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Posted by Ramirez at May 26, 2003 11:48:51 PM
How much wood does a woodchuck create at the market?
So, I know you guys hate numbers, and that's well and good... but I want ye to spill a couple of 'em. How much [widget] per [time] does an individual worker create, at a market? I'm trying to figure out how much n00b-shuttling I would need to do to make, say, Cnossos into a legitimate exporter.
It's seven leagues to Turtle Island. We've got a full cask of rum, half a keg of gunpowder, it's dark, and we're wearing eyepatches. Hit it.

Posted by Cleaver at May 27, 2003 12:21:35 AM
We're actually in the middle of re-jiggling the commodity production, not least because we've finally hit the point where we're consuming current production levels. I think we'll disclose some numbers when we've worked it out.

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