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Posted by FenrirWolf at Feb 1, 2007 10:12:31 AM
Re: Birthday GF Pillage on Feb 1st

It's a point well taken and I did debate about whether or not I should post here. Like Hawkings said though, I did want to get the word out to all my hearties who play on other oceans. I figured it was warrented given that Poe made on Hunter can easily be transfered to other doubloon oceans via doubloons, and with a bit more work can go towards a month of doubscription for all the subbers out there.

In addition, full GF pillages are a pretty rare occurrence on all oceans. I can understand why many people would not be interested in attending one, especially when not on their home ocean, but I figured that if anyone from any ocean had a desire to get on a full GF, they'd be happy to know about an event like this.

Finally, I know at least a few navvers from other oceans have lots of questions about how full GF pillages work. There just aren't enough data points to really get a good feel for where the booty maxes out, or for figuring out rules on when the brigands will begin to run, or for knowing how difficult the swordfights will be. I'm hoping that this pillage will be able to provide navvers from all oceans with at least some useful information.


Please do come out to this pillage. It's very difficult to fill a grand frig, but I'm hoping that we'll be able to tonight. The ship has a full compliment of gaming tables, as well as a tournament board and a portrait easel to keep all the pirates who can't get an open station occupied.
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