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Posted by Fava at Feb 23, 2007 9:11:44 PM
And Finally... The Winners!
Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for... right after these messages! (just kidding)

Without further ado, here are your winners!

Honorable mentions, and red starfish, go to:

Boring of Hunter

Francisgrace of Midnight
Hedvvig of Hunter
Jennygalaxy of Cobalt
Zelly of Viridian

In tenth place, taking home a red and yellow ribbon, Arachi of Midnight!

In ninth place, winning a red orchid trinket,Osira of Viridian!

In eighth place, winning the red and yellow handkerchief, Willhelmina of Sage!

In seventh place, winning the bouquet of red orchids, Ricecakesy of Cobalt!

In sixth place, winning a red conch shell trinket, Madthorne of Midnight!

In fifth place, with a new red and yellow fancy ribbon to show off, Zandia of Sage!

In fourth place, winning the sloop, Tabloid Starfish, Salmon of Cobalt!

In third place, winning the stone figurine, Anjellee of Hunter!

In second place, winning the sleeping turtle, Kolibri of Viridian!

And finally, the winner of the red monkey, Darkviper of Cobalt!

The complete album of entries can be seen here. Though you see the names of the folks who created the entries, judges did not.

Also, Webshots didn't like .gif files as much as I did, so entries that were submitted in .gif format had to be converted to bitmaps in order to be put in the entry album.
Hiding from Hades on Hunter

FO of Flocktarts on Hunter
Exiled Captain of Pod People and Queen of Stalkers on Cobalt
Former Governor of Lima

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