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Posted by RonenOsden at Jun 5, 2021 10:57:35 AM
[BUY+SELL] UPDATED JUNE 2021 LISTS - Fams, Pets, Chromas, Furni and more! CHEAP
Here are my current Buy and Sell lists ... I am available almost any time any day, if you are interested in something post or pm me what you want and a couple of times you are available to meet in-game. I will respond promptly.

Brown/Tan colored Otter - 250k (will currently trade periwinkle otter also)
ALL Sea green mk2 Sloops - 250k each
Wine mk2 sloop - 100k
Toucan - price will depend on colors
Any Sea green furniture - price negotiable
All Sea green chromas - 40k per
All Beachcomber trinkets - 750 per
Any LE cats missing from my collection, price negotiable - this is a lesser goal now, as I seem to be missing so many...
Recolorable hat octo - eternal gratitude (I know there are only ~3 on Cerulean, but literally my #1 favourite and most wanted item in the game. If you have one, and have a price in mind - please contact me.)


all familiars and pets are UN-NAMED

tan/tan dragon
tan stripe chameleon
tan monkey
tan octo x3
tan/tan parrot
Periwinkle dog

Gold/gold sea turtle x3
gold panda x3
gold elephant x4
gold rabbit x2
gold seal x4
gold big cat x2
gold fox x2
'banana creme' patchy fox (banana/white) x2
'banana creme' big cat (white w/ banana spots) x2

Hair dyes: violet 17, scarlet 128, spring green 44, Periwinkle 18, hot pink 4, emerald 41, pink 91

chromas: Chocolate x6, emerald x8, ice blue x11, periwinkle x5, spring green x18, banana x46,

Sealed Mk2 Sloop deed - ice blue/ice blue/ice blue
Sealed Mk2 Sloop deed - white/banana/white x2

exotic canopy bed - banana/white x2, plum/navy x2
crystal balls - blue x5, lime x5, orange x3, purple x7, red x5
cherry tree - banana x2
roc egg - banana egg w/ emerald stand x2
giant mushroom - banana x2 emerald x3
+ more furniture then i care to list. let me know what your specifically looking for and i can check if i have it
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