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Joined: Nov 21, 2016
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Stuff for sale!!! Reply to this Post
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Selling/Trading items, contact me in every ocean (Alexco) or ypp discords.*
UN bleach skelly parrot
UN Plum raven
UN tan raven
named orange/aqua spider

MKII Shadow
MKII Spring green
Plain merchant galleons
plain war galleons

bid ticket:
stones (3p), iron (12p)

Pets: unamed gold sheep, Unamed/named karkinos, unamed gold/Banana rabbits, unamed Banana pony, unamed gators, unamed Plum seal, unamed Chocolate fox, and unamed gold panda

Trinkets: beachcomber (chocolate clam shell)
BK, cursed isles, haunted seas, kraken, seasonal, Mystery box, and odds&ends

Chromas (many): Banana, Bluegrey, Chocolate, Iceblue, Indigo, Magenta, Night blue, Plum, Sea Green, and Spring Green.

Designs: male and female kraken tattoo, rogue dhow, rogue grand frigate, cursed sloop, rogue sloop, war brig gold class, war brig rogue class, war frig gold class, and war frigate rogue class

Furniture:S furni gold banner, royal blue cherry tree, cornucopia, cursed altar, dart board, EGGs!!!, jeweled table, banner fleur de lys, gilded easel, and gold crossed swords, LE color wall lamps (Banana/Spring Green), painting of ship and sunset, black piggy bank, rat/werewolf/wolverine plushie, lavender byobu folding screen, smuggled arms, choco autumn/banana verdant tapestry, gold tapestry and vampire's coffin

*Some items may have already been sold prior to contact.
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Joined: Mar 29, 2010
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Re: Stuff for sale!!! Reply to this Post
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BUYING EGGS: Arcturus, Bungleton, Castor, Eightycats, Lelantos, Mnemosyne, Nemo, Poseidon.

- if you didn't happen to know yet.
~ Sizzly of Emerald ~
Avatar by Aerecura <3
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