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Posted by foolishfool at Jun 7, 2005 6:12:37 AM
Sword Fighting Requests
I was think, why don't there be a box on the upper right side of the battle, and in the box, shows the characters actualing sf with eachother and when ones hit, it shows an animtaion of the chr being hit, that'd be cool!
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Posted by rroberts at Jun 7, 2005 6:32:35 AM
Re: Sword Fighting Requests
There is not a lot of point to this mate. You can see when someone is suffering from the mini-screen in the corner showing their current build level. Anything else is just pretty but a waste of screen space. (Sorry Nemo & Bluebeard. I'm sure your art and animation would be awesome).

Posted by FitzChivalry at Jun 7, 2005 6:45:42 AM
Re: Sword Fighting Requests
also, a ton of code would need to be done, and i thought animations were said to be a no one time...not sure though.
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Posted by Faulkston at Jun 7, 2005 7:52:22 AM
Re: Sword Fighting Requests
The trend has been for people to request less animations (perhaps using toggle options) rather than more. Especially if the animations merely supplement what is going on in the puzzles (see sea battle).

less = more?
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Posted by Kinocha at Jun 7, 2005 8:03:51 AM
Re: Sword Fighting Requests
Faulkston wrote: 
less = more?

Sounds right. It's never fun lagging out in a seabattle or sf.
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Posted by DaneT at Jun 7, 2005 8:57:09 AM
Re: Sword Fighting Requests
If you want the general info on what people think of adding any graphics, i suggest going here...

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