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Posted by TheTarHeel50 at Jun 30, 2020 5:34:11 PM
SINKFEST 3.0 (2020 Quarantine Series) Come Get those Injuries!
NOTE: The event will be very similar to Sinkfest 2.0. If you participated in Sinkfest 1.0 please read the details below as I have changed the format! The first event was a lot of work so I have reduced the number of spots available and changed the entry fee to cash-only for everyone. We will be sinking baghlahs and junks so there are only 18 spots (17 not including myself) available.

What: Injury Sinkfest: 25 chances for each entered pirate to get an injury (starfish injury is not available from this event)
When: Friday, July 10th, 2020 2PM game time (US pacific time zone, PDT)
Where: Emerald Ocean, sinking event blockade at an island TBD
Why: Because injuries are hard to get, so let's increase those odds! And who doesn't need 25 fish bludgeons??
Who: Everyone is welcome but your pirate must be blockade-eligible (two Narrow "pirating" stats and not a greenie)

300,000 PoE (12k per sink for 25 sinks)

  • Do not provide your entry fee to anyone but Hansbrough or Gnome (in-game names). Nobody else will be collecting entry fees on my behalf


  • I will be reaching back out to past participants, but if you are new to the event feel free to reach out to me - send a /tell to Hansbrough in-game.
  • I have also started a discord server for all things Sinkfest. If interested, DM or /tell in-game and I will get you the link!
  • Your spot in the event is not confirmed until you provide the entry fee. I was purposely very lenient with this rule for the first event and it caused me a lot more work, so I will not be holding any spots this time until the entry fee is submitted.
  • Once the participant list is full (18 pirates), I will take handful of backup names that will only be entered in the event in the case of last-minute cancellation(s).
  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you are confident that you will be available for the scheduled date/time before confirming your spot in the event. This event relies heavily on the coordination of all participants to run smoothly. See the Refund policy below.

I will secure 25 ships (a mixture of baghlahs and junks) for the event fleet. At event time, you will job into my crew, Cannon Fodder (you will not have to leave your crew or anything, it's just like jobbing for a pillage or SMH). We will then board each of the 25 ships in turn and enter a sinking event blockade. There will be a WF already waiting in the blockade which will do the honors of sinking each of the ships. Each participant will sink 25 times. The event will take roughly an hour assuming there are no issues.

Please read these carefully. You will be required to confirm your acceptance of these conditions upon registering for the event. I apologize that these are so strict, but like I mentioned above, this event relies heavily on coordination with all participants and I cannot risk everyone else's event for a handful of people that back-out last minute or don’t show up. Plus, this is a significant investment so I want to try and be as fair as possible to everyone.

  • REFUND POLICY: If you have to cancel after you have submitted your entry fee, we require that you find another pirate to take your place. Once the replacement pirate provides their entry fee, I will refund you in full.
  • If I am able to find a replacement or someone to take your spot before the event starts, I will provide you a full refund, but this is in no way a guarantee. If I cannot find someone, you will not be refunded. So please only register for the event if you are confident that you will be available (Friday July 10th at 2PM game time)
  • If the event needs to be fully cancelled for any reason, including low participation, you will be refunded in full as soon as possible.
  • There will be no partial refunds for remaining sinks even if you get the last injury that you need. If you get an injury early on and want to replace your spot with an alt that will be acceptable (your alt must be blockade eligible as mentioned above, please check before trying to job them for the event - this caused delays in previous events).
  • This event does NOT guarantee that you will get an injury, it just provides an opportunity.
  • If a spot in the event becomes available for any reason, the event coordinators reserve all rights to sell, auction, donate, or leave these spots empty.
  • You are NOT allowed to sell your spot on this event. You can only be replaced by someone if you need to back out and they need to provide the entry fee directly to me. Anyone found selling their spots will be dismissed from the event and your entry fee will follow the refund policy above and could be forfeited completely.
  • We will not be responsible for disconnects or other connection problems that cause you to miss sink(s).
  • We also will not hold up the event for a pirate that is consistently slow to board each ship. We need to sink 25 sinks in a limited time and cannot wait between each sink to load. You will be given a 2-3 minute courtesy on your first non-responsive boarding, after that we will not wait for you to board. You will not be refunded for missed sinks.
  • Please plan to be online 30 minutes before the event start, if possible. If you are not online and ready 5 minutes before the scheduled event start and there is someone available to take your spot, you will be replaced.

I know that disclaimer list sounds daunting, but I just want to make sure we have a smooth-running event for everyone. If you are sure that you will be available the time of the event and will be responsive throughout, you should have nothing to worry about!

Credit to all of the previous Sinkfest runners, especially Amnesty, for event specifics.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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