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Posted by DonCarnage at May 27, 2003 12:21:59 AM
differences between ships
what are the differences between the different ships? so far i can tell (and i'm probably missing stupid stuff)

maximum number available on board
maximum number of stations
maximum number of guns

ones i'm not sure of:
maximum amount of stuff in hold?

are there more differences?

one thing i think would be kind of cool would be performances altered between ships (i'm not sure if this exists already?)
something in particular i'm thinking is that small ships with smaller crews are at an obvious disadvantage in the sea battle game - how about options (at risk of unbalancing or making them uncatchable)

firing cannons to the front or back
gaining more arrows for less work
having other arrows besides the left right and forward (such as two forward, or a u-turn arrow)
having a chance of moving 'thru' rocks without taking damage

just an idea, i was out with my small ship yesterday and had a dilly-of-a-pickle of a time in the sailing game now that the npp ships tend not to run out of moves anymore, plus the changes to the edge-of-map stuff
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Posted by Nemo at May 27, 2003 2:35:22 AM
Re: differences between ships
DonCarnage wrote: 
small ships with smaller crews are at an obvious disadvantage in the sea battle game

How is that? Larger ships take more bilgers to bilge and more carpenters to repair. Other than that, they have the huge disadvantages associated with fielding them. Throughout the rest of this forum we are debating how to make it easier for players to group up. It takes a major undertaking (and very deep pockets) to set sail on a larger ship. There's a lot of effort behind putting those four more sworders in the boarding swordfight (which may have been what you were talking about).

There are some more differences. I think more than enough. You mention yourself that with NPPs not running out of tokens anymore, it's harder to catch them. They're in the same ships you are. If you get more options, they get more options. The broader the range of moves, the harder it will be to catch them.

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Posted by Livesey at May 27, 2003 4:15:12 AM
Sea battle difficulty
This highlights my biggest complaint with sea battling. If they don't run out of moves, I pretty much can't catch them. This works in my favor when I'm the one on the run, of course, but it still seems lame. Right now I only pillage slow moving vessels, since they are likely to run out of moves during the sea battle.


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