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Posted by Folletto at Feb 13, 2007 5:13:50 PM
Re: Valentine's Event! Win nauseating stuff!

I started this event after reading the first post. I began to construct 10 dolls for the OM’s I could find pictures of on YPP. As I forged on, I came back to the thread and found that a limit of OM/Dev’s had been made. This was an unexpected wrench in my plan so I quickly regrouped and continued on with a slightly modified plan. I also came into contact with my personal angel, Thelletta, who became my messenger. Now I have finished my project and am presenting the entries in the correct threads, but I had left over tributes that I sent. I will post them here.

First, 16 red roses for 16 people in the office, any 16 people. Just trying to spread the love.

For, Lindworm, the dev that signed my mug from the Halloween Event I made Moe, Larry, and Curly. He was right; robots do look good in ties.

For Aphrodite I created a doll from her picture on YPP

For Apollo I created a doll from his picture on YPP, then stuck it in a box and duct taped it as much as I could before I got bored. Then I wrote the instructions, “Do not cut, open with hands.”

For Mnemosyne I created a doll from her picture on YPP.

For Eurydice I created a doll from her picture on YPP.

Shown here by their names.


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