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Posted by PogoBeta at Jan 29, 2007 4:43:52 AM
Re: Valentine's Event! Win nauseating stuff!
Write a story! Write a poem! Draw a picture or an avatar! Sing a song! Create a YouTube Video! Make a photo/screenshot collage! Knit a hat! Make a doll! Send in a photograph of yourself in a public place with a sign saying "I <3 Eurydice"! Create an original romantic dinner menu! Tell us a scheduled itinerary of an imagined romantic day! Take moodily-lit photographs of interesting kitchen utensils!

DARN!! Im no good at all that stuff...*sighs* i guess ill have to find another way to get 1 on 1 time with celph to get that trophy info we all want. =)

Don't Worry. I'm sure there's some way you can make a valentine that impresses the staff...
Pogo on Midnight

I used to have an avatar shop
for someone this washed up, you'd think i'd be a little cleaner...

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