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Posted by imapirate123 at Mar 8, 2007 12:41:27 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Apologies if this has already been suggested:

Legend/Living Legend: attaining Legendary standing in every puzzle simultaneously.

Different Gradations of trophies for completing the most difficult tasks in crafting puzzles: CC^12 in distilling, perhaps Wicked! in alchemistry, and Vegas in Shipwrightery. (Mostly I am interested in the Distilling one, but feel that it would be unfair to not include one for the others)

I agree, even tho vegas is really easy to do, and im only master, maybe renowned in Shipwrightery.
Distilling for me is impossible so i dont really care and alche...well, im neophyte/able, so i dont care neither :P

About the Legendaries, what do you exactly mean? something like the Ultimates of Ultimates but Legendaries of Legendaries, or it's only for pirate puzzles?
Godofsky on Hunter ocean

Your standing in sexperience went up and is now Ultimate in the whole ocean.
Your standing in sexperience went up and is now Ultimate in your archipelago

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