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Posted by Ziondina at Mar 7, 2018 2:47:12 AM
Playing Full Screen
I play this game on 19 inches square monitor. I need to buy a new one but they're discontinued. I can't adjust the resolution of the game on wide screens when I play the game in full screen because the proportion of the game is not proper, as shown in the attachment
What do you recommend?

Posted by Faulkston at Mar 7, 2018 12:38:16 PM
Re: Playing Full Screen
Could you try running the game in a non-fullscreen mode, with the largest window size which fits your screen?
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Posted by Ziondina at Mar 8, 2018 3:02:47 AM
Re: Playing Full Screen

I tried on my square monitor but I know wide is more weird :P
the image on the screen is not clear as it only takes the image of the game but they arent fit on my screen :(

my favorite is 800x600. But full size. otherwise I click the desktop while I was gunning :P

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