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Posted by Jothmar at Sep 27, 2003 10:35:20 AM
Repaired Damage in Sea Battles
As of right now once you get damage on your ship its just there even after all of the damage has been repaired. While I would agree that ships that get hit but are able to repair the damage should still have some penalty it seems to me that it shouldn't be as severe as unrepaired damage.

Solution, instead of have the black unbreakable blocks have instead colored blocks at the bottom for the percent of damage repaired, black for ther percent of damage not repaired. This could of course lead to abuse if not carefully done (i.e. letting yourself be damaged for the chance to have some big breaks right off the bat). To prevent this a pattern that doesn't have any two blocks of the same color touching (well no group bigger then two is I think all the better you could do) such a pattern would prevent a desire to have this damage.
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Posted by Gotagota at Sep 27, 2003 10:47:03 AM
Re: Repaired Damage in Sea Battles
Cleaver aptly wrote: 
Carping will fix your ship but it won't fix the Cook's leg

Haha, I actually did find it. Here you go. It has one of me favorite bits of me own writing too.
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Posted by joedigriz at Sep 27, 2003 10:48:35 AM
Re: Repaired Damage in Sea Battles
Ah, but it isn't just ship damage. It's mainly *pirate* damage. After all, when you hit rocks or get shot, that tends to throw everyone around a lot. And while carping can fix a lot of the ship damage before the fight begins, the pirates won't be able to heal until after the engagment is over.
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Posted by Jothmar at Sep 27, 2003 11:06:17 AM
Re: Repaired Damage in Sea Battles
lol that is a great thread. . .sorry createing one that's already been talked about. . . I did do a search. . . theres just -so- much to go through.

. . . the poor cook . . .
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