of Santa's real Elves:
    * make your donations through Juls, Santaself, Adminelf, Punkinspice, Rudolphbeard, or even Pegasiswolf - if you can catch her!
    (While Pegs is not organizing the event this year, she is still helping us out when she can.) <3

    *** Ts&Cs ***
  • PLEASE BE AWARE THAT BY JOINING THE PILLAGE, YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO SF/RUMBLE AT THE END OF EACH BATTLE, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT STATIONING IN BETWEEN OR DURING THE BATTLES. As this is also a pillage, the same rules will apply as to any vessel battling on the high seas - lost sf/rumbles at the end of a battle = lost booty for the whole boat, and the Elves reserve the right to plank consistent straight-liners. Obviously going afk for a few minutes is fine, but if we're in a battle we need all hands on stations and swinging sticks, swords or bludgeons at the end of them!
  • As this is an event offering good times and the joys of a stress-free Xmas experience to everyone, Santa and the Elves do kindly request that all personal and political dramas be left at the docks - we stocked up on extra coal for Santa to handout, just in case!
  • Please leave the /vessel shouts to the Elves or Santa ONLY. Vessel chat can be a constant blur during these events, and shouting is the only way for us to get our messages out and keep the fun moving along.
  • From time to time, the XO Elf might have to ask for jobbers to fill stations; please help us keep the boat fully functional and hop on a station as quickly as possible so that we can ensure a smooth and fun pillage for everyone!
  • Hints as to what will trigger one of the Secret Trigger prize give-aways will not be given out in advance, or even on the day of the Event; if they happen, they happen and the person who triggered it will receive a separate wrapped gift!

    ~ Juls
    on Emerald, Obsidian

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    Re: XMAS IN JULY 2021 is coming! (12 hour GF pillage) Reply to this Post
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    I had always wondered what the XMAS in July event was all about but didn't quite expect it to be a GF pillage :O
    While I am not very active nowadays, I intend to attend considering the help I received from you last time @MysticJuls
    Maybe I'll be able to snag a spot. Anyways, I hope it goes well!

    Fair winds,
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    Re: XMAS IN JULY 2021 is coming! (12 hour GF pillage) Reply to this Post
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    Im THRILLED that the event will still be held... and i hope EVERYONE will give Juls and Punkin (and all the other elves) all the help and support and RESPECT that everyone has always given to me in previous years!!!! so TELL ALL YOUR HEARTIES TO COME JOIN THE FUN!!!

    woo hoo

    ?It's beginning to look alot like XMAS?
    Pegasiswolf- Captain of Dream Catchers and Queen of Fleet of Dreams -Emerald

    host of XMAS IN JULY event 2011 to 2020

    "maintaining a positive attitude may not fix all of lifes problems, but it should annoy enough ppl to make it worth the
    [Jun 13, 2021 3:15:34 AM] Show Printable Version of Post        Send Private Message    Hidden to Guest    https://www.facebook.com/victoria.wittren    pegasiswolf [Link]  Go to top 
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