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Posted by hydronic1 at Apr 5, 2021 8:16:12 PM
Gunning Mouse Keybinds
Hello. I have a request and reasoning for the request.

Gunning allows you to use hotkeys, and to set specific hot keys to change arrow direction and position. This allows you to use both the hotkeys, and/or the mouse to play the puzzle.

This presents an issue though. We can use the mouse, and only the mouse. But we can't use the hotkeys, and only the hotkeys. You can just not press hotkeys if you don't want to use them, but the mouse is always functional whether we want to use it or not. We need to be able to disable the mouse changing the direction of the arrows. There's no logical reason that the hotkeys can be changed, turned on or off, but the mouse just does mouse things and you can't disable that.

This is a problem for me personally. I use hotkeys primarily, WASD for arrow direction, and I use the mouse to change the position of the arrows, not the direction. So when I go fast, due to latency or whatever causes it, the mouse inadvertently changes arrow directions. This is a fault in my playstyle probably. But it is a massive issue for me. Gunning is the only puzzle I like playing.

TLDR: You can turn off hotkeys, but you can't turn off the mouse for changing the direction of the arrows. The mouse changing the directions of the arrows is not intended in my gameplay, but it happens anyways because I can not turn that off.

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