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Re: Installing Ice
I just tried to install Ice on my computer (which had Windows 10 preinstalled) and had no problem. ...
Ice Discussion Jun 3, 2016 10:37:07 PM
by Thunderbird
Re: april updates
[quote]Don't most people use the up and down arrow keys for selecting chat anyway?[/quote] Simple ...
Ice Discussion May 1, 2017 7:23:18 PM
by Thunderbird
Re: Anyone tested war galleons so far?
It's not available on Ice, as far as I can tell.
Ice Discussion Mar 18, 2018 12:09:20 PM
by Thunderbird
Re: War Galleon
Game claims 7 carp stations in the pirates aboard window, but there are actually 9. /bugged that.
Ice Discussion Mar 24, 2018 10:09:59 AM
by Thunderbird
Re: War Galleon
The Obsidian Ocean doubloon page says 40 right now, so either the page is wrong, or it's been ...
Ice Discussion May 1, 2018 7:07:50 PM
by Thunderbird
Re: War Galleon
The ship appears to be meant to be comparable to a Xebec. How does it compare to that in the same ...
Ice Discussion May 12, 2018 8:05:32 AM
by Thunderbird
Re: Pacific NW Meet Up
I might be able to show up to this, assuming I can get the clutch replaced on my car between now ...
Shore Leave Dec 25, 2016 4:26:56 PM
by Thunderbird
Re: Pacific NW Meet Up
Huh, I thought this was next week. My car is still waiting to be looked at, so I'm not going ...
Shore Leave Jan 14, 2017 5:47:07 PM
by Thunderbird
[quote]make a new player called Thegoatisangry and then tell the person when you see them lol from ...
Shore Leave Aug 8, 2018 7:39:32 AM
by Thunderbird
Re: Ocean Merging
The oceans have already been merged once and are still in this situation, what's another merge ...
Davy Jones' Locker Mar 16, 2017 5:28:56 AM
by Thunderbird
Re: A Mustering at Magpie - Win a War Frig and War Brigs!
Magpie hasn't seen a blockade for the past two weekends. Given that the island is fully built up, I ...
Obsidian Events Feb 12, 2018 10:43:39 AM
by Thunderbird
Re: AH invites you to a Puzzling Bake-off!
How exactly would you determine if someone was cheating/botting in order to disqualify them?
Obsidian Events Mar 26, 2018 8:17:08 PM
by Thunderbird
Re: Missing Ship?
[quote]my bad.. dunno how i missed this "Anyway, I have the deed to my ship, but..." ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers May 27, 2016 9:08:22 AM
by Thunderbird
Re: How do OMs know you're botting?
[quote]I live in a dorm and most of my roommates are using our connection to download... the most ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Mar 3, 2017 5:31:48 AM
by Thunderbird
Re: Ocean Master
[quote]i wouldnt even want to be an OM, sure its cool. But imagine trying to have a normal pilly. ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Jul 15, 2017 10:57:56 AM
by Thunderbird
Re: Trophy Speculation and Discussion: Part 4
[quote]well then. there was just the one merchant expedition, which would bring the count back to ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Nov 3, 2017 9:10:26 PM
by Thunderbird
Re: Obsidian LE ships
Two of the older LE ships have already been made available on Obsidian, the Phantom sloop and the ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Dec 1, 2017 10:26:45 AM
by Thunderbird
Re: Better than "good" on Distilling on Cerulean?
It's been a very long time since CC5 did well, from what I remember. I haven't distilled in forever ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Jan 31, 2018 2:53:26 PM
by Thunderbird
Re: I want android version fir PP.
An iPad version was done some time ago, with intent on an Android version later on. However, it was ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Aug 18, 2018 2:54:07 PM
by Thunderbird
Re: How do I colonize?
One (possibly easier) way to tell if an island is open. If it is uncolonized, look on the island. ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Sep 3, 2018 3:16:44 PM
by Thunderbird
Posts: 187   Pages: 10   [ First Page | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 | Next Page | Last Page]

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