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Posted by Pebbles at Dec 11, 2002 1:12:47 AM
Gunnery Puzzle
Since the new release has tied the gunney puzzle into the fight, there are no guns available unless you have someone working the gunnery puzzle.

While I am glad that things are progressing, if you take a ship out with a crew of all NPP's you have no guns. I think if would a good idea if you had the option to order an NPP to man the guns.

Posted by Meghaford at Dec 11, 2002 11:03:54 AM
Re: Gunnery Puzzle
Aye, I'd also like to be able to try the gunnery puzzle while not in a sea battle
--Ursela, Captain of the Dastards
... and a few others ...

Posted by Cleaver at Dec 12, 2002 6:27:03 PM
NPP Gunners
Funnily enough we just today debated this very matter.

Alas, it is my feeling that Gunnery should be an arrrrt reserved for player Pirates. This is in part because of the considerable advantage that could be given to a Crew by using NPPs to broadside an opponent (there being damage in the sword puzzle upon those who are shelled during Sea Battle).

However, we are likely to change it so that players can man the Guns during ordinary sailing, so that they can fill the cannons -- or at least practice -- without being in battle. Cannons would also thus be filled before the battle, but might fall back into unprimed state over time.

Sound reasonable?

-- Captain C.

Posted by Meghaford at Dec 15, 2002 9:36:06 AM
Re: Gunnery Puzzle
sounds reasonable... but what will you do about the NPP ships which are attacked, will they have a random # of cannons filled to compensate for time spent building up cannons?

Another thought, perhaps instead of putting bricks down as a penalty (which may actually help) for getting hit by cannons, what if you were instead to have a time delay so the crew hit by cannons has to wait an extra 10 seconds for each cannon which hit?

just a thought...
--Ursela, Captain of the Dastards
... and a few others ...

Posted by AvaPoet at Dec 20, 2002 3:41:25 AM
10 Seconds???
10 seconds? You can die in ten seconds! A second, perhaps... even that's a long time, but is far more feasile. Per cannon hit, of course.

I agree entirely that cannons should be able to be loaded outside of battles (and, during one particularly buggy ship-to-ship fight, I ended up loading all of our cannons while my crewmates fought the enemy), but if this is the case, there should be an indication for anybody on deck of how many cannons are loaded... so that pirates can identify this and decide to (or not to) go loading them.

While jobbing earlier today, I saw two ships we passed locked in battle! I was impressed; the dev team have thought about this... but I ask; what happens if you pilot a third ship into the fray? Can this be done? If so; what happens? If not; why not!

Need more puzzles for more piratey activities. And the shops to be working. Am addicted now; damn you - get coding! <LOL> (have no room to talk, my Java sucks royally: I couldn't begin to write Yohoho...)

Take it easy, all... and merry christmas. Arr.
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Posted by Cleaver at Dec 23, 2002 10:58:16 AM
Re: NPP ships, I think NPPs will Gun on said ships, according to their skill level. I just don't want them gunning for players. We'll see, if enough people clamour for NPP gunners this may change.

Re: Ten Second delay -- I don't know if this would work too well. BTW the 'damage' blocks from cannon hits will be utterly patchwork, so I don't think they'll be too helpful...

Re: Third ships joining the Fray, Sea Battles have been engineered to accomodate more than two vessels, but we have yet to determine the precise mechanics for such engagements in various situations. It gets rather complicated, and we don't want to encourage ganging up particularly (although obviously two small sloops taking a War Brig would be reasonable). This will be an area that we return to as we finish up the high level gameplay (think Island Blockades, for example).

-- Capn C.

Posted by AvaPoet at Dec 26, 2002 3:15:57 AM
Will Shops Depend On Trade?
...'damage' blocks from cannon hits will be utterly patchwork...

Good. Sounds like a plan to me.

Wow... I SOOO want to see an island blockaded by a particually powerful crew at some point, now. When shops are working, will thier stock levels be determined by the number of merchant vessels getting through? If so (and they only increase in stocks by a menial amount otherwise, perhaps demanding rationing), or if 'cut off' islands have access to some resources but not to others, this could be played to a distinct advantage...

...imagine blockading a rival crew's home island, with thier officers ashore, preventing ships carrying valuable rum from getting through. Just a thought. Perhaps overcomplication. But I still like the 'blockade' idea.
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Posted by Nemo at Jan 2, 2003 10:21:42 AM
Higher level play
The flag and commerce interactions (including naval campaigns, blockades, embargos, politics, etc.) that are getting many people very excited will probably include many of the finer tuning that people interested in these things hanker for. The vague breakdown of the game is that we try to keep the casual gaming opportunity as straightforward, fast and fun as possible. Anyone who gets deep enough into the game to become involved in commerce, politics and the like will be rewarded with subtleties appropriate to this greater commitment of time and expertise. However, we will never allow this "high level play" to negatively affect the casual play atmosphere. I suppose this comment is in response to the posts I have read about adding more options and interfaces to core gameplay areas. Believe me, there will be fidgets and doodads for us sandcastle builders to fiddle with, but they will be restricted to the "higher level" activities for the most part. I, for one, can't wait, and until then (and well after then) will happily continue puzzling away.
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