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Posted by Walrus at Jul 17, 2003 3:32:33 PM
New "duelling" puzzle idea: Pirate Dance
I be watchin' Shogun this last night on the TiVo with me wife and watched the main character dancin' about singin' o' the barbary merchants. And then the Japanese matey be learnin' t' dance wit' 'im. It were quite entertaining.

I propose a dancing puzzle. Perhaps something like a cross between the gunnery and carp puzzles. Ye be getting arrows to move ye feet around to squares that be indicated in the right order. If ye trip over a place yer foot is suppos'd to go later or if ye take too long to move ye take a drink instead. And if ye have too many drinks ye start to get more squiggly pieces to move yer feet around makin' it a little more difficult.

The faster, more accurate dancer be the winner, or the last one left standing from all the drinking. Or sommat' like that.

It be only a shame that the folks standing around can't see the mateys dancing about, but t'would be a dinghy full o' art needed fer that.

Arr, I think it be a good idea, if ye don't, ye be in need o' some more grog...

Posted by crowsdiamond at Jul 18, 2003 12:49:01 AM
Re: New "duelling" puzzle idea: Pirate Dance
What are ye, the devil in disguise?!?!?! That puzz be soundin like a good HORRID one!! I often be cursin the carp puzz, and as fer gunnin.... harrrr.. i do no get that one at ALL!! (yes, i have read the stuff on it... but just can't seem ta get the pieces in there in the right order... or me balls go out the window... or.. well, ye gets the idea.. har har har. It the puzzle combines the two, i'll be in trubble fo' sher! LOL
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