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Posted by Zenithar at Sep 2, 2018 12:33:12 PM
Destroy -> Jettison Cargo
Trying a new style where I go as simple as possible.

Background - See: ; ;


Replace the function of the 'Destroy' cargo transfer option with 'Jettison'.

In Port: Does the same thing as Destroy - sinks the cargo.

At Sea, at a League Point, In a standard Battle-Navigation Fight; (Vs NPPs, PvP) - Creates a Treasure Haul packet containing the cargo and/or PoE jettisoned. As with other treasure hauls, the larger the size of the jettisioned cargo, the longer it would take to haul in. Duration the packet remains is dependent on size of package - can have resources decay over time it remains in the sea.

In a Flotilla; SMH, Blockade (Optional addon) - Could drop a Flotsam package with duration/effect scaled with the mass/volume of jettisoned cargo.
[Egregious Pedantry Warning - Technically Jetsam.]


The current 'Destroy Cargo' functionality can be (And, as far as I am aware, actively and constantly) being used to deny any victory rewards for PvP. This is very unhealthy to incentives to PvP, and the game wants PvP to be incentivized because it engages the community and sinks materials from the economy.

The Destroy functionality serves a valuable purpose (Accidentally fill a boat with stone and nothing is buying it? Etc) - it's never a /good/ idea to destroy cargo vs sell it off, but not having the option to clear an inventory is bad. But that doesn't need to be the at-sea functionality.

Hence - Treasure Haul. It serves multiple purposes.

- Losing ships can't just abandon cargo to deny the opponent anything in a total loss - if they pitch it overboard, it stays around a while and a victor can haul some of it in.

- By having the Treasure Haul packet decay/sink over time, it expands the strategic envelope - a losing but not totally out ship now has the option to drop some cargo and run - the currently winning ship can choose to haul the treasure or persue - not both simultaneously. If the losing ship only dropped a trivial amount, the persuing ship might be able to quickly haul it all in and maintain persuit - if large, the ship must make a true choice - secure the guaranteed loot, or persue and lose it.
- Dropped cargo could be used as bait for the greedy or unwary. (It could even theoretically be tied into the Greedy Brigands mechanics - you have to /bait/ the greedy ones out - if a nerf to that processes net profits is desired.)

- By allowing one to dump materials to jam passages, you potentially offer another means to engage in strategic battlefield manipulation and control while simultaneously adding another material sink to the economy.
(I feel the /least/ strong on this idea, and I can already see multiple reasons not to introduce it - but decided to, pardon the pun, float it in along with the others, as it was connected.)

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