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Posted by Aapokerpau at Aug 22, 2013 7:09:15 AM
Requesting a solo sloop pillage guide!
Yeah give me some links please ;)

Posted by JJAPS2 at Aug 24, 2013 9:25:07 AM
Re: Requesting a solo sloop pillage guide!
The sloop pillaging guide, on the ultimate guide to everything.

Mentlegen on the Viridian Ocean

Posted by Stefania_33 at Aug 29, 2013 6:58:21 AM
Re: Requesting a solo sloop pillage guide!
How I do the SOLO.


1. I gun and bnav. Be ready to ruin your gun stats, but that's not a drama since navy gunning is an easy tool to fix it after. You have to be able to gun on a renowned level lets say.
2. I put a bot on sail one on carp and one on bilge. They won't perform over fine but it's enough.
3. Depends on your goal of the solo sloop. Bnav or kill count.

- I didn't do it for the Bnav stats... I did it for the ship count. ( diamond sloop) So I decided to only attack green ring sloops not because the bnav but because I wanted win every time.
I could hardly attack any ship with a ring better than green or the most greenish to yellow. Even though I max - them in bnav, the level of your bots SF and Rumble is so low it's scary. Even when I attack a green sloop, they die like flies , mostly in SF and I end up solo Sf versus 4-5 bots. For this reason I prefer to set my solo battles on rumble. I can set 2 insta fast and if needed ,at times, I defend my own bot in trouble, and the bots on my ship seem to handle rumble better from my experience.
This technique did help with my kill count but ruined to able ( from leg) my Bnav stat which I do not mind since I plan to do more solo.
-I f you do it for Bnav stat and you do not mind the win lose after the boarding, you may attack something higher.

4. Inside the battle board I usually try not to move the first round. The moves you have initially will help you to some point. Don't try to save them much because you'll lose them eventually

I always make sure my guns are filled before I enter the battle. While I usually don't move first round.. or sometimes move a bit away... I try to look for decent gunning board to make it easy for me to fill. Once that is solved I focus in battles. The other sloop is easy to set usually especially as I mentioned they are green. So i wait till they are out of moves, especially if you put one cb in them, then place my self behind unload guns till I max and grapple. The sea battle on this scenario I exposed its rather hilarious easy.

5. Don't expect to make money out of this. When you solo the booty varies between 600 to max 1100 after many wins. You do get some expos .

6. You do need to rely on your SF and Rumble, to win it till the end. Do not count on your bots as in most cases it seems they are working against you not with you.

7. At times you need a move desperately. I have no issues messing my stats so I always ruin my rig and bilge by helping myself , when guns are full and don't need them. I either join a bot on rig to produce a move, or if bilge is high, I send the bilge bot to rig and I grab bilge. All this jumping between guns bilge rigs affects the stats. But this is something you'll get to handle yourself after a bit of experience.


1. Same things as described for sloop above. You get one extra bot though.
2. For some reason, the SF and rumble is dealt better by the bots when I solo on fan. For example, if on sloop I find myself 1 vs 3-4 MOST of the time, on solo fan I have a bot surviving with me most of the time. I still set my trip to rumble though, yet I attack sf boats too because I need fast kill count.
3. I can easily win cutter, dhow and fan soloing a fan. You use big cannon balls which puts you in advantage versus med cballs on cutter and dhow. You produce damage faster, not so many needs required.

SOLO SLOOP vs Brigand King.

This is complicate for me to explain how I did it, because it depends greatly on your SF/ rumble skills. But I will say some things:
1.The bnav is tricky:
- if I max them and they didn't hit you they run and dis. So most of the time I let them shoot me once. Doesn't guarantee 100% they wont dis but it helped me.
-depending on the BK, I grapple earlier than max since I wasn't interested in Bnav stat but rather in 100% win.
2. I always took my time in selecting the battles I wanted for some BK. If I know a BK spawn rumble and SF, I preffered to not engaged SF and spawn over and over same compass till I get the rumble one. That is because I can always secure me a win when I rumble.
3. If you aren't interested in winning the over battle, but you know you can manage to max and grapple, I do recommend using this solo sloop BK as a good method to increase your bnav. After getting a bit experience with handling them my bnav went up to leg. Most of the hard BK will spawn orange/red ring sloops.
4. I was never able to win in a solo sloop versus the Barnabas BK. Max- zero for this BK is irrelevant.
OK , sorry that it seems a bit random, but I don't have time to re read and reformulate having something else to do. I just wanted to share as much as I could from my solo experience since I did it a lot

PS: I have a lot of experience in soloing Monkey ships if you have a lot of time on your hands or simply a mountain of patience. If interested Pm in game.
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