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Posted by Jackdancer9 at Jan 22, 2013 9:00:22 AM
Most of you know me, I know most of the peeps from hunter.

This is something that just [edit] pisses me off, the email support service.

Basicly what happened was that my account Patrykmc got stolen, however OMs don't think that leaving the crew, deleting all hearties and switching your pirate name the day IP drasticly changes is enough proof.
Of course its not why would that be suspicious in any possible way.

Ok whatever I start fresh on Patrickdude, I get a RAT file on my computer which keylogged my entire pc, paypal account ypp account everything.

At this point I get pretty pissed... After a long time of unproffesional automated messages+ random OM names at the end later, I get the permission from Prometheus to start over.

ok I then start over as Jackdancer, and after 4 months I get banned?
totally legit, I think that their responses were hilarious this time, I giggled afew times.


Ban evasion means that you have a previously banned account and attempted to
play on a different account. Once you have a banned account, you are not
allowed to continue playing on any account. You can read about ban evasion
and other reasons for banning accounts at:

Please send us the following so we can review your case:
- List the names of all accounts you have used
- List the names of any accounts which other people have used on your
- Please note which (if any) of the above were banned and when

Fair winds,

- Hera

This sounds so pointless to me, if you have data of me doing something, why do you ask me to tell you it? It's like a cop pulling you over and saying:
Hey I has data of u robbing bank. Did you do it? Tell me how you did it.


If you have not purchased either a subscription or doubloons and cannot
provide the information we request, unfortunately there is no way for us to
confirm that you own the account. You can create a new account from the
Puzzle Pirates client by clicking "Create new pirate and account" in the top
left corner or use any other accounts you have.

Fair winds,

- Prometheus

If u dont pay with real life cash u will lose all your accounts biatch.

I would post all of the emails to provide you guys some entertainment
but I will spare the OMs the embaressment. I still remember being in Stormy sea riders with Sonye <3 feels like it was yesterday I was respected at SFing.

Yeah so unless this post gets deleted this was mostly for you guys to see how "pro" this email service is. Automated responses after 1 week-2 months...

I still miss these peeps and I love u <3:
Sonye, Maximic(currently Spadille), Imrans(landlubber:p), Skeletoness, Sunpetal, Finlanders, Konrados, Goadreamer, Tropicq, Erwinos, Carbonoxide(little less than the rest cus i dont know you personally)

I probably forgot alot of peeps but it was over 1 year so Im surprised I remember those I do :)

unban the innocent newbs!

[Edit: If it's filtered in game it should be filtered in the forums]

Posted by amartino at Jan 22, 2013 9:13:13 AM
Re: Patrykmc
lol, well hopefully yer peeps will see your post and know how much u miss them before it gets deleted from forums for yer use of f-bombs.

so u must be reeeallly P.O.'d now, huh?
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Posted by Jackdancer9 at Jan 22, 2013 9:20:37 AM
Re: Patrykmc
probably dont even remember me,
but yeah, im really pissed now.
All I ever wanted to do in life is to be #1 sfer and fail at bnav to fanchuans and ragequit <3

and go broke all the time :o

Posted by TexasBeesh at Jan 22, 2013 1:44:31 PM
Re: Patrykmc
Well you posted this in the Yohoho Puzzle Pedia Comunity - like Wiki, but for puzzle pirates. I'm not sure how many of your friends will see this. Moved thread.

But this might get locked and sent to Davy Jones Locker before any of them do.
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Posted by Jazzmania at Jan 27, 2013 4:54:10 AM
Re: Patrykmc
yo Patryk, soz to hear what happened. I will point Sonye and Immy to your post <3
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Posted by animal5 at Jan 27, 2013 9:50:48 AM
Re: Patrykmc
Hi Patryk,

I am so sorry to read this all....

I know you told me the same story some time ago and how sad you were that this all had happened and how happy you were to play again. So things went differently...

The only advice i can give you is to stop posting here and try to communicate calmly with the OM's. You must understand its hard for them also to check and to determine if you speak the truth or not. Try it please.

You can reach me in pm here or on fb.

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Posted by Jackdancer9 at Feb 3, 2013 12:10:11 PM
Re: Patrykmc
The thing is that the OM's(if they respond) will respond with an automated message probably without reading it, I sent an email 1 month ago and I am still to get a response.

I don't think that I will be unbanned because they just dont like me.
Not even a reason why I got banned xD

Yeah I showed immy dis post too dw I stay in touch with him.

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