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Posted by goodmanj at Aug 9, 2005 4:00:00 PM
Re: Are there any games similar to the Battle Nav puzzle?
I've played Roborally. It's very similar to sea battle, though most people don't take it as seriously. A brief summary:

Players control robots, who race to checkpoints on a factory floor. The factory is full of conveyor belts (like winds), spinners (like whirlpools), walls, open pits, crushers, lasers, flamethrowers... you know, typical factory stuff. :)

You're dealt 10 cards on each turn (to start): each card is marked Move 1, Move 2, ... left turn, right turn, U-turn, etc. You use these to program 7 movement phases, or "registers" (like the 4 slots in sea battle). Then all robots move simultaneously. Each robot has a laser which fires automatically every turn, doing damage; robots take damage from factory obstacles too.

For each point of damage your robot takes, you are dealt one less card on your turn. When you're deal less than 7, some of your registers lock with the last-played card, so you have no choice in your movement for that phase. You can "shut down" to repair damage.

Add-on expansions include fun weapons and other widgets, and map boards including teleporters, radioactive sludge, etc.

The game rules say the winner is the first to reach all the flags and return to the finish line, but really, it's all about killing as many robots as possible. Other robots, your robot, whatever. It's all good.
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