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Posted by Amatoria at Nov 9, 2006 12:29:32 AM
Event invitation from Fire & Ice - everyone welcome!
Ahoy Midnight Mates!

Edit: We've had donations and prizes have been updated!

Welcome to our flag fundraising event. Here's all the information you need, if you are feeling bored this weekend.

When: Sunday, 12th November 2006, 10 AM Pirate Time!!! (PST, game time)

other times:
MST (Mountain standard time, e.g. Denver) 11 AM
CST (Central standard time, e.g. Chicago) NOON
EST (New York) 1 PM
GMT (London) 6 PM
CET (Amsterdam) 7 PM

What: Solo Sloop Race

You bring your own sloop (lock stock and barrel) and you can sail it with the help of 3 non-person-players. No other players but you allowed on board. The first sloopist to arrive back in port will win.

Where: Emerald, Guava port

The race will run from Guava via Wrasse, Gaea, Epsilon and back to Guava.
You will need to rechart, so make sure you have the maps along. They can all be bought around the various Emerald shipyards.

What: great prizes, and even more FUN!

first prize: 20.000 poe
second prize: 15.000 poe
third prize: 13.000 poe

Plus runner-up prizes such as bandanas, bedrolls and other miscellaneous items to surprise the unsuspecting participant.
Lots more small prizes for placements! So many people have a chance to get something for their efforts!

How: Entrance fee and rules!
(Hey - it's a fund raiser, but you can win ten times more!)

Starting 30 min prior to the event, ask Amatoria to be jobbed into the crew WINTER GALES. You will need to be in crew the whole time for the event.
Board the Brig Conceited Rudd to deposit your entrance fee into the hold.

Entrance fee: : 1000 poe per ship/pirate!

Only if you have deposited the entrance fee are you eligible to the prizes. You can of course sail along to test yer own speeds without entering, but ya won't win anything!

The Judge will give the start signal via the Winter Gales crew chat.
Everyone sets sail on the route around Emerald (towards Wrasse).
At every island league point you need to say in Winter Gales crew chat the name of the island you are at. Judges will be there to varify if you actually are at the league point when posting.
Somewhere along the route you will need to rechart to return to Guava. You may choose to do this anywhere you like.

You may NOT engage other player ships who are participating in the race.
In other words : NO PvP! It's a race not a battle event.

If you get engaged by someone outside the event or by brigands and barbarians - that's the challenge. Beat em fast and move on.

Back at Guava you need to PORT before you announce yer arrival in crew chat.
Please have your chat log enabled so that our judges can varify this in case of a very close finish!

Once ye have arrived - ye can hop back on the brig Conceited Rudd to wait for everyone to arrive and collect the prizes.

Prizes will be awarded once everyone is back in port at Guava!

There will be a tournament board on the brig for everyone to pass the time and have some fun. And maybe the last will be the first and get their revenge in a swordfight or rumble match afterwards! :wink:

We hope to see ye all there! Come have fun with Fire & Ice!

Captain of Winter Gales
Queen of Fire & Ice

Posted by Amatoria at Nov 11, 2006 5:58:11 AM
Re: Event invitation from Fire & Ice - everyone welcome!
bumpity bump

Still time to move a sloop to Guava.

Posted by Amatoria at Nov 12, 2006 4:07:18 AM
Re: Event invitation from Fire & Ice - everyone welcome!
The event is today!

Send me (Amatoria) a tell and I'll job you to Winter Gales ready for some sailing fun!

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