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Re: Friday Night Flotilla Drinking Funsies!
3 - 20ish
Cerulean Events Nov 28, 2019 5:09:15 PM
by Mysterio
Jorvik Event Blockades
HOy All, With Xmas on the horizon these next two weeks Starting Dec 15 & 17 I'll b hosting ...
Cerulean Events Dec 10, 2020 9:27:59 AM
by Mysterio
Re: Jorvik Event Blockades
I would like to clarify a few things about the upcoming Event Blockades on Jorvik. 1. Theres no ...
Cerulean Events Dec 15, 2020 11:46:02 PM
by Mysterio
Re: Jorvik Event Blockades
Sorry for todays short notice. Dec 29 2pm PST Dec 31 7pm PST Jan 01 2pm PST
Cerulean Events Dec 29, 2020 9:13:53 AM
by Mysterio
Re: [Selling] Stuff
Are these items available on cerulean?
Cerulean Bazaar Jun 18, 2020 9:51:50 AM
by Mysterio
Ships for sale
I have the following ships for sale, All ships are sold as is [b]Sloops: 8500 each[/b] Upset ...
Cerulean Bazaar Oct 28, 2020 9:19:13 AM
by Mysterio
Are your flag/crew mates missing? Read on
Mad Mutineers, the oldest crew on Cerulean, wants you!, If your crew or flag has become dormant, ...
Cerulean Parley Nov 18, 2019 6:08:59 AM
by Mysterio
Re: Piratemagic
Mad Mutineers offer there deepest condolences
Cerulean Parley Dec 9, 2019 12:12:21 PM
by Mysterio
Re: The Major Manifesto
Cerulean Parley Feb 19, 2020 10:23:28 AM
by Mysterio
Ran's Explorations.
[size=3][color=red][b][font=century gothic]Ran's Explorations[/font] [/b][/color] [/size] ...
Cerulean Parley Apr 29, 2020 10:00:52 PM
by Mysterio
Re: Status of Cerulean
I have a pirate on both. Nothings really changed. Midnight/cobalt/cerulean. Still the same ...
Cerulean Parley Oct 21, 2020 10:01:23 PM
by Mysterio
Re: The hypocrisy of Emerlaus
OMG, since Brigand Kings have been on the ocean, everything your all whining about is all fair game ...
Cerulean Parley Dec 30, 2020 9:37:29 AM
by Mysterio
Re: Flotilla spawns mechanics
Yes it sucks being a jobber when that happens. Been there just last week. But I dont think it ...
Game Design Dec 30, 2020 12:47:32 AM
by Mysterio
Monthly rewards change
Is it possible we could end the plushie's n dolls as a monthly reward and replace it with Kungfoo ...
Game Design Jun 7, 2021 9:21:57 PM
by Mysterio

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