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Posted by squishy at Dec 29, 2002 12:59:13 PM
The Mad Mutineers Discussions
An initial place for discussion of the most fashionable crew in these High Seas, the Mad Mutineers. We be a fine crew, now discuss.

One issue at hand, how do we find the dividing of booty? Most members are currently Officers, but if we grow to a point where there's almost always an Officer online, we may keep more as Pirates. I believe one share of booty to Jobbers is fine, as it will give pirates from other crews a taste of our fine pillaging action while enticing them to join us as full members. What do ye think?

Posted by Rengor at Dec 29, 2002 2:33:30 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Arrr a fantastic day for the Mad Mutineers!

We won several contests and grew with a couple more fine members since we were able to change from the awkward democracy to autocracy with Squishy in the lead.

I think we should continuously evaluate the amount of officers by whether we have officers online or not. If we do we should keep the number at that. If people complains they dont see our officers on at all and have to go sail with other crews (which means less loot) then we should expand the amount of officers.

1 share for jobbers sounds good. I've sailed with half a share and that is quite little. It's even more important now with the latest patch giving less loot than before.

Finally I urge the new officers including myself to get some navigation experience so people actually wants to sail with us ;)
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by poobox at Dec 29, 2002 11:22:38 PM
We've got a map, but the skellys arr gone
that about sums it up.. I purchased a map to Turtle this morning, and on my arrival at the very spot where once stood an arrrrmy of skeletons there were naught but a battered chest. perhaps we were beaten to the treasure, perhaps i had too much rum in the drinking contest and was seeing things. anyway, don't need a map to turtle anymore.


Posted by homullus at Dec 30, 2002 2:10:31 AM
A fine day indeed
I think the Jobbing share be just right. It means a ton of money for any officer who can find enough decent NPP's (or non-Mutineers) to run a ship . . . I've gotten over 600 for myself on one fight, twice. I don't like the half-share business, and have jobbed at that rate. I'm not sure it was any more lucrative than Brave Ryan or Loud Peggy. Of course, part depends on how many other officers are on that voyage too . . . one share with one officer is much much bigger than one share when all the officers are aboard.

I would very much like to have one of our ships stocked with NPP's for solo play, since we're not always on at the same time. I realize that they get off from time to time (at least, if ye put into port they do), but I think we should have one that we not fire NPP's from.

Posted by squishy at Dec 30, 2002 4:44:37 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
arrr, so let's do this:

the crabby guppy is now a npp ship.

if ye find a good master, grandmaster, or ledgendary swordfighing npp, job them and take them to the guppy. we can leave her out to sea so that they can't get off (arrrr!) but she will fill with bilge, so you'll have to start there each time.

sound good? arrr!

Posted by Rengor at Dec 30, 2002 6:50:46 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Ack! ghosts have taken over both of our ships!
I was out all day with the Stingy today until at some point it got permanently stuck in combat mode (red) but didn't engage in combat. So now it will only move a tiny little bit and you can't disengage or rechart or anything. I reported the bug.

I went to the Crabby Guppy and the same problem only in pursue mode (green) gets stuck. This time it will continue over several leagues, but you cannot engage in combats. Reported this one too. ARRRRRGHHHH!!!

Also for both the bugs the NPPs went totally crazy and started hiding and running all over the ship. Most peculiar.

I tried relogging ofcourse, no change at all.

I hope the piratey gods will attend these problems asap.
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by squishy at Dec 31, 2002 1:28:23 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
woah! cool! that's the neatest bug i've seen so far!

Posted by Rengor at Dec 31, 2002 4:30:31 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Ahh woke up this morning, got my nasty green clothes on (when is the local laundromat opening up anyway??) and walked down to the docks and found both ships in perfect working order. All NPPs were gone however, but the way they acting last night that might be just the same.

I got some more maps for the Guppy so it's now missing just the one to Byrne. Hired a couple of NPPs (well my wife did) and put em on the Guppy. We'll leave it at sea when we're done.

Oh and Happy New Year! I'll fire the cannons 2003 times today as a salute
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by squishy at Dec 31, 2002 4:45:34 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
they probably had to do a server reboot... that returns all npp's to the pool...

i'll probably not be on quite so much in the next week or two, so i've passed the captain's hat over to Homullus!

all hail captain Homullus!

-Quartermaster Squishy

Posted by Rengor at Jan 1, 2003 5:23:38 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Arr the seas were rich with merchants and loot today, and the skeletons although hard were beaten to bone chips.

So I invested in a fine Large Sloop by the name of The Committed Hake (The Hake), a full set of maps and set her in the docks of Alpha.
Lots of room on this fine old lady so we can use it for days when we are fortunate to have many crewmen available.

So The Hake for lots of players
The Guppy to stay at sea with NPPs
The Hammerhead for various purposes

Now Im off to take her to seas!
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by Starbork at Jan 2, 2003 3:40:06 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Arr, the Hake be a fine vessel indeed!

I notice that we Mutineers be a top-notch gang of corsairs... that or something be amiss with the rating system of late. Nothing but Excellent sailing, bilging, and navigating fer the 5 of us on tonights voyages. Is the standing server record taken into account fer jaunt ratings, such that a fresh server is easier to sail excellently upon? Or are we just the keenest hands in all the Alpha archipelago?? Arr!

At any rate, glad to see that the crew hast plundered mightily in me absence of the past fortnight... Soon, me hearties, we raise a fearsome Flag!! har har har!!

Posted by Rengor at Jan 2, 2003 7:00:48 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
We are certainly a mighty crew worthy of our rating!

That being said Im afraid the scoring system is also off since the latest patch where the timefactor was minimized in some puzzles. It's now ALOT easier to get excellent on those puzzles. It's actually really hard to get just good or fine. It's either all perfect or not at all.

It is nice however that you can relax a bit more, chat with your crew mates and just enjoy the ride a bit more.

Oh and welcome back Starbork!
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by Rengor at Jan 4, 2003 3:55:11 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Seashell and I will be taking a long voyage lasting a week from tomorrow Sunday. They say there is incredible booty to be found far up the Colorado River in the deserts of Nevada, and we want to have a look and do some pillaging arr!! oh and some drinking!!
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by homullus at Jan 7, 2003 3:01:31 AM
crew colors
So, the Dastards are leaning toward adopting crew colors, which is probably not a bad idea for us as well . . . branding will likely be important once flags are implemented (which, I gather, is sooner rather than later, after commerce though). Cleaver told me that the Dastards and the Mutineers appear to him to be the two most active crews these days, and certainly the largest two. The two groups may well end up being the first two flags of any note. I think it would be in keeping with that spirit that we adopt crew colors. They need not be worn all the time, but it certainly gives us a basis for cleaning out our piratical closets, and showing our allegiance when we (ahem) end up jobbing on Dastards voyages and helping in skellington hunts. Once inventory is limited and resale more prevalent, it will be even more important to have rhyme and reason in wardrobe choices. So what say ye all? My opening suggestion is green and black. They are leaning toward red and black, right after I put together a rather striking outfit with just those colors (not fair! not fair at all!). I know many of the Mutineer officers -- well, ok, we're all officers, but those who are on the most -- have excellent outfits along green and black lines already. Everybody likes black! Black goes with everything! We could probably even arrange an initial swap of unwanted clothing with the Dastards, once it's all been settled. I know we're not supposed to be all rainbows-on-muffins and whistles-on-kittens friendly, but it sounds practical.

Posted by Rengor at Jan 11, 2003 5:21:18 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Arrr! back from our pillaging far far away!
I see we have plenty of new crew men, excellent!

As for colours, I will go with you Hom I like the Green and Black combinations, but whatever the decision is Im sure I have something fitting.

Now Im off to do some plundering...
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by Rengor at Jan 15, 2003 5:31:32 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Right, I went thru the maps we have on the ships. Bought a bunch so we have atleast the basic maps (Alpha to x) on all ships.

We have some of the Solstice to x maps too but not enough to cover all ships, and unfortunately a bunch of duplicates.

I spread out the maps according to how much we use the individual ships:

The Guppy has all Alpha maps and all but one Solstice map.

The Hammerhead has all Alpha maps and 3 Solstice maps.

The Hake has all Alpha maps and 2 Solstice maps.

The Halibut has all Alpha maps and 1 Solstice map.

Im holding the rest of the duplicates for future ships or trades. If you know anyone that has Solstice maps to trade give me a yell.
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by homullus at Jan 17, 2003 1:02:03 AM
So what to do?
So, now the Dastardly Dragons are selling themselves as the most democratic crew, which they aren't (we're all officers) and as the only one where everyone makes the same as their captain, which they aren't (we all make the same here too), or as the only ones interested in getting to know their people (seems as though all of us are like that, at least in the administration of the crews . . . it's certainly a reason behind the Dark Tide, and the Dastards' forum-posting requirement for officer-hood). Both the Dastards and we have a larger problem, if you can call it that, with casual players in the roster. The Dragons are still small, but as they're growing, I've noticed that while they still sail together a great deal, it's the SAME people sailing, not the new ones. So that may be a fact of life. The main obstacle I see to us expanding more is the maps and the trust that goes with them . . . word of mouth is bringing in more and more casual players, and with that, more and more folks who have nothing to lose by stealing from the crew they join first. So while I am really, really fond of the idea of letting everyone be an officer, so it isn't always the same people (I'm thinking selfishly) navigating, it's already come back to haunt us. If personal map-books or personal memory (per character) ever happens, we will be much better off. Should we just make maps a personal thing, where everyone who wants to sail has to provide their own? They aren't THAT expensive (a few good plundering trips would cover it), and it gets us back to making everyone an officer . . . and nobody can rip us off, then.

Posted by Rengor at Jan 17, 2003 4:49:37 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
I think we should stick to the current key reason for becoming a Mad Mutineer; that you become an officer instantly.

Sure we lost some maps there, but it looks like devs are working on introducing the map books for officers solving that problem.
And unless we have another huge problem with maps disappearing, the advantages of everyone being able to get officer skills outweigh the risk of stolen maps.

Also since this is still an alpha test, I have some idea that the devs are logging db activity of some sort. So it might be possible to track if someone was continuously stealing maps.
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by AvaPoet at Jan 18, 2003 12:29:55 AM
Not The Case
So, now the Dastardly Dragons are selling themselves as the most democratic crew, which they aren't (we're all officers)...

Not really; but we're the fairest crew which still maintains some kind of security and promotion structure.

I admire you Mutineers and your trust of people, but it is a liability to you: so many Officers! But I admire it, anyway.

In our case, at least by the time a crewman has bought us a ship, we're pretty sure of thier loyalty! It's not foolproof, but it works, and, more to the point, makes sure we have plenty of ships! We seem to have six, now. A brig, two large sloops, and three small sloops.

Our structure and policies may change with the advent of Flags and Crew Purses, whichever comes first, but for now, we're proud of who we are.

You are right, though, about "same old people". For this reason, we, unlike the Dastards and (presumabley) unlike the Mutineers, will keep an upper limit on our crew size (which is flexible, but currently at "about 30"). Beyond this we'll consider "swapping out" people who spend very little time online with prospective new people. This will keep us fresh and dynamic, ensure that we have an active crew at all times, and keep a sense of privilege among those we hold dear.

Thanks for mentioning us, though, Mutineers. Oh; and Gilbert - I'll see thee at the end of my sword, again, soon! I'm barely done spending all the money you gave me last time! =o)
_________________ be dragons...

Posted by Rengor at Jan 18, 2003 5:31:04 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Again other than the maps that can be stolen, there are no disadvantages to making everyone an officer.

I only see advantage:
-Both for the new crewmember who can try everything in the game.
-For the crew who gets many officers with navigational skills.
-And the devs who has more players testing all facets of the game.

Down the road, as the game becomes more complex we might have problems with having alot of officers who has privileges that has the potential to ruin the game for everyone. We'll deal with those issues if that ever arises.
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by Rengor at Jan 19, 2003 3:43:48 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Thanks to all crewmembers and jobbers for pillaging with me last night. It was a really profitable night where we were able to take on brig after brig and defeat them with just 5 of us (defeat them most times that is).

I made about 6k and my wife 7k, so it's definitely very profitable to pillage lads.

Here's a little info on why it worked for us. It's a small guide for pillaging if you will.

- Too much damage causes bilge to build faster, so keep damage under 1/4. Carpentry is still kinda hard, so finding a good NPP (respected or better) is a good idea.

- Too much bilge causes the ship and token creation to slow down heavily. Keep it under 1/4. Bilging is fairly easy (with no damage), so no need to hire NPPs specifically for that (if you are more than 1 players onboard).

- Tokens during Sea Battle is only created thru sailing. So if bilge and damage is below 1/4 everyone jump to sails.

- Navigation will boost the effectiveness of sailing. And it's completing the rings that will make you speed up not keeping the puzzle down by lining them in 3s.

- While the captain is busy navigating, engaging enemies and doing the sea battle, another player should be responsible for moving NPPs around to balance bilge, damage and speed. This is a REALLY important task.

- When hiring NPPs you want to get good swordsmen as a primary skill, one good carpenter as a secondary, and one good or several medium sailors to help you get tokens. Also take other players skills into account. And note the NPPs initial skills, since the skills they are born with are their actual skills, even if it shows that they improve over time.

Here's the skill levels:
- Able
- Distinguished
- Respected
- Master
- Renowned
- Grand-Master
- Legendary
- Ultimate
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by Rengor at Jan 20, 2003 4:44:40 AM
New Small Sloop called Elegant Rudd
Ahoy crewmen!

I was annoyed that the Hammerhead only had room for 4 crewmen, so I bought a new small sloop by the appropiate name of Elegant Rudd. And lo and behold she has room for 7!!! Excellent ship that makes her with room for a large crew but easy to keep sailing.

As a consequence I have moved all maps from the Hammerhead, since she is rarely used anyway.
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by Rengor at Jan 21, 2003 6:21:22 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Concerning our green crew color.

Our crew color is not one that you have to wear. You are ofcourse welcome to wear whatever you like.
But we had some asking if we were going to choose one, and we chose green since several of us wore that already.
The color is mostly there to give a sense of unity, to show other players that The Mad Mutineers are large in numbers and a tight knitted crew.

If ye want some green clothes I've been collecting a bunch, look at my list here. I'll be more than happy to give some of these away, I might want to trade for the really expensive items though. I also have some female clothes available (no picture at the moment). Feel free to ask!

-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by Rengor at Jan 22, 2003 3:13:06 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Arrr eventfull day today. Major patch with lots of little updates.

Also a couple of Pirate-vs-Pirate (PvP) sea battles that all fell out in favour of Mad Mutineer crewmen!

I posted the first one on this board.
Later 3 Mad Mutineers along with Thusnelda, Reaper and Gragg challenged and took on a crew led by Captain Cleaver himself. It was a couple of glorious battles that we won. Shame that cannons aren't really effective since there was a rain of cannon balls shot from both ships with many hits.
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by Rengor at Aug 9, 2005 4:00:00 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
A little update on the map status:

All our ships now have every Alpha to X maps. Some of them have Winter Solstice to X maps (which are not too important, I do have them written down though). So there should be no reason to move them from ship to ship at all.

The fleet currently looks like this:

    Elegant Rudd, small sloop
    Stingy Hammerhead, small sloop
    Crabby Guppy, small sloop
    Loud Roach, small sloop
    Committed Hake, large sloop
    Deceitfull Halibut, brig[/list:u:e003e87cc4]
    If they're not in the alpha docks, they're most likely in the Solstice docks.
    -= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
    --=== ===--

Posted by jamesstorm at Feb 20, 2003 10:52:37 PM
Yarr! I've only been on the Mutineers for a few days, but even Celes and I have gotten into a Pirate vs Pirate battle. I must say that it makes me feel good at my abilities with the sword when me, her, and two NPPs go up against two other pirates and four or five NPPs and come out on top.

Bring on the booty!

Posted by ElPeligroso at Feb 21, 2003 9:11:52 PM
I put a "Winter Solstice to Byrne" on the Guppy, a "Winter to Cnossos" on the Hake, and a "Winter to Papaya" and "Winter to Oyster" on the Hammerhead.

Arr...time fer some more pillagin'.


Posted by Rengor at Mar 4, 2003 9:20:55 AM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions

As you know we pass the Captain's hat around in our crew to make sure the Captain is one that is often available.

She will make sure that all you new recruits become Officers. Other than that there aren't too many tasks for the Captain with the current state of the game, other than being representative of our crew, and with that fine jacket of hers and her status as an Ultimate Swordfighter it don't get much better than that ay! ;)
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
--=== ===--

Posted by Thusnelda at Mar 4, 2003 11:58:47 PM
new cap'n
And who might she be? (Haven't been on yet today, and might not get to.)

Congrats to ye, whoever ye are. (I've got a pretty good guess!)
Madam, proud Looterata
Why are old people playing on this game i dont know its probly something to do with control but its kind of werd. Get a life or a girl friend or mabe even a wife but if your an adult that plays this game your a loser

Posted by ancawonka at Mar 5, 2003 2:37:41 PM
I left the Crabby Guppy in Winter Solstice
After joining this merry crew, courtesy of Akebia, our new captain, I took out the Crabby Guppy for some pillagin'. Sadly, I wasn't able to successfully get 'er back to Alpha Island. So if anyone's lookin' for this ship, go to Winter Solstice.

-- Imogene

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