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Posted by Zaruds at Oct 21, 2014 4:19:19 PM
Halloween Day Event (Suggestion)

Since is almost Halloween time, and it seems that this year all we have is a few themed masks (that makes me a little disappointed), what about between the day 31 of October and the 1 of November, we have a Werewolf/Skellie/Zombie Invasion?

I know this idea can only be successfully if OceanMasters or Developers of Puzzle Pirates agree with this.

The main idea was make a Werewolf/Skellie/Zombie Invasion at the most populate islands (or active ones), in some kind of "Wave mode", like each 30min, we would get a new spawn of frays around the island.

There could be a few prizes/trophies as Halloween Slayer trophy for X frays won between the event date, Jack The Ripper trophy for Y frays won, etc...

What do you think about this idea? I know it's kinda late to suggest this and may be a dumb idea, but who knows if someone will like the idea and actually do something.

Any question or suggestion, feel free to share it.

Thank ye for your time,
Zaruds of Emeral Ocean.
Zaruds on Emerald Ocean
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