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Posted by alanafiona at Jun 26, 2004 6:37:10 AM
Re: OceanMasters
Thusnelda wrote: 
Given the amount of greenies who approach me and my lovely yellow name on a regular basis, I'd think that you could effectively help out simply by hanging around the docks. And that's only on Jorvik. (Where can you see greenies? Only on Jorvik...)

Aaaaa! Now that video's stuck in me head again! Aaaa!

And.... oh, my. They have a newish one, with a pirate theme! But beware! It's not quite child-friendly, I wouldn't go there if I was under 18. Ye be warned!

[size=7]Really, it's just a tiny bit at the end, but a disclaimer was a good thing I think.
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Posted by jaymz at Jun 26, 2004 9:58:22 AM
Re: OceanMasters
I think the greeters and OM's should be kept apart.

A greeter is there to greet; the main criteria would be to be nice and supportive to people who need it on the docks.

Being an OM would be very different. The powers they have would come with huge responsibility. Not just in the "You made one person's gaming experience bad" sense, but in a way that could affect how well an entire crew or flag does, even through something as small as whisking.

And Alanafiona, if you think Kenya is bad, you should see my Imperio forum avatar :)

Posted by ramirojr at Jun 26, 2004 10:02:14 AM
Re: haha, good luck finding Fron in game!
Gotagota wrote: 
rroberts wrote: 
--wanting to give back to the community

There's a hundred ways to do so and none of them require any sort of special status. Events, large pillages, or even being remotely intelligent or insightful or articulate in your efforts to make the game as a whole better are some really effective methods.

Except, Fron, you and I basically have that last part covered. =p

Well, at least YOU do.
My backpacking buddy wrote: 
Remember that time we went through the Hall o'Precedents, then refused t'do it again? That Summer were the best.

Posted by drewmetoo at Jun 28, 2004 12:46:51 PM
Re: OceanMasters
Australian evenings are often OM-less... at least the last few times I've needed to talk to one!
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Posted by elderp at Jun 28, 2004 12:55:51 PM
Re: OceanMasters
I personally like hanging out on the docks and greeting greenies on my own. From my personal experience the best way to get new recruits for your crew is teaching other pirates how to be better. You do that and they want to be a part of your crew. Not just because you perhaps had a good run and now decided to start asking for new crew mates.

Posted by Fujiko at Jun 29, 2004 3:47:45 AM
Re: OceanMasters
Thusnelda wrote: 
(Where can you see greenies? Only on Jorvik...)

I had one appear on Iris the other day. Poof!

No clue how he got there. Navy, I guess. He wandered off.
Fujiko on Cerulean.
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Posted by amyliz33 at Feb 22, 2005 2:36:02 PM
Re: OceanMasters
For my 100th post spectacular I thought I'd wreak havoc using a semi-historic *bump* with a title that will probably confuse a great many people. As the historians say, "To understand our present we must understand our past."

Cleaver wrote: 
we will re-open public applications at an appropriate time, but probably when we need to hire quite a few more, which may well not be for a while depending on how things go.

Congrats on your milemarker of growth, mates. Here's to many more. Cheers!
Nazdar & Amyliz

Posted by SiLVeRD at Feb 22, 2005 3:44:22 PM
Re: OceanMasters
God that is evil rofl....

I remember wanting to apply back then but i only had barely 2 weeks of experience =(.
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Posted by Devonin at Feb 22, 2005 3:47:52 PM
Re: OceanMasters
I'm curious whether or not anyone on staff still recalls how many applications they recieved thet first time around, I'm curious to see how it compared to the 175 this time.

Posted by ElSpoom at Feb 23, 2005 10:20:03 PM
Re: OM
Cleaver wrote: 
I am going through the applications, which is taking a while as there are nearly 70 of them.

- Spoom
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Katattacksme wrote: 
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Posted by steviehi at Jun 17, 2006 2:06:35 PM
Re: Hiring ocean-masters
i would love to be an ocean master i would make sure every one was folowing the rules and my name would be in blue yay blue

Posted by Sagacious at Jun 17, 2006 2:10:57 PM
Re: Hiring ocean-masters
How old are you?
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